Evalyn Rose Kingsley
Portrayed By Christina Hendricks
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 8, 1857
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Eva
Place of Birth The Carolinas, USA
Occupation Nurse
Known Relatives Jane Doe (Mother), John Doe (Father)
Significant Other None


"Oh goodness.. not many people actually ask about me and where I come from. Well.." Evalyn gives a soft smile. "I come from back east. I was born in the Carolinas to a large family. I had four brothers and two sisters. I am the youngest of them all." Evalyn pauses as if thinking for a moment. "My father was a well-known photographer. He made a good living off his trade. His fame actually spread out wide and he would even be called to fancy homes and cities such as New York! As a result we lived a rather decent life. But.. that was when I was quite young."

"My youngest memories i remember the war. I remember how both union soldiers and confederate soldiers marched through our little town and caused much havok. Daddy owned slaves. Two big men, George and Rufus. They didn't like daddy at all because daddy made them do the work he paid them to do. One night while fighting was going on outside the town, they both rose up in the night and slaid my father. I saw the wh ole thing. i was young, but even something like that I can remember what happened. George was going to kill me so that i wouldn't tell, but Rufus stopped him. The two fled into the night never to be heard from again."

There is a moment where Evalyn looks off in the distance. "Mother became destitute. So she had to turn to other means of surival. My brothers went off to war and my sisters and i helped mother tend to injured people in the home. We weren't partial to who we treated, for we treated them all. Mother was a rather kind soul. Soon, a doctor heard of the home that mother had opened up to injured soldiers. He visited. i was absolutely amazed at the skill this doctor had! I would watch him for hours as he worked to save the young men's life."

"Even after the war the house stayed open for the sick and hurt. I continued to help, loving to help those that were sick and injured. But.. mother became sick herself. My older sisters had been married at this time. Three of my brothers had died in the war. My other brother had moved north to live away from us and never spoke with us again. I do miss Michael. I miss them all, but it hurt that Michael never took notice of the family anymore. I was still young and with no place to go, So Doctor Leanord took me in as his own daughter."

"I got to travel with him. I was his personal assistant. I saw many things! I even traveled to London with him as he discussed many facinating new medical discoveries with other doctors of the day. I learned so much for him. But, even doctors get sick sometimes. He caught the coughing sickness and passed on. I was alone again. In my travels, I found myself in this little town of Silver Creek where I now work for Doctor Bennet and the town quite happily."


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