Evalyn and the Bull




* Bull Durham

Summary: Evalyn and Durham speak.

Date: February 4, 1884

Evalyn and the Bull

Doctor's Office

The piggish eyes fixed on the nurse as the big marshal shouldered his way through the door. "You're the doctor?" he asks, a hint of disgust in his deep voice.

Evalyn gentle humming is heard from the backroom followed by the crash of some tools of the trade being knocked over. "Oh goodness!" She is busy cleaning up the mess just as Durham enters in. "Oh no." She says as she stands up with tools in hand. "I am the nurse. How can I help you?" A pleasant smile is offered to the gruff man.

"You can answer some damned questions, is what you can do," he growls, "Unless you care to side with that damned dirty indian like the rest of this damned town." The look on his face is unpleasant, "Sonofabitch must be spreading it thick."

Evalyn blinks at the man. Her gaze trails down to look at the badge on his chest and then back up to him. "The Indian? Are you speaking of Mister Marlowe?" She turns and sets the tools down onto the desk. "What questions do you have sir?"

Like a priest at a Litany, but without the patience, Durham recites the list, "Where does he live? Who does he run with? Where does he go to ground? When and where did you see him last and for what?" he plants his big fists on his hips, and gives you another glare from the flat eyes."Can I expect the same bullshit I don't know anything from you?"

Evalyn reaches up and scratches at her head a bit. "I of course will cooperate with the law Mister.." She pauses as to not have caught his name. But she does not press the information any furthur. "Now honestly, Mister Marlowe does not associate with me much. He is a gruff vile man who has rather violent tendancies. He can be rather fearsome. Perhaps many here do not talk because they are more afraid of him than you sir?" She arches a brow. "But.. from last I heard, he lived at the Boarding House with his wife. But rumor has it they separated. He is known to hang around the Gemstone a lot. He also tends to hang out with the minorities of the town, especially the hispanic bunch." She frowns. "Last time I saw him was a while back when he was demanding information about that murdering preacher."

The look on Bull's face changed from angry and sour to one of intense concentration as he drew a battered stockbook from his pocket, consulting it and adding the new information. "According to the niggah woman, they got a divorce. The whore in the tumble claims to know nothing about him, 'cept that he worked for her." The flat, deepset eyes came up.

"Hangs with the greasers? Mebbe they'll have something to say. What's this about a murderin' preacher? he the one that blew up them buildings I seen around?"

Evalyn shakes her head. "No. This murdering preacher kidnapped the women of the brothel. They.." She pauses as if looking rather troubled, "Well.. they delivered the ehad of one of the women to me. She has been long buried now. Miss Delilah is one who has seen the man. I know that Mister Marlowe and Mister Franklin were hunting and tracking down this man. I do not know if he still lives or not." A frown touches her face. "I know the man who assaulted me is gone. But his boss, I do not know." She ponders a moment. "The hispanics are fiercly loyal to Mister Marlowe. As far as the buildings are concerned.. some of them were from the masked bandit. Other buildings were from a recent storm that came through the town.. lit several places on fire." She points to the stairs leading to the bedroom. "The fires destroyed the upper room as well."

"A masked bandit? A murdering preacher? What the hell else is this town hidin'? Jesus H. Keerist, ain't you got no law 'round here save that whorin' son of a bitch of a sheriff?" he shakes his massive head, "Don't surprise me none that murdering greasers protect a murdering redskin, 'specially if he slides 'em a few pesos, but the rest..Shit, I oughta jest call the Army in to level this place."

Evalyn frowns as he takes the Lord's name in vain. "We have actually gone quite some time without any law around here. Ever since…" She trails off. "Ever since Sheriff Yates was murdered.. we well.." She takes in a deep breath. "We have been at the mercy of gangs and villains galore. Mister Marlowe and Mister Franklin have been the ones who protected this town in the absence of the law. Without them this town surely would have been a ghost town."

His thick lips curl up in a sneer, "Well la de da..a whole damned town protected from murderers and thieves by murderers and thieves. Now why you expect they done that, anyhows? mebbe give themselves a place to stay clear of the law?" The thick finger jabs forward, looking much like a sausage, 'Franklin ain't got no paper on him in this state, but I got paper on Marlowe, and I got paper on his niggah, but she ain't worth nothing..he is, and I'll get it if I got to hang every greaser, niggah, jew and whore to do it."

He almost smiles then, a hideous grimace at that, "Folks like you ain't got to worry, you been helpful."

Evalyn frowns a bit in the man's direction. "The law abiding citizens of this town like myself did not question them sir. Mostly because we were so desperate for some sort of protection. Mister Marlowe is a dangerous and rather resourceful man sir. He has no qualms with taking the life of a lawman. I pray you have men to back you up? It seems that Mister Marlowe has a plethora of men."

He laughed then, thunder booming in a distant hollow, "Red," he chortles, "He ain't gonna have no men by the time I get done. And if one of them don't put a bullet in his damned back afore me, let's just say he can't kill what he don't see a-coming." The piggish eyes settle on her again, growing cold, "The paper says dead or alive. And dead men don't run, and you ain't got to feed them."

Back to business then, the stockbook coming up, "What's the names of them spics he hung with? They live over in Beantown?"

Evalyn scrunches her brows together a bit. "Umm. I don't really talk to them all that much unless one comes in here for medical treatment. I know there is a Mister Ortega that seems to have been rather good friends with him. But other than that, I can't honestly say that I have had much knowledge of their names or business."

He just grunts, closing the stockbook with a snap. "Ortega..they got to be inbreedin' every one of them greasers is an Ortega or Jimenez or something. Bad as a chink." he snorts, turning for the door, "Afore I forget," he growls, "That Llewellyn feller what telegrammed the Governor come by wanting the jew let out. He'll likely be looking for the doctor when I cut his ass loose."

Evalyn falls silent as she regards him. "I am sure there is no need for all that sir." She says in rather quiet tones. "No reason for violence upon the people of the town." She turns from him, making her way to the stove an pouring some hot water into a cup with a teabag.

He just laughs again, "Mebbe you oughta tell him that. Sonofabitch hit me, broke my damned nose again." he fingers the shapeless mass, "Course, he ain't been knowing I can't feel nothing there no more, been broke so much." Still chuckling, "That piss bucket I give him looked half blood when I made him dump it this morning, an' he ain't et none for three days. Reckon there's something wrong with salt pork in his mind."

Evalyn rubs at the bridge of her nose. It almost seems as if she is even saying a bit of a prayer. Men. "Then please, allow me to go see the man? I will take him some food and see about his wounds? If you like, I could see about your nose as well. Though.. if you feel no pain you are a lucky soul." She lifts the steeping cup of tea to her lips, sipping from the aromatic brew. Eyeing the man, "One may think you take some dark pleasure in the suffering of others."

His face darkens, "No visitors. The kike'll break today, or I don't know a prisoner. You can have his stinkin' ass then, and not afore." the big marshall puts his ham-like hand on the door, saying before leaving, "Only thing I take pleasure in is putting another bounty in my bank account. Best you recollect that, Red."


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