Cafe Conversations


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Summary: Cafe conversations.

Date: February 13, 1884

Cafe Conversations


Emma is sitting by the fire, looking extremely bored. She is staring at the crackling flames, a cup of coffee within arms reach should she wish for it.

Evalyn slowly pushes the door open to the cafe with many things in hand. A bright smile is flashed to George. "Good morning! Do you have a spot of tea?" She smiles to the man. He of course does! What well-prepared cafe owner DIDNT have tea! Fabrics and papers and glue and glittery things are placed on one of the tables.

Emma blinks a little at the interuption and turns her cool gaze to Evelyn, an eyebrow raising, but she manages a small smile and pushes herself up, "that's..quite the pile." she offers, reclaiming her cooled coffee for a sip of it. "name's Evalyn, right? Fraid I'm terrible with names."

Evalyn offers a bright warm smile to the woman. "Indeed! I am Evalyn." She looks to the pile of cloth and whatnot. "I was helping Arden and Abigail decorate." She pauses. "Oh yea! that's right you were there for a short while. These are just some table cloths to perk up the atmosphere for the party."

Emma manages a soft laugh and a shake of her head, "ah yes..decorate." she puts the coffee down, fingers coming up to push some strands of hair away, "silly tradition if you ask me. Ne'vr yet had some man try to woo me during St Valentines day, doubt it will happen now." it's hard to tell if there is any scorn in those words, maybe just simple fact or jest, though she picks at the decorations, curiously.

Evalyn shrugs. "I had a man propose to me once and get mad when I turned him down. We had only met three times! First time he was drunk and vomited on me.. second time we had dinner.. and the third time he proposed! I had to respectfully turn him down." She shakes her head. "I figured something out about the men in this town. They won't even /look/ at you unless you are willing to compromise your morals. So I gave up on it all really. I just do my work and tend to my home."

Marcus hasn't been a very prominent figure in this cafe full of people getting their morning cups of coffee. He's hunched over the bar. As some people move away from the bar he's quite visible, though. After a moment's observation…it's quite obvious that he's asleep.

Emma continues to pick at the decorations, more curiousity then anything else, a nod offered to Evalyn, " brothers kept away anyone that might have been interested in me." she finally stops snooping and looks back up, managing a smirk, "can't say I've ever even been kissed yet." Her gaze falls on Marcus, an eyebrow raising, and another smirk, but she keeps her opinion to herself.

Colton stops in, and moves over towards Evalyn. He touches the brim of his hat, "Maam?"

Colton shrugs, "I couldn't tell ye Maam.. The way this week is goin.. I jest wanted to make sure that you knew of Mr. Ortega.. He's out of the Marshall's cell, and out at the Llewellyn's. He was shot in the leg. Wanted to make sure you and doctor knew about 'im.

Emma turns her attention to Colton now, her eyes falling over his face, has she met him yet. She however looses interest and turns her attention back to her coffee, the cup almost empty now, so it's drained, "maybe one day I will." she offers, in response to their previous conversation.

Marcus sits up slowly. He glances around and spots George, "Ey…another coffee, please." He rubs at his bloodshot eyes and has a look around the cafe. Bluuuuurry. If there's anyone of note in this establishment, he can't make them out quite yet.

Evalyn's healer senses were tingling! "Oh my goodness. I should go get my kit." An apologetic look is given to Emma. "I will probably have to get going. Duty calls. Both of the doctors are out of town and I am afraid that I am it." The red fabric she had in her hands is then lowered to the table. "I will have to finish this later."

Colton nods once, and touches the brim of his hat to Emma, "Sorry Maam." He nods over to Marcus before he turns toward the door.

Emma shakes her head to that, "it's fine, I'm sure I'll see you around again." she retakes her spot by the fire after refilling her cup of coffee, a nod of greeting offered to Marcus.

Marcus spots Colton, and he stands from his stool abrubtly, "Ey Sheriff!" He stumbles over to him, wiping at his eyes slowly, "Grace…Grace and I are in a bit up a predicament." He doesn't elaborate on that yet, glancing around to give any on-lookers that "stop looking over here" look of his.

Colton nods once, "Yes Maam.. You all have a nice day." He stops to look at Marcus.. Go home and take care of 'er son. I'll be by when I find somethen.."


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