Emma Douglas
Portrayed By Emmy Rossum
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 17, 1863
Age 20
Place of Birth Dallas, Texas
Occupation Singer at the Gemstone
Known Relatives Mary Douglas (Mother), Steward Douglas (Father)
Significant Other Being Courted by Ciro Egidio


  • Emma May Douglas was born to Mary and Steward Douglas on May 17, 1863 in Dallas, Texas. She was the youngest of five children, and the only girl, and from the time she could walk, she learned a farm life. Chores became part of her everyday routine, cooking, sewing, though all things that she despised. She wanted more, wanted to see the world, wanted to be a singer, and not be a farmers wife. After a heated argument with her parents, on the eve of her twentieth birthday, she left everything she knew behind and set out into the wide world to try to make her dreams come true.


  • Having grown up with 4 older brothers, Emma isn't always the most lady like, though she tries.
  • She has a soft spot for horses and loves riding.
  • Even though she can't read much, she loves the draw and often spends her free time doing just that.


Colton Reynolds - Sheriff
Gregory "Ace" Wheeler - Card Player
Chiane Marlowe - Boarding House Owner
Ben Wade - General Store Owner
Evalyn Kingsley - Nurse
Arden Ohls - Blacksmith
Delilah Sutherland - Gemstone Girl
Meriah Broussard - Madam
Samantha "Rose" Ceallaigh - Best Friend



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