Caidian Finnian McClarty
Portrayed By
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 14, 1855
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases cay
Place of Birth Ireland
Occupation Undertaker
Known Relatives Jane Doe (Mother), Finnian McClarty (Father)
Significant Other None
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Caidian had been in her Majesty's military since he was a small boy serving England's 88th Irish light foot(Connaught Rangers) as a page and camp boy under the command of his father, Finn McClarty. Caidian grew up to attain Field Sergeant in the same regiment his father had served and died in.

In the Canadian territories near lake Erie Caidian's father fell to native tomahawks. By the time Caidian could get to his father, Master warrant officer Finnian McClarty was dead. With no time to grieve for his father, Caidian and the 88th were forced into retreat on the battle field. Leaving his father's mutilated corpse behind.

Soon after the 88th were called back to England and declared their north American campaign at a end. Two years passed and Caidian's military career suffered. Minor reports of insubordination, fights with fellow soldiers and drinking binges that would last for days smeared his record.

Then the 88th was re-activated to fight in India where local regulars were opposing English rule. Based near Peshwa, the jungle fighting was hot and horrific. Caidian received a vicious leg wound from a feces smeared scimitar(A common tactic of this particular East India Unit.)and luckly was pulled to safety by his loyal men.

But the damage was done. Infection crept into the wound and Caidian slipped into a fevered coma. The army surgeons wanted to take the the leg but it was only his loyal soldiers who save it by following Caidian's last order before slipping away…"The leg stays boys."

Ten days passed before the fever broke but on the tenth day Caidian sat up and asked for food. He would live but the leg was ruined. The doctors braced the leg up and Caidian said hello to his new best friend. The cane. A companion that he could not walk five minutes with out having it by his side.

To noone's surprise, Caidian was handed his dismissal papers. his commanders realizing that without Caidian's ability to fight the enemy, they had a useless lump of pissed off Irishman. They told him to pick a boat and get on it.. He chose one headed for the Americas. Maybe he would visit the site of his father's death, he thought. Maybe he'd become a farmer, he laughed. For months he roamed the continent, never staying anywhere long enough to be missed when he left. Until his vagabond ways brought him to the town of Silver Creek. Where for better or for worse his life will change forever.


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