Colby "CJ" Jackson
Colby Jackson
Portrayed By Alan Jackson
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 13, 1859
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Astrological Sign
Aliases CJ
Place of Birth Savannah Jawjuh
Occupation Carpentah
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None


Born Jan January 13, 1859
near Savannah Georgia, growing up in the backwoods on a small plantation. He speaks with a heavy Southern Drawl and has the typical mannerism of a southern gentleman, imprinted in him by his father and grandfather. Also imprinted in him is the love to working with wood, taught to him by his grandfather, the art of carpentry.

The most cherished possession is the Carpenter’s Tool box with tools that belonged to his grandfather. When he works with the wood, it feels like his grandfather is there with him. He can make anything that can be made of wood, from toys to Wagons and can build buildings if he is needed to.


1859 : Born to Ruth & James Jackson. His father was a Plantation Owner, they grew cotton. And they own over 100 Negro slaves. CJ would spend the first year of his life attached to a negro Wet nurse.

1860 : Abraham Lincoln is Elected President on November 11th, 1860.

1861 : Abraham Lincoln is sworn in as 16th President of the United States of America. CJ starts to learn early what is expected of him as a Southern, even at the tender age of almost three years old.

It was also that same year the Civil War began, and For CJ, his family and the slaves they owned, would strain the family ties and the life he knew would crumble down around him. He'd watch his father go into the army , leaving him and his mother and grandparents to keep the plantation from going to ruins.

1863 : Jan 1, 1863 - President Lincoln issues the final Emancipation Proclamation freeing all slaves in territories held by Confederates and emphasizes the enlisting of black soldiers in the Union Army. The war to preserve the Union now becomes a revolutionary struggle for the abolition of slavery.

CJ's grandfather has to be the one to decide the fate of the 100 plus slaves. Many of the men from age thirteen and up join the army, sixty in all and when the civil war ends, only a handfull would return. Some slaves would continue to live on the Jackson Plantation. CJ's wetnurse included. By this time he's been weaned and she continues to be his "nanny." He has little contact with his mother, as it had been since his birth.

1865 : The Civil War Ends. In order to make a living to still provide for the handful of slaves that remained on the war torn plantation, CJ's grandfather; a carpenter as was his father before him, does carpentry for a income. He starts to teach CJ this trade by the end of this year. CJ is almost 5 yrs of age.

1867 : Two years after the end of the Civil war, James returns home. Not the same man that left , but returns nothing of the less. CJ is sent to school and starts on the one thing his mother wanted - to give him a fine education.

1870 : CJ continues to perfect in his training with his grandfather's guideness. He's slowly becoming a very good carpenter even in his grandfather's eye.

The plantation is in slow progress of being rebuilt, they were blessed that the house only received little damage, though the slave quarters were burnt down and they lost two-thirds of their Cotton Crop during the war, and still are trying to bring back the raising of cotton. Some of the former slaves that enlisted in the Army, only a few returned, mostly those that had been only thirteen or fourteen and had served as Drummers.

1873 : CJ's father puts a gun to his head and commits suicide. CJ is devasted. Buries himself in his carpentry work.

1876 : The man that most influenced his life , dies of natural causes. Leaving CJ his tool box, that was given to him by his own father. Six months later, his grandmother too dies, of a broken heart. Leaving Cj and his mother.
He's 17 years of age.

1879 : At twenty, he decides to venture west, so leaving the only life he's known, his nanny was well into her fifites by this time, though had chosen to remain as a house negro, CJ sets off, with him in his possession is the toolbox with the carpenter tools in it.

1881: He finds himself in a small town in Colorado, Silver Creek. Here, he makes a new life for himself, he might later on decide to head on to california but for now, he seems content living in this small little town. CJ can read and write and knows his numbers and has a good business head on his shoulders.

CJ's mother remarried out of neccessity to keep the plantation going and to provide CJ with money whenever he was in a town long enough to recieve it.
She married her dead husband's brother , William Samuel Jackson.


"Ah's guts t' be haidin' on down th' road, y'suh." Meaning he best be heading on to where he lives. Which is the Boarding House.


  • CJ tends to be a little flirty, but is a harmless. Too much of that Southern gentleman that has been imprinted into him from an early age. He speaks with a deep backwoods southern dialect.
  • He can make anything that's out of wood.
  • He's not yet taken a wife. And Despite the fall of the plantation during the war, he's still a rather rich man for the time period. His grandparents saw to that.


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