Brett Yates
Brett Jacob Yates
Portrayed By Toby Keith
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 11th, 1863
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases BJ or Yates
Place of Birth Near El Paso
Occupation Owns the Stable and Livery
Known Relatives The Late Thomas Yates
Significant Other None
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Born on November 11th, Brett Josiah Yates, was welcomed into the world by his father, Israel , Mother: Ruth and older brother Thomas. Like many in the era, was giving a bibical name, thus as his father and mother had been named, though they gave the middle name as such, same as they did their oldest boy who was born seven years earlier.

Growing up in the shadows of lawmen, Brett took a different path, his love for horses and love for working the range, he spent his early teens working for area ranches, from breaking horses to mending barns, corral fences and he knows how to shod. Though this was a disappointment to his father, Israel had hoped that Brett too would follow in his footsteps. The strain of this eventually caused problems between Brett and his father. When Brett was Fourteen, he went on his first Cattle drive and every year up until he was about eighteen spent his life riding the range.

Ruth had lost two other children one before Brett was born and one after, One was still born and never given a name and Benjamin died a year after he was born. They lost their Eldest Son, Thomas , then a Sheriff in a small Colorado town; Shot as he ate lunch in a local cafe. Shortly after Brett turned nineteen. Brett had gone up there to spend the holidays with Thomas and his wife, holidays aren't the same for Brett any longer. The last imprint of his brother he has, is sitting next to his corpse in the doctor's office. As for Thomas' wife, she moved sometime after , he didn't hear from Mary after she moved.

He ended up staying and calling Silver Creek home where he now owns and runs the Stables and Livery. Having bought the Stables / Livery from a man named Reinhart, a half breed; he makes his living raising horses, selling them and running the Feed and Seed Store.

He is a bachlor.


1856 : Thomas Israel Yates is Born.

1861 : A little girl was stillborn, she was never given a name other than Baby Yates.

1863 : Born two Years after the start of the Civil War in the South, though everyone felt the crunch of that war, it didn't seem to bother the Lawmen in the west. Born in West Texas , near El Paso.

More than 250 Shoshone Indians are killed by the U.S. Army near Logan, Utah in the Bear River Massacre.

1865 : Benjamin Yates is born.

The last land engagement of the Civil War is fought in May, at the Battle of Palmito Ranch in South Texas, more than a month after General Lee's surrender at Appomatox, Virginia.

1866 : Benjamin dies of unknown causes, he was not quite a year old.

1869 : Thomas is now 13 and knows he wants to be a lawman like his father.
Brett is Six and loves being around the horses. He looks to Thomas not only as a big brother but as a hero of sorts. Thomas and Brett are close despite their 7 year age difference.

1874 : Thomas is a lawman now and decides he wants to leave the west Texas plains and heads else where to see if he can become a sheriff. He is almost 19 years of age.

Brett is 12 years of age and starts working on area farms to gain experience with horses and cattle. He does this at first to help provide for his parents after his father is shot in the leg.

Joseph Glidden receives a patent for barbed wire, an inexpensive, durable and effective fencing material which, with the destruction of the buffalo, will open the plains to more efficient agriculture and ranching.

Fort Sill is established in southwestern Oklahoma as a base of operations of the Indian Wars.

1876 : Brett leaves home at the age of fourteen to ride on his first Cattle drive. There is a lot of Rift between he and his father because he didn't choose to follow his father's footsteps.

1880 : Sheriff Thomas Yates, is gunned down as he ate Lunch at the local Cafe , in December. Unknown to his brother at the time,who arrived the Evening after he died to spend the holidays with a brother he hadn't seen in a years.

Brett inherited a pair of pistols with Autumn leaves on them, along with a blood stained Holster and the Grey Dapple Gelding - Bullet.

1882 : Considers Silver Creek home and here he Owns and Runs the Stables and Livery for Silver Creek, having bought it from Elijah Reinhart, who decided to sell out and become a Mountain Man, like his father. Maybe Some day he'd return.



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