Andy Billings
Andrew Billings
Portrayed By Tyler Mane
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 11, 1861
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Andy
Place of Birth Indian Territory (Okalhoma)
Occupation Cowboy/Ranch Hand
Known Relatives Rose Billings (Mother/Deceased), Jonathan Billings (Father/Deceased)
Significant Other None


  • Born in Indian territory of what will eventually become Oklahoma, Andy was born and raised on a ranch. Not the sharpest of tacks around, he has good skill with animals however, since they don't judge. After his parents died he began working for local landed Indians and started moving cattle for them as he got older. Now he's struck out further west, looking for a change of scenery for whatever reason and a new life perhaps as a local ranch hand or cowboy.



  • "Hangin's perty bad iff'n they don't drop 'nuff fer their neck ta snap. Can't 'magine it bein' peaceful way ta go. What that bastard deserves fer killin' a woman, even if she's a whore." ~ Andy


  • He's big. Really big. And Strong. Really strong.
  • Something of a brute when it comes to fisticuffs, he's something of a gentle giant if a little slow sometimes.


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