Imperfect Faith


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Summary: Kathryn and Mark end up in a… semi-religious discussion.

Date: March 25, 2009.

Imperfect Faith

Division Street, Cafe

It's about lunchtime in Silver Springs, and Kathryn is dressed in a light purple dress with white stripes and lace accenting it. She has a white parasol over her shoulder to protect her from the sun as she walks out of the Gemstone, and she heads down the street, her bustle swaying behind her.

Mark comes out of the casino and he looks tired and looks like he has been up all night long, his suit is a bit out of wack and his eyes are alittle blood shot, still with the smoke inside, who would not be. So as he wlaks out, he looks around, at first not noticing Kathryn, untill she is almost there.

Kathryn passes Mark and nods her head at him, but seeing that he looks tired, she doesn't want to inturrupt, so she continues on her way. Her own eyes are blood-shot as if she's been crying and there are dark circles under her eyes from a lack of sleep.

Mark watches as she is about to walk on by and notices her eyes look tired as well and as wlel as bloodshot as his perhaps. " Miss Sullivn, have a rough night?" he knows she has but at least he can start a conversation with her, if she likes.

"Just didn't sleep well, Mister Anderson." Kathryn says, trying to put on a smile for him. "I'll be alright. You look like you spent too long inside the casino last night." And if that was the case, he most definately would have noticed that the best singer was not in there last night.

Mark watches her for a moment, his eeys closing for a breaf moment and then nodding. " I missed you last night, though it is understandable, with your situation." his hand moves out and lightly touches her hand. " Are you alright, we can talk before you start if you like."

She looks at his hand touching hers as if she doesn't know how to take the action. "My shift doesn't start until after dinner. I was out tending to some things, and am about to go eat some lunch." Kathryn replies, slowly drawing her hand back. "You can join me if you like."

Mark watches her reaction and he does this only to show her he is there and perhaps to let her know that it is alright to be cared for by others. "Alright, then lets have lunch then." as he turns his arm out for her to take then.

Kathryn's free hand gently rests on his arm. "There's a cafe at the hotel, it's rather nice, or the dining room at the boarding house. Whichever you would prefer."

George nods to Mark as he arrives, before going back to his usual duties.

George nods to Kathryn as she arrives, before going back to his usual duties.

Mark it takes them a bit of time and he heads inside to the cafe, gettign them a table and pulling a chair out for her to sit at. After a moment, he looks to her and smiles. " What would you like to eat and or drink?"

As she entered, she took her hand off of his arm and closed her parasol, setting it near the door. "Just a sandwich and some tea would be nice, thank you." Kathryn replies as she gracefully sits and smooths her skirt. She then gently pulls her white gloves off and sets them to the side on the table.

Mark nods andwlaks on over to the counter and orders them a few sandwhiches and soem tea, he has not had tea in such a long time now ut he may aswlel start again. Once they have payed for it and he brings them back he smiles. " So, tell me this, how may I help you today.?"

Kathryn looks up at him. "Pardon?" she asks, confusion on her face. "I've already taken care of everything I need to do, I'm just trying to relax before I have to go to work tonight." She then takes her tea cup and sip delicately from it.

Mark is taken back and he had not mentioned anything other than to think she understand he is here to talk and become her emotional train, if she likes but if not, he stays back and nods." I hope you forgive me for all I have done that you have not liked and the things to come that you will not like." Yes, he tells her now, for he is not going to change for no one.

She appears even more confused now. "Mister Anderson, I do appreciate you going out and helping me retrieve the…" Kathryn pauses as her bottom lip trembles. She shakes her head. "The stagecoach." The red-haired woman finishes in a weak whisper, staring down into her cup. "I don't see what I should be forgiving you for, and I don't know what you mean by things to come that I will not like."

Mark sighs and shakes his head. " Mis Sullivan, I will not lie. I am set in my ways, I usualy say what I feel and do as I like. I like to make my own decisions and it is why one of the reasons I left the military. I like to show others I am a free thinker and no one is going to push me to d things I do not agree upon."

"Alright. You are your own man, after all. I don't see why anyone out here would expect you to be anything but yourself. But… why are you telling me this?" Kathryn asks, setting the cup down and looking at him curiously. "Why are you worried about my opinion of your behaviours and thoughts?"

Mark nods and agrees with her statements. " I like you miss Sullivan, you are kind and carring and a great singer. So I rather make friends and tell them howit is with me, specialy if I am going ot stick around a bit."

"Very well. Then if you want to be my friend, then perhaps there are some things you should know about me. It is only fair, after all." Kathryn states and then takes a small bite out of her sandwich, chewing quietly to see if he wants to hear what she has to say.

Mark nods and then takes in a bite of the sandwhich as well and drinks his tea. As he looks to her, he waits patiently, wondering what he will know and find out.

"I am a very stubborn woman, and have a short temper. I don't trust people easily. I grew up in the less than pretty part of Boston, and will not hesitate to hurt someone if it means keeping myself or my brother safe." Kathryn says, her tone going from genteel to short and to the point.

Mark smiles and nods. " I can see that, sort of had that notion when we talekd andwhen I helped you, which is to say a good thing, no one can tell you what to do, well at least try." drinking mre tea , eating some more and smiling. " Have you ever had a lover miss Sullivan?" thinking it is a common thing to ask, specialy out in the west.

Kathryn's face went /red/, and her green eyes went wide. "Mister Andrew, I am a /proper/ woman. I have not, nor will I take a man to my bed that I am not properly wed to willingly."

Mark looks to her, seeing her reaction and expecting slap, though it does not come and then smiles with a nod. " I stand corrected miss Sullivan. I have seen many like yourself but they have take na man they love into their arms and bed. Though they do wed later on. " pausing a moment as he takes more of the sandwhich and tea and then speaks. " Plus, I will say this, what if it don't really pan out in love making, just asking your opinion miss Sullivan."

"That wouldn't matter, Mister Andrew. Once you are wed in God's eyes, then you are always wed. 'Til death do you part." Kathryn replies stubbornly. "And a woman's role after she is wed is to bear many sons, and tend to the house. A woman that takes a man before they are wed is sinful and should be ashamed of herself." Well, we know what she thinks of her fellow women that work as something other than singers inside the Gemstone now, don't we?

Mark raises a brow and then chuckles some. " Oh yes, that is the proper way indeed but just saying and I am keeping to my opinions and letting you know.' then as he drinks some more , he smiles. " What if the man has had a bed mate before and you knew about it, would you marry such a man?"

A startled pause. "I… I don't know. It would depend upon the man, and if he's decided to become right with the Lord." Kathryn finally replies before taking another sip of her tea and nibbling on her sandwich.

Mark hmms and looks to her, his eyes on her for a long time. " So it is alright for the man to wonder a bit and enjoy experiences with other females but it is not right for the woman to do so? Even if she repents and gets forgiveness from god?"

"A woman has to make up for the sin of Eve, Mister Andrew." Kathryn replies. "It is because of Eve that Adam fell from grace, after all." She continues to eat and drink as she talks, though she does it in a polite, curteous manner. Her voice doesn't sound angry, she's jsut debating the point with him.

Mark hmms and then smiles. " So as the good book states, it was womans fault all went bad, so you are taking it all in and trying to write things for her mistake. Though you make it as though the woman is to be the barer of children and keeper of the home. Was it not in the bible that says they are to be equal in all aspects?"

"No, sir. The woman is man's helper. Not his equal. It states that in Genesis, as well in several places of the New Testament. That is what the priest taught us back in Boston." Kathryn responds. Catholic, and she may never have touched the Good Book herself, but been a good parishoner and trusted in everything her priest had told her.

Mark chuckles and looks to her, his eyes on hr for a long time and he shakes his head. " The woman I marry will be equal in my eyes, not my servant." he states. Obviously he does not agree with a few things in the good book. " Plus, was it not his son that cleaned all sin done by men to that point. Does that not include Eve's sin?"

She falls silent, and looks confused. "I'm… not sure?" Kathryn responds after a long while, and set the cup down.

Mark nods and looks at her, his eyes giving her a friendly look. " MIss Sullivan, what I am stating is that the good book has many interpretations, some use it to their advantage and abuse it. We are to be all equal in the eyes of God, not one servant an not the other . I have read it several times, heard many interpretations, I know most of what it says and I can tell you, it is not fair if red in a certain way."

"But that is how I was taught, Mister Anderson. I am a good Catholic woman, just trying to do right by the Lord." Kathryn states, looking confused.

Mark nods and he sighs but then smiles. " Yes, that is how you where taught, perhaps maybe you should look at other views, see what they say and in time , make your own mind up." then leans in a little and smiles. " MIss Sullivan, I am not trying to turn yo uaway from gods eyes, I cannot, as he already knows the truth, it is within us to find our truths."

"Perhaps." Kathryn relents, and pushes her plate away, the sandwich only about half-eaten. She then reaches into her dress pocket to pull out a coin for a tab. "Thank you for the lunch, it was… interesting."

Mark smiles and nods. " It is miss Sullivan." then as she reaches for a coin, he shakes his head. " It has been already taken care of and yes, it was indeed interesting miss Sullivan. I do hope you keep my words in your mind, it is for your good." as he stands up, ready to leave as well.

"Mister Anderson, please stop telling me what is for my own good." Kathryn says. She doesn't sound angry, just exasperated as she stands up. Kat then gives him a nod of her head. "I think I shall go out and take a walk before I retire to my room for a bit of rest. I should get at least a light nap in before my shift starts tonight." With that she starts to walk over to the door, retrieving her parasol along the way.

Mark chuckles and then nods. " As you wish, you are and independant woman indeed, remember that." then he watches her head t othe door and leave. He gathers his own items and starts to hed to the door. " I just hope she realizes that some of us do care." then walks out.

Kathryn looks over her shoulder at him, almost as if she might have caught part of what he said as he gathered his things. Confusion colors her face, and then she steps outside into the afternoon sun while opening her parasol.

Mark comes out a bit after her and then looks around, making sure he has not lost sight of her and then follows from a ways, not hiding the fact actualy.

Deep in thought, even Kathryn seems to realize that someone is following her. Her parasol is open though, to protect her from the sun, and her free hand casually slips into one of the deeper pockets in her dress as she strolls down the street.

Mark continues to follow her, he is not sure where her brother isbut he has not seen no high or hair of him and she is vumerable right now. So he follows, not even hiding, just keeping up though.

"Mister Anderson, is there a reason you are following me? If you wanted to walk with me, you should ask, not walk behind me like you are afraid to ask something." Kathryn states, turning around and looking at him.

Mark chuckles as he continues to walk and right up to her, smiling. " Miss Sullivan, I figured I would make sure all is well with you and asking sort of may have been turned down, this way at least you have a choice in this." then with a friendly smile and voice. " May I escort miss Sullivanwhere ever she may be going?"

She smiles, and it actually looks genuine this time. "You may, thank you for asking. And I might warn you, don't walk behind me like that. It makes me nervous. I did not grow up in the best parts of Boston, and I highly doubt you would enjoy it if I shot you because I thought you were stalking me."

Mark chuckles and then smiles. " Ah but I figured you the looker before shooting type, so I was safe anyways." then extends his arm out and waits for her to take it. " Now miss, do you like me." once again very stright to the point.

Kathryn gently places her hand on his arm, but the question makes her pause and look at him. "Mister Andrew, I find you to be an…" she searches in her mind for the right word, "unique individual. However, I hardly know you, so I can't say one way or another if I like you." And once the question is answered, she starts on down the walkway at a slow and casual pace.

Mark looks shocked, well she could have said yes but he does look alittle taken back and so he guides her, not saying much as he does and keeps to himself. As he does move along, he looks about the buildings, seeing who is about and what kind of buildings.

She notes the look and with a shake of her head, sighs. "Mister Andrew, you have been here… three days? Friendships don't form overnight, except in perhaps the most extreme of circumstances. And I already told you, I don't trust people easily." Kathryn explains. She just assumed that he meant as a friend, naturally.

Mark chuckles. " Ah well at least you should trust me some, if not, then why be polite, why not say. Please leave me be, I do not want your company." as he continues to walk her. " I at least am trying to open up, you can try that one day you know."

She's looking exasperated again. "If I didn't have some bit of trust in you, I would have left you in the town yesterday, instead of letting you come with me to retrieve the coach. And I would have shot you for in mistake for a stalker. And I do believe I was quite frank and honest with you as we talked over lunch. If there is something you want to know, then ask it, and I will answer it the best I can." Kathryn replies.

Mark smiles and chuckle, likingthe fact she is fiesty to a point. " Well, I figure you are needing help and so I am going to give it as much as possible, even if yo hate the fact, maybe your anger will befocused on me instead of others."

"Oh, I'm not angry right now, Mister Anderson. You will know without a fact when I am, though." Kathryn states without a bit of doubt in her voice.

Fade to Black


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