Mahon O'Brien
Portrayed By Yul Brynner
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 1st, 1840
Age 40+
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases MOB
Place of Birth Boston, MA, USA
Occupation Pit Boss/Cooler
Known Relatives Renee O'Brien (Wife), Robert O'Brien (Son)
Significant Other Renee O'Brien


Born in 1840 in Boston to wealthy 3rd generation Irish-Americans, Mahon was named for a distant ancestor. He attended the best schools in Boston And excelled in the sport of fencing. When he was of age his father garnered him a slot at West Point, where he joined the Track and Field Club and took up the Pentathlon (Swimming, Target shooting (pistol), fencing (epee'), horseback riding, and long distance running). He Competed Internationally for two years then during his Junior year at West Point, Civil War broke out in the American States. He was commissioned early as a 2nd Lieutenant in the cavalry. He fought under General W.T. Sherman until the end of the war. After the States were united again he was sent west to fight Indians and 8 years later he mustered out of the 4th Cavalry at Ft. Huachuca Az. He Promptly joined the Federal Marshals and traveled on assignment over the next 5 years, all over the North American West. During this time he picked up a reputation as a shootist, which he loathed. He much preferred the artful poetry of the saber blade to the suddenly percussion of the revolver, AND with sabers a duel could be fought to first blood, unlike pistols. After he mustered out of the Federal Marshals he took his saved pay and traveled to Kaiserslauten, Germany where he enrolled in a fencing academy and studied eclectic philosophy and poetry. After four years he had mastered the blade and traveled to Ireland to study Poetry at Trinity University. After Four years he returned to the states where he published the collection of his poetry and a fictional journal loosely based on the real events of his life. He settled in Atlanta and fought a series of duels (both bladed and pistol) which earned his the nickname 'the Irish Lightning', which he hated. Seeking to escape his ill-gotten fame he settled in Colorado.


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