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Summary: Chiane and Marlowe speak for the first time since divorced.

Date: January 28,1884


Boarding House

He didn't knock, or ring, or announce his presence in any manner. Just opened the door and walked in, closing the door rather softly, for him. Giving his ex wife a cold look, he leans against the door and asks, "How you makin' out?"

If the house was in pristine order before, it was simply .. wow.. now. Seems to preoccupy herself, Chiane had been in overdrive and overcompensating with chores and keeping the place extra clean. Though for now, the hour was a bit later. The tenants were settled into whatever they were doing and Chiane was simply relaxing on the sofa with Phillip. The baby was cooing at her and they were simply enjoying each other's presence. Though as MArlowe enters in, her gaze turns and looks to him. That cold look he gives her seems to pain her and she just turns back to Philip. "Making out jus' fine."

He gives a short nod, and says, "Ya shouldn't hev done it, ya know. but Ah ain't holdin' no grudges."

Chiane grunts. "Dun wut." She clearly has no idea what on earth she did.

He just looks at her, "YA dun recollect throwing no snowballs at me, and laughing at me in the street." He gives his head a shake, and starts to turn away, "Wal..Ah ain't gonna pester ya none. Just wanted you to know."

Chiane sighs. Softly she lowers Phillip into the soft pallet of blankets she had prepared for him on the floor. "Is that what it was about?" Slowly she stands up and turns to look at him. "Do you not remember the old days? The days in the Silver Feather where we chased each other and threw mugs of coffee at each other?" She pauses. "That day I did. And.. well.. for a moment I was reliving those days. But.. somewhere in your mind.. I suddenly turned to some evil woman."

He turns back, regarding her with that cold eye, and rubs a hand over his jaw, the scarred up one."Them days is long gone, bin long gone fer a spell. Things change, folks change." he takes a deep breath, and glances down at Phillip, "Ennyhow. Jest wanted ya to know AH mebbe got a li'l crazy mahse'f, over dun it."

Chiane swallows. Her hands tremble. "I never changed. Though I was trying so hard to be the woman you needed. I was at your side in EVERYTHING. Do you think anyone else out there would have stood by your side while you ran around as the masked bandit? Do you think anyone would have been there with you both times we left to live with your Indian cousins? But.. somehow.. /I/ became the vile evil woman in your life. I just want to know what I did wrong. So.. perhaps.. if I ever.. ever dare to love someone as much again, I won't make the same mistake."

He just shakes his head, 'Ya din't do nuthin' wrong..Ah did." he pulls the door open again, closing it, his hand on the knob. "Ah ain't comin' back to hurt ya. Dun want to hurt ya no more, jsut had to see ya was all right."

Chiane lowers her head. "Time heals everything. I will always love you even if your mind about me changed. Just.." She looks to Phillip, obviously trying to hide her own face. ".. find something that makes you happy. Because I failed in that. Severely." She moves back to the couch and flops into it.

He tosses a heavy leather pouch to the floor, landing with a jangling clink. "use that when ya need sumthin'" he says, opening the door and stepping out, not looking back at Chiane. On the porch, as the door closes, a heavy crack of a fist on the porch post, and a choked sob can be heard.

Chiane doesn't turn to look at that pouch. It just sits there as a heavy reminder. Instead a blanket is tugged off the back of the sofa and she pulls it over herself to bury her face into a pillow.


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