Colton Reynolds
Portrayed By Karl Urban
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 12, 1849
Age 34
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases colt
Place of Birth Southern Texas, USA
Occupation Foreman - Epona Ranch/Former Texas Ranger
Known Relatives Mary Margaret Smithson (Mother), Steven Reynolds (Father)
Significant Other None


Colton Reynolds grew up in south Texas near the border. His father raised and sold horses on a small place near the river. The border with Mexico at that time was a nearly lawless place, and groups of local militia or “Rangers” were formed to ward of attacks from the Apache, Comanche, and even Mexicans raiding across the border. Colton’s father captained one of these bands, and was often out chasing trouble or having it chase him. Colton’s mother often watched him ride off, and was left tending to their small spread. As a result Colton learned ranch work at an early age.

Life took a violent turn when young Reynolds was still just a boy. His father took the family to town with him on a business trip. He was there to settle a dispute regarding the sale of some horses to an early rancher. On one of the few trips away from home his father in gunned down while wife and child watch. Little was done about the shooting, and the man walked free with the horses that he had taken from the Reynolds family. His mother was made from stern stuff refusing to give up the family farm. She also made sure he was taught the use of guns, and instilled with memory of the last day they saw his father alive.

When he was old enough Colton found himself in the same Ranger militia that his father has served with when he was alive. The Civil War breaking out saw his father’s murderer head east fighting for the Yankees, while Colton chose to stay behind in Texas, and help guard the border against the same enemies his father had. All through the war he helped keep the area safe learning as much about the land as he did about fighting.

With the end of the war, came the return of the troops. And the man that shot his father. Colton stayed a ranger only for a short time. He quit the Rangers, and the family farm, shortly after the man that killed his father was found shot several times. It seems someone finished what the Rebs couldn’t during the war. Reynolds went back home, worked the family farm till his mother died some weeks later. It was then he sold off the land, and took the horses left, and started gathering cattle for a drive north.

Once finding buyers for his cattle, Colton then traveled northwest coming upon a small town named Silver Creek in Colorado. During the lonely sojourn of his cattle drive he had made the decision to start a horse ranch with the monies received from the sale. It was here he saw the ‘Help Wanted’ poster in the General Store with the requester being some Lady. With a grin of possibilities, he set in search of finding this high and mighty snippet and see the lay of the land.




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