Ic Items Of The Times


Acme, Tony Lamas, Nakomas and Justin Ropers Boots

Levi-Strauss Jeans

Jim Beam

Jack Daniels

Johnny Walkers



Sears & Roebucks

Montgomery Wards

Cotton, Muslin, Flannel, Stroud Cloth (Canvas and used for Indians), Silk, Velvet, Corduroy, Lace in moderation (mostly imported)

Dusters, Oil-skin and Leathers

Coffee and Tea
*Coffee was made from a variety of items such as parched corn with sorghum sweeting, rye, wheat - first toasted then ground or even beans. In places where Rio, Mocha or Java coffee was unavailable, it came as raw beans which had to be parched and ground. Some companies that sold ground coffee mixed in other ingredients, primarily peas.

Bacardi Rum

Toilet Paper

Flush Toilets

Sewing Machines


Chlorine Bleach

Safety Razors

Nail Polish

Witch Hazel - an astringent

Sun Glasses

Sedatives - made from urine and apples (malic acid) by Adolf Baeyer


Roller Skates

Piggy Banks

Potato Chips

Pop Corn



Worcestershire Sauce

A-1 Sauce


Tobasco Sauce

Pasta, Ravioli

Graham Crackers


Chewing Gum

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