Good Morning



Summary: Waking up in the Doctor's office.

Date: 23 January 1884

Log Title Good Morning

Doctor's Office

All is quiet in the reception room of the Doctor's office. It is very early in the morning, with the sun just barely peeking through the window and under the front door. The soft sounds of horse hooves and a few people starting their day can be heard outside. The room is silent, save for the sound of quiet breathing coming from a young woman lying on one of the couches against the wall.

Delilah stirs, suddenly so, sitting up with a start but regretting it immediately. She clutches her right arm, wincing at what is probably broken or something. Patches of dried blood stain her golden blonde curls, tangled and dishevled from lack of a comb for weeks. The blue dress she wears is torn in several spots, caked with mud and blood in spots. Numerous bruises in varying sizes are scattered over her pale skin, with a particularly large black left eye topping off her injuries.

Taking a deep breath, she shifts to lean back against the arm rest of the couch, careful not to abruptly move her right arm and exacerbate the pain. For one that usually smiles, she does not smile today. In the still of the early morning she sits, patiently, waiting for a doctor - or someone - to find her.


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