January 1883

January 1883

Masked Bandit GONE?
Suzanna Matthews

As we ring in the New Year here in Silver Creek, I am glad to announce that there have been no more instances of the Masked Bandit and his gang. I am sure that all the townspeople and those in outlying areas will join me in breathing a sigh of relief in this regard!

The last known attack was in early December on the Llewellyn farm. The new house that was being built was burnt down, as was what had been reportedly a mill. No loss of life was reported. In fact, Miss Bridget Llewellyn, daughter of Tess and Adrian Llewellyn, reported that the Masked Bandit himself came to rescue her out of the house as it burned. Such unusual behavior for such a bad man!

Since then, there have been no other instances reported. Can we hope that the Masked Bandit has gone to ground? This editor certainly hopes so! After a summer and autumn of attacks including some on my person and that of Miss Sarah Leah Cozen, I think we are ready for some peace.

Town Rebuilding
Suzanna Matthews

Those who were victims of this summer's attacks by the Masked Bandit and his crew are slowly rebuilding. The owners of the Mercantile inform me that they are nearly done rebuilding the front of the store. The store had a large hole blown in it when, supposedly, the Bandit and his crew decided to abscond with some TNT!

Also rebuilding are the Llewellyn's and a number of other outlying families. Donations for those devastated by this situation are being taken here at the newspaper office.

Luckily, many places in town seem to have escaped. At least for the most part. Though these buildings were splattered with red paint earlier in the Bandit's raids, they seem to have missed the destruction so many others endured. These include the butcher's shop, the boarding house, the Gemstone, the school and some other buildings. It is my hope that this town will be like a phoenix, rising from the ashes!

New Doctor in Town
Suzanna Matthews

While Mr. James Bennet has our heartfelt sympathies at this time in regards to his familial situation, we cannot help but notice that medical care in town has been rather strained. While Miss McCormick certainly does her best to meet with the burgeoning need of this town, some things may get lost in the cracks.

And so it was with pleasure that I discovered a new doctor in town. On a visit to Dr. Bennet's office, I thought I would find it locked as usual. But indeed, it was not! Doctor Remy Brown, late of London, England, was in the office. She explained to me that she was there to help Doctor Bennet at least until the spring. Hopefully with Miss McCormick and Doctor Brown working in unison, those that are ill can find a cure!

Letters to the Editor

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Advertisements and Announcements
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