Divorce-1884 Style
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He emerges from the Golden Nugget, walking steadily, the glacial eye boring through Chiane. Other than that point, the 'breed seemed as calm and collected as a spring pool of tadpoles.

Chiane grins to him. "So.. gonna whoop me now eh?" She cocks a brow cockily at him. "Promises promises.." A kiss is blown in his direction. She knew by his calm demeanor that she needs to be quick and ready for anything. So.. she works at keeping a safe distance between herself and her husband! "Want to whoop me? Gotta catch me first!" She cackles and lets out a whoop very much indian style as she turns from him and runs to the other side of the street. She hurdles over a water trough, landing on slick ice on the other side. Her eyes suddenly go wide as feet slip out from underneath her and she falls crashing onto the wall. "OOOF!" Yay instant karma!

He never quickened his step, or slowed his pace..then he was there, standing over her, "Git up." he rasped, though not offering her a hand. Rather, he beckons imperiously to a tow headed, pimply youth, "You hold this heah scattahgun, boy, an' dun you take off with it."

Chiane reaches up and rubs at her head a moment. She looks up to him and slowly pulls herself up and off the ground. For a moment she just studies him with a mistrusting gaze. One step at a time, she sidesteps to get away from him, never once taking her eye off. And hence.. the snowball wars are started.

As Chiane stood, he took a single step forward, ignoring the snowball that thudded into his chest, letting loose with a hard balled fist at Chiane's head. His lisp is cirled back in a feral snarl as he draws back to punch again.

Chiane had obviously been PLAYING! The snowballs were meant for fun and good-natured manner. She had suspected he would do something but not that.. She catches the fist right to the face and her head snaps to the side and blood immediately trickles down her lips. She didn't even notice William step out of the Doctor's office and head down the street. Chiane is dazed and stumbles backwards.

Wade steps outside of his store, squinting at the two brawling, "What the feck?" he grunts, setting his hands on hips and staring.

The 'breed growls, unleashing another thunderous blow at his wife, but, slips on a patch of the same ice she had fallen on, the swing going wide, 'Gawdamn you, sneakin' up an' throwin' shit at mah blind sahd..Ah orta kick yore ass clean to Cherry Creek an' back."

Chiane blinks just as the next swing comes flying at her! "You son of a whore! I was only playing! You know it you drunk bastard!" She is pissed now and charges back at him with a swing of her own!

The 'breed easily slips off to one side as Chiane charged him, swinging wildly, and as she passed, lifted a knee into her side with jarring force…enough so the impact swung his own body half around, but facing Chiane.

Wade looks content to watch the couple slug it out.

Chiane takes the blow to her stomach, bending over in pain as the knee makes contact. There is the sound of air being exhaled and she makes a single cough. Staggering back a bit, she looks to him and growls at him. "Fine.. go back to yer whiskey.. go back to yer taquila.. She knew when she was beat. Blood trickled from her lips and staining the snow in little crimson droplets. In fact she spits out some b loodied spittle at his feet. "And dun bother comming home.. yer no better than them white men!" She staggers off and away from him.

The snarl is still on his face as he reaches for the trembling kid holding his shotgun, snatching the heavy weapon and laying the muzzle alongside Chiane's ear. His voice low and filled with menace, he rasps, "Yu evah git the urge to throw sumthin' at me agin, you jest take a step back an' think agin. An' if ya reckon ya jest gotta..blow yore own fuckin' brains out."
You take Balcombe Double Barrel Shotgun.

Wade straightens somewhat as the shotgun comes into play, resting his hands on his hips a moment, watching Marlowe ever so carefully, a little scowl on his face.

Chiane stands there with a quivering lower lip. It is obvious her heart had been completely broken over this. "Well excuse me fer thinking of the old days. In the silver feather.. where we used to have fun. Where we chased each other and threw coffee mugs.." A single tear falls from her eye, staining the cheek. "I.. was " She swallows hard and unable to finish the sentence. At his feet, she drops the little ring he gave her. "Go away.. never come back. You are just a monster now. You know nothing about being a real man or even a person." She peels away from the gun and just begins moveing down the street.

The 'breed steps up onto the walk, giving the storekeeper the evil eye, then he leans closer in passing and whispers, 'BOO!" in that menacing, sandpapery voice, before striding down the street, not at all the shambling blanket injun he had seemed before.
The ring she had dropped remained in the street where she had dropped it.
Chiane heads into Division St.
Chiane has left.

Wade merely shakes his head, not giving Marlowe a second glance as he passes through the doors of his store once more.

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