Grace Berry
Portrayed By Amy Adams
Gender Female
Date of Birth Dec. 20, 1863
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Gracie
Place of Birth Cork City, Co. Cork, Ireland
Occupation Clothier
Known Relatives Fearghal O'Coilean (Father), Saoirse O'Coilean (Mother)
Significant Other Married to Marcus Berry


  • Born in the city of Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland
  • The eldest daughter in a middle-class family of 16; five older brothers, 4 younger brothers, 4 younger sisters; Father was a teacher; Mother a housewife and seamstress
  • Education, due to her father, was largely secular; She was taught literature and philosophy, figures, Irish history, music, a little of biology as pertaining to general first-aid, and a little beyond the basic Catholic catechism
  • Father was frowned upon by the local clergy but only mildly, viewed as being a little too secular but otherwise harmless; Mother was more devout and had a tendancy to shoo all her chicklings to Mass at least once a day
  • Moved to the USA with eldest brother three years ago; the plan was to start a farm and own land in country where everything was free for the taking, Grace was going to help keep her brother in line; Family sent them off with plenty of provisions and a good nest egg; New York City was dismal and they started West 18 months ago; Brother died in of tick fever on the way out West
  • Learned schooling from father, tailoring and cooking from Mother; showed natural talent as a seamstress, cook and singer
  • Learned to shoot on the way out West, became a steady hand with a pistol; esp. after her brother's death, she constantly practiced so that she could protect herself and maybe even hunt her own food (thus saving a little money).
  • Showed a good head for business, prone to practical luxury instead of spending lavishly
  • Arrived in Silver Creek a couple of months or so back with a decent bankroll, trunks of cloth and other sewing implements, and began looking for a place to set up shop.
  • After having been in town for a few months, she suddenly left, apparently for good, selling back the land the Clothier is on, packing up, and moving out.
  • One week or so later, she came back looking poorer than she had ever looked before, a little roughed up, and hollow eyed. After a small scene at the doorway of the Gemstone, she and her fiance Marcus were reunited, reconciled, and rushing off to the find the Catholic Priest who happened to be in town. They are now married.


Perhaps the thing that most immediately would catch someone's attention is this woman's hair. It's silken and soft and red… Really, really red, like a smoldering ember or a sunset that turns the sky to liquid fire. It's the kind of colour that can only occur in nature, that bottles can't come close to recreating. This red hair is pulled into a single long braid over her shoulder, exposing the slender column of her white neck, and errant whisps of natural curls break free here and there to frame her face.

Then, there's the rest of her. Scarcely taller than 5'2", her body is sleek and willowy, possessing a natural hourglass figure involving some wicked curves. It's like she was built to be looked at. Her oval face carries the destinction of sculpted femininity: high, molded cheekbones, a slender and dainty nose, a clear brow, and a pouty, bee-stung cupid's bow of a mouth. Sparkling and jewel-toned, her long-lashed eyes are a deep emerald with flecks of warm amber, and their shape is cast to a slightly almond slant.

She's wearing clothes that aren't exactly demonstrative of a fancy way of life. Calico of a sensible moss green sprigged with tiny flowers of cream and yellow forms the modest lines of a married woman's dress. The sleeves are elbow length, and there has definitely been some effort to make what would otherwise be a simple dress more personal and interesting, and it has been made with a skilled hand, but it is, in fact, sensible, inexpensive, and practical. An apron of cream, however, has been adorned with rich embroidery of vines and leaves in jade floss around the waistband and pockets. It's the little touches that put her own stamp on the outfit. A rose-gold wedding band of emerald and pearls sits on her left hand, and an oval-shaped filligree locket of silver hands around her neck.


  • "D'ye mean tae tell me tha' ye pointed a gun in me face TAE PAY FER A WOMAN'S DRESS?!"
  • "I'm proud o' yerself," she says quietly. "So proud. Ye've not been punchin' posts anymore, ye've quit the Ridin', an' we'll be in our own little place soon enough."
  • "O' course, I'm dramatic! I'm Irish, aren't I?" she exclaims. "When I'm happy, I'm on top o' the world, when I'm sad, I'm lower than th' pits o' hell, and when I'm dead, I'll be deader than anybody!"


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