Ash Lard Tallow

Players:Brigid, Wade, Cay, William

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Summary: Brigid goes shopping

Date: January 5, 1884

Ash, Lard and Tallow

General Store

Brigid is huddled in a emerald green woolen cloak, with dark gloves and though the weather is frigid, she walks with the confidence of youth, back straight, stride purposeful. The hood of the cloak frames her face, wisps of copper visible. Seeing the two men nearby, she smiles widely, offering a brief curtsy before stepping towards the General Store.

The man before you is young, perhaps in his early twenties. He is short, standing only 5'6" but makes up for this with a strong, stocky looking build.At first glance, his tanned features appear to give him a hint of Hispanic Blood. However when he speaks it is in a thick, lilting Irish accent. His dark brown hair is cropped short in a Roman fashion and the scruff on his chin makes his sun touched skin look even darker. On his head he wears a weathered, wide brimmed black hat. A pin of what appears to be a harp can be seen on the front of it's flat topped crown. A black coat over a white shirt protects him from the elements and matching black trousers and sturdy boots cover his lower body.A holstered pistol is just visible under his thigh length coat and is slung on his belt so as to be drawn left handed.He carries a wooden cane(that looks more like a cudgel) in his right hand that he seems to need as he walks with a pronounced limp.

And it's William's tall figure that leaves the doorway of that very store. His lips turn up into a gentle smile, one of those gloved hands rising to touch the very brim of his hat. No words escape the killer's mouth, even as he slips easily by and glances uneasily down the side road.

Cay sits on the stoop of his Undertakers shop. His cane lies beside him as he reads a book with a plain black cover. spectacles rest on his nose and it is above these his eyes glance up at Bridgit."Gran' evenin' to ye, lass." he gives a warm smile then his gaze returns to his book.

General Store

The Mercantile is a common general store, with all the normal wares. This store has everything from candy, to fabric, to weaponry. There is produce, and vegetables, and even bottles of liquor, and wine. The Mercantile is a smaller, one-story establishment. The floor is hard-wood, made from Ponderosa Pine. There is a counter next to the door, with a new-fangled cash drawer.

The fire-laced tornado had touched here as well. The front door had been ripped from it's hinges, and the dynamite shed out back had burned to the ground. Fortunately, it had not exploded, as the volatile explosives had boiled away before the shed collapsed.

Players: Wade Brigid

Brigid enters the store, pausing to luxuriate in the warmth, a list clutched in her gloved hand.

Wade is behind the counter, flipping through a catalogue, wordlessly skimming the pages and munching on some sort of sandwich.

Brigid walks right up to the counter, holding the list before her and takes a breath and then smiles, which causes a lovely radiance to her face before she hands the paper to Mister Wade. "Have the time to help me with these items, sir?"

Wade takes the list, raising an eyebrow as he tilts it to face the light, squinting as he tries to make out what's on the list. "Hmmmmmm…" he murmurs.

Wade reads the list a little more carefully. He steps out from behind the counter, heading over towards the shelves. "Well, we have canned peaches, pears, apples… and other perserves…." he murmurs, picking out jars and setting them on a smaller table, "How much flour ye gunna need? An oats?" he asks over his shoulder, frowning a bit at the list of things for a woman's bath… grabbing two bars of regular soap, furrowing his eyebrow as he scans the shelves.

Brigid trails after him after drawing the hood from her copper hair. She follows him silently, watching his face in amusement when he comes to the list of women's toiletries, "Now, Mister Wade, would you truly want your woman tae smell of," she grabs one of the bar of soap placed in the basket and reads, "Ash, lard and tallow?"

Wade chuckles, "I spose not…" he says, picking out some lavender scented bath soups and oils, setting them aside carefully, "That about do ye?" he inquires, nearly forgetting the flour and oats! For that he just heads over to a set of barrels, looking over his shoulder, "How much ye need?"

You say, "Five pounds? I'll be making bread for the brood, waiting for mam tae give birth. Best tae get things done ahead of time…" Stepping behind him she offers a gentle laughter in his ear, "So yae like your women tae smell of lavender, hmm?" She then steps away in order not to torment him further, randomly picking up several other womanly things and a magazine or two, "And some sweets for tae family. Horehound drops, peppermint canes and strawberry drops."

Wade chuckles, using a scoop to scoop the appropriate amounts into sacks, adding them to her pile of groceries. The candy he keeps in jars well behind the counter, nosey kids always trying to pinch one or two. He selects a random variety, putting them into bags and adding them to her pile. "That all ye need then mizz?"

Brigid blushes softly and slips several other intimacies onto the counter, a bone corset made of emerald satin and silk hose which have tiny bows to secure them at the thigh with a whispered, "Ye'll nae say anything tae me mam, please?"

Wade laughs a little as the girly things are set up on the counter. "Mmmm hmmmmm…" he says, giving Brigid a leering little look, eyes drifting a little lower than is typically proper, "That depends." he adds with a wry grin.

You say, "And ye'll be keepin' yae're eyes tae my face, if yae please, Mister Wade." Her voice lowers conspiratorily, "Though tae leer is much welcome."

Wade grins, leering a little more, "Ah canna help it.. pretty girl walks inta my store an starts buyin corsets an other slinky things? Whatin ye expect?" he grins, licking his lips in her direction.

You say, "I think yae'll help it when my hand makes contact with that lovely face of your's, Mister Wade. Now, if yae'll place the tongue back intae your mouth, tally up my purchases and I'll be on my way, thank ye."

Wade nods, shaking his head as he tallies up her purchases. "That'll be ten dollars, please." he says, beginning to bag up her odds and ends for ease of carry.

Brigid reaches into the dirndle skirt and pulls a small, cross-stitched coin purse from the folds. She takes one of the gloves between her teeth, pulling to off to count the coins and dollars. Her bright eyes meet his as she realizes her glove hangs from her full lips. Hastily, those lips part and her glove flutters to the counter as she hastily places the money near his hand.

Wade takes the coins and dollars, giving it a quick look over to make sure it's all there. "Well, hope ye has a good day. If ye need help carryin that.. just let me know." he adds as he puts the money into the register, Cha-Ching.

You say, "Mam would have both of our heads, Mister Wade. Thank ye for yae're help and the complimentary ogling." A citrine eye closes in a conspiratorial wink. Taking her packages, she draws them close to her body after replacing the glove on her hand. A sweet curtsy, a blush and then Brigid departs, though she pauses near the door, "And yae'll please tae nae tell her of my purchases?"

Wade shakes his head as he calls out after her, "Mah lips be sealed!"

Brigid's eyes train on those said lips, a rush of color coming to her cheeks. Pearl white teeth capture her own lip silently and she rushes out the door.


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