Colorado Psycho Investigation

Players: Evalyn, Colton, Marlowe, Wade, CJ

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Summary: Investigation of "The Preacher's" Victim

Date: January 4, 1884

Colorado Psycho Investigation

Doctor's Offices

You head into Doctor's Office.
Doctor's Office

The reception room is warm and cosy, a dense coat and hatrack by the door and comfortable sofas against the walls. There is a small desk by the door to the office in the back of the room though no receptionist seems to work here so either the doctor herself is sitting there or it's vacant. Opposite the desk is a staircase leading up to the second floor but the door at the top is usually locked tight as that's where the doctor lives. In the center of the room is a low coffee table, upon which is usually a couple of mugs, a small pot of honey and a pitcher of water, a warm kettle of very fragrant British tea kept upon the small stove on the east wall. A few potted plants brighten the atmosphere, as well as the glow from the stove and a few oil lamps.
Doors to the east and west lead to the largest rooms on the first floor, the former being the operating room and the latter, the recovery room.

The sun had set and the wind from over the mountains seem to be blowing in clouds. Could be more snow for sure! Inside the doctor's office it is cozy and warm. At first glance, Colton does not see anyone, but a voice calls out, "Hello?" The voice is a bit wary calling out from the back.

Colton steps inside, and glances around. Upon hearing the voice he calls out, "Howdy Maam.. No reason to be alarmed…"

Evalyn moves to the doorway and peers out. Whatever was in her hand is put to the side. "Oh.. hello there." She steps out and into the room. One arm is in a sling and it is obvious by the way she moves that she is still sore. "Can I help you with something?"

Colton takes off his hat, "Well I ain't sure Maam.. I was wanted to ask about somethen.. Are you the doc here abouts?"

Evalyn shakes her head. "I am his nurse. Perhaps I can help you? Doctor Bennet and his wife took off out of town for a while. I seem to be it for now."

Colton nods and crosses his arms, "Fair enough.. Maybe you can help me.. I heard that theres been trouble with a fella huntin… Whores…killed some of 'em?"

Evalyn falls quiet and there is a fear that crosses her eyes. "Yes. I have seen him." She says softly. Her free hand moves to her slinged arm. "He knifed me up bad.. I am lucky to survive."

Colton blinks in surprise, and looks at her a moment, "You know who it was Maam?"

Evalyn takes in a deep breath. "I do not know him.. but I saw him. He came here. He is a tall lanky man. Silvry hair. Rotten teeth.. and foul breath. His eyes are like staring into the pits of hell itself. I swear he is as the devil incarnate."

Colton nods slowly, "I'm sorry you went through it.. There any law here abouts?"

Colton nods slowly, "I'm sorry you went through it.. There any law here abouts?"

Evalyn shakes her head. "No." Her head bows. "Honestly… there has been almost no law here for some time. The law here has fallen into the hands of the townsmembers and such."

Colton rubs his chin, "You mind if I ask you about it Maam?"

Evalyn frowns a bit. "Ask me about what sir?"

You say, "How long ago was he around here Maam?"

Evalyn ponders a moment. "Less than a week." she responds. She moves to a seat and sinks into it. "He.. promised to return. I doubt he has gone too far. I do believe him when he says that he will return."

Colton nods slowly, "Can you tell me if he was on foot.. Rode a horse… . How he was getting around?"

Evalyn shakes her head. "I wish I could tell you. I do not know. I was here and he came into the office here. He.. did what he did.. and then left." She frowns. "He did leave something behinfd though." She rises from her seat and moves over to the desk. She pulls out a neatly wrapped packackge and moves to him. "A dagger.. it is one of the ones he carries. He carries several."

Colton blinks in surprise, and moves over to take a closer look, "He's got more than one?"

Evalyn nods. She unwraps the cloth that covers the dagger, showing it to him. The dagger itself is immaculate. It is expensive and extremely sharp. It is something not easily obtained. "He had others that matched it perfectly."

Colton lets out a long whistle, "So… He was in town. And yer in here alone again tonight?"

Evalyn sighs. "I should head north to Dr. Bennet's house. But the road is long and I feel safer just staying here. I know if I get attacked there will people somewhat close by."

Colton shakes his head slowly, and glances around the office, "Thats waitin on someone to come hurt ye.." He looks out the door, "Has anyone else run across him that could tell me anything?"

Evalyn shrugs. "I did meet a fellow… I believe his name was MArcus. He may have some information about him. The man who hurt me was a preacher. Seems he may have a following. Marcus said that he once attended a meeting of theirs. Perhaps he may enlighten you a bit more on the situation."

Colton nods several times, "Sounds like a good idea. Where can I find 'im? This Marcus fella?"

Evalyn shakes her head. "I do not know. I do know he belongs to the Franklin gang. He is Mr. Franklin's right hand man. He is like the wind. You have to catch him at just the right moment."

Colton arches an eyebrow, "Franklin Gang… Who are they?"

Evalyn sighs. "They are heroes to people in this town. They are a gang, but.. they have been pardoned for their crimes because of their self sacrifice. They protected the town.. many of the gang laid down their life protecting it. When the Black Dog gang rolled in.. they stood up to them and fought them back at cost of life and limb." She cants her head. "But.. they are still dangerous.. they are a gang."

Colton rubs the back of his neck with one hand, and nods, "Fair enough.. Anyone know where they hole up?"

Evalyn shakes her head. "No." She frowns. "The preacher thought that i knew. He wants to go after them. But.. I didn't know. It is why I got hurt. He thought I knew.. when I knew nothing."

Colton says, "Well Maam.. You give me more than I thought I'd have to go on. They know for sure this is the fella that killed those gals ?""

Evalyn nods. "I know for sure." She says softly. "He told me himself.."

Colton puts his hand back on, "How many has he killed Maam?"

Evalyn sighs softly. "I only know of one.. for sure. I do not know the fate of the other women. Perhaps.. there is still time? Perhaps.. there is the chance that he has left some of them alive?"

Colton blinks in surprise, "How many are missing Maam?"

Evalyn ponders a moemnt. "About six of them." She says softly.

Colton says, "Naw… Keepin one is easy.. Keepin six.. Thats too much work.. I'd say most of 'em are dead Maam."

Evalyn takes in a deep breath. "But.. we don't know for sure.." She says softly. "We don't know for sure.." Her head bows as she slowly exhales. "I am scared to think of the terrors they lived through."

Marlowe arrives from Division and Cherry Rd.

Colton crosses his arms as he listens nodding slowly, and glances over the man walks in. He falls silent and waits to see what he says.

The smoked buckskin shirt, heavily fringed and quilled is drawn in at the waist by a broad leather belt. Trousers of the same buckskin, fringed as well, cover the tops of the desert moccasins on his feet. He wears a bandanna, wrapped turban like on his head and tops that with a wide brimmed floppy hat. A black obsidian dagger is tucked securely in the small of his back, and the big Greener ten gauge would command attention, were his face not so scarred by fire, his limp so halting. His hands are knobby and twisted, the left missing two fingers, crudely hacked off at the first joint. A leather patch covers his left eye, the right eye appearing an icy blue. His entire demeanor and movements suggest nothing more than a near helpless cripple.
Balcombe Double Barrel Shotgun

Evalyn is holding a package with a rather brightly gleaming knife. It has been cleaned and it shines brightly. The knife is expensive and extremely sharp. As Marlowe comes in he comes into the tail end of her statement.. "..think of the terrors they lived through.." Her gaze turns to Marlowe and she falls quiet. "Mister Marlowe. It is good to see you."

He was never subtle, in word or deed, and this was no exception, as the door burst open, admitting a blast of icy wind and a swirl of snow. The black barrel of the heavy shotgun came first, angled towards the floor, followed by an ice covered, shapeless buffalo coat and buckskins.
Without preamble, he growls, "Howdy. Reckon ya ain't daid yit."
GAME: Marlowe has looked at you.

Colton stays silent listening to the exchange without any comment.

Evalyn eyes Marlowe a bit and gives a sigh. "Would you rather it Mr. Marlowe?" She turns from the man and heads for the desk where she puts down the dagger wrapped in the cloth. Slowly, she turns around to look to him. "I take it you heard about what happened?" She cants her head.

He throws back the hood of the shaggy coat, spraying ice chips and rank water around the office. Giving the man a slow once over, his face twisted into a mask of raw hatred, then he slowly turns to face Evalyn.
"Iffen Ah wanted yu daid, Ah'd do it mahse'f," he growled, the icy eye glinting sourly at her, "But yore the onliest female whuts ain't got kilt by this dayamed lobo, an' Ah wanna knwo whut he looks lahk." He pauses, "Now."

Colton looks over to the man, "Tall lanky.. Silver hair.. Rotten teeth…Eyes like the devil. Got weeks head start…:"

Evalyn turns her gaze down to the dagger and back up to Marlowe. "It's because he believes I have information." She says softly. Evalyn reaches for the hilt of the dagger, lifting it up. The blade shines brightly in the light of the room. "Here.." She moves over to Marlowe and extends the dagger to him, handle first. "And he is fond of knives. He has a collection of those that he wears. Almost surgical sharp." She frowns. "That is the description there.. but.. he promises to be back. I believe him."

Marlowe takes the knofe, looking at it briefly, expressionless, then hands it back to Evalyn.

Slowly, the 'breed turns to face Colton, giving him another look, from his boots to his face, then he turns his head, hawks and spits at a spittoon. "Tain't much uv a description," he drawls, "Ah reckon Ah could drag out a half dozen looked lahk thet outta the Nugget raht now. All you whites look alike nohows."

Colton says, "Well I reckon if'n it was an injun we'd jest have to call out free fire water, and we wouldn't have to go anywhere.. They'd come to us… " He pauses and shrugs, "I figure he's got a place close.. days ride at the most…""

Wade arrives from Division and Cherry Rd.

Evalyn frowns. "He also wears preacher clothes and knives from what I have seen. He believes he is doing the Lord's work. He has gone off his rocker! I believe him to be either the devil or possessed by him. The man is pure evil. More evil than Russel Merrik. Why do I say it? The man believes in what he is doing. A man with that kind of misplaced faith is more dangerous than any I have met. He also may have clawed marks on his face. I tore at the skin pretty good when I fought back."

Colton smiles, "Thats what I needed to hear.. No mistakin that…" He looks over as another man comes inside.

A reasonably tall looking man stands here. He looks to be about 5'9 in height and maybe a dash over 180 pounds. He looks to be a middle aged fellow, perhaps in his early fourties. His hair has been cut reasonably short, slicked back somewhat, with enough stubble on his cheeks and jaw to make more than one girl lick her lips. He dosen't smell though, and appears well dressed. A pair of matching cloth jacket and pants, black in color, with a few signs of wear and tear, but not muddied. Beneath his jacket is a white shirt and dark blue vest. A black 49er style hat rests on his head, somewhat dusty by the looks of it. On his feet are a pair of simple brown cowboy boots, about his waist is a heavily worn leather gunbelt with holstered pistol and extra ammunition slung about the sides of the belt.

Wade wanders on in, grumbling in response to the cold, snowy weather, stamping his feet a few times as he looks to the group, smiling a little as he spies Evalyn, "Ye feelin better?"

Without taking his eye off Colton, the muzzle of the shotgun swings negligently towards the door as it once more swings open, then jerks his head sideways at Evalyn's direction, "Now whut she dun said air more helpful than the bullshit you air a-spoutin' boy. Mebbe ya orta git sum larnin' from her."

Evalyn sighs. "It is what I told him. I just now remembered the clawed marks." She turns her gaze to Wade as he enters, giving a soft smile in his direction, "Hello Mr. Wade. It is good to see you. I am feeling a lot better. Still a bit sore, but I will survive. Thanks to you."

Colton looks back at Marlowe, and shrugs, "You looking to ride out alone, and face 'im down.. I say 'ave at it. but I reckon you save all the guff.. You ain't about to rile.. scatter gun or no."

Wade finds himself facing down the barrel of a shotgun, raising an eyebrow as he looks up at Marlowe, "The fuck's that for?" he inquires, glancing to Evalyn for an explanation.

The twisted, scarred lips twitch at Colton's words, "Ah allus ride alone," he drawls, "Ain't gotta worry 'bout gittin' backshot thet way." he lets the shotgun drift back to the floor, obviously dismissing the shopkeeper before turning back to Evalyn and peppering her with questions, "Whar wuz ya? Whut way did he go? Hev a hoss, buggy or on foot?"

Evalyn points to the corner. The wood of the floor is still stained from the puddle of blood that had been there previously, despite the ammounts of scrubbing. "I was here." she says softly. "He came here. He was demanding information on where Mr. Franklin was. I knew nothing so i could tell him nothing. He.. thrust that dagger through my shoulder and pinned me to the chair. i never saw him comming or going. I have no idea whether he was on foot, horse, or buggy." Her gaze turns to Wade, "This is Mr. Marlowe. Under the gruff.. he is a good guy to have on your side…"

Wade gives Marlowe a careful look over. "Uh huh." he says in response to Evalyn's introduction, "Well, I ain't heard much about where that feller went… I mean… prolly long gone or already dead an rottin in the woods somewhere."

CJ arrives from Division and Cherry Rd.

Colton crosses his arms across his chest, and watches at the room slowly fills up.

The 'breed jerks his chin towards the stained floorboards, "Ah'll send a feller ovah to sand thet out, sinct Ah owe Doc a bit yet." Teh icy gaze travels over CJ, his lip curling as he buttons the heavy buffalo coat back up.
"The boss air het up to git this yehu, daid er alive, an' iffen Ah dun bring in his scalp, she's bound to ehv mine."

CJ decides too many was there and thus takes his leave "Mizz, suhs."
CJ heads into Division and Cherry Rd.

Evalyn arches a brow. "What boss are you talking about?" She asks Marlowe. "There are a lot of folks that want him gone. I don't like to wish bad things on people.. but… " she sighs. "I truly think there is no redemption for this fellow. He has no remorse for what he has done. There is no telling what he has done to the other girls."

Colton chuckles quietly, "His wife… The boss." He stands up and moves toward the door.

Wade nods in agreement with Evalyn, "Aye, sounds like a silly sod who deserves what he's gunna git I imagine." he muses, "Though it been awhile since he showed up around here.. might have to wait till he rears his ugly head so ye can cut it off."

Bundled back up for the cold wind, Marlowe doesn't elaborate on just who the boss IS. As he turns to the door, he stops and narrows his eye at Evalyn, "Ya know, iffen ya need a place, Miz Chiane'll put ya up. be bettern' bein' alone."
He lets his glacial glare travel over Wade, then Colton, insolently, before shambling back out into the swirling snow flurries, disappearing up the street.

Not far from the 'main square' and just outside of the 'heart of the town' comes a small busy area. The road crosses with another, that of Cherry Rd. The Gold Nugget Saloon keeps the area populated with men and some woman. The Saloon has a banner over the door, saying "OPEN UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT and in smaller letters "Help Wanted, light carpentry and repair". The windows have been replaced already and bright colored lanterns shine through the frosted glass. Along the boardwalk there is a Mercantile store, a Doctors Office, and even an Undertaker for any that might need any of those services.

Marlowe arrives from Doctor's Office.
Marlowe has arrived.

Colton pushes off the building front as the man steps outside, "Hey Cheif… Theres somethen else…" He holds up his hands, and the shotgun muzzle swings around, "I ain't aimin to shoot ye."

The buffalo coat is rapidly gathering ice and snow, blending into the swirls as Marlowe heads out and turns south. but the bore of the big double barrel is unwavering held in the crook of his arm, "You evah call me Chief agin," came the raspy voice from under the shaggy hood, "They'll be able to drive a team through ya, sabe?" The icy eye glitters, "Whut ya got?"

Colton nods, "Fair enough.. Rumor has it he's got a congregation… Mean its not as simple as killin one man. I aim to see lead in this mans skull. But I don't reckon I need to be fightin you the whole time. If'n you can see your way clear for an extra gun hand."

The 'breed eyes the man before him coldly, "Ah dun know ya from Adam," he rasps, "Fer all AH know, yore one uv them congeegashunals. An' like as not, ya cain't keep up whar Ah go."

Colton shrugs, "Nobody knows me from Adam… But I ain't gonna have women folk lose sleep, and not feel safe here cause some jack ass has his brains scrambled. And hell if I can't keep up.. You ain't got the worry do ye?"

It was short, harsh, but it was a bark of laughter nonetheless, "Git yore poke togethah, Ah'll be leavin' afore the sun comes up." he turns back south, adding, "Dun mean Ah'm trustin' ya none. An' iffen ya fall back, yore on yore own."

You say, "Boardin house or the Saloon?"

"Boardin' house. Least Ah kin do air feed ya afore ya git frozed." Another short bark of laughter and the shaggy, ice crusted coat melts into the shadows.


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