Jesse Young
Portrayed By Liam Neeson
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 13, 1841
Age 43
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Preacher
Place of Birth Oxford, AL, USA
Occupation Minister (Methodist)
Known Relatives Charity Young (Mother), Daniel Young (Father)
Significant Other None


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Jesse Young was born in Alabama to a sheriff father and a schoolmarm mother on 13 August 1841. Raised with a strong religious faith and an all-abiding love for law and justice, he had decided at an early age he wished to go into law. His father wanted his only son to have a higher education, so rather than earn his spurs on the road, the young Jesse applied for and was accepted to West Point in 1859. The schooling was rigorous, but the Academy was going through a technical revival at this time, so the engineering education he received was as grueling as it was later helpful. In 1861 the tide began to turn towards war, and he watched as many first, second, third and fourth year cadets resigned to ride home to join their southern brethren in preparations. Jesse felt strongly in the notion of a singular Union, but in May of 1861 resigned his commission with other third-year cadets and rode home to Alabama when pressure from home and fellow cadets caused him to sadly realize that this war would not allow him that moral stand. War was a foregone conclusion at this point, he accepted a commission as a second lieutenant in the Confederate army. First serving in Alabama's 'Holloway's Light Dragoons', fast-riding cavalry that would protect Confederate generals and their staff. From 1861 to 1863 he fought alongside these generals, earning a promotion to captain in early 1863. In 1865 he was promoted to major and joined the then-created 10th Alabama (Burtwell's) Calvary Regiment. Serving as a battalion commander, he helped the assaults at Athens with General Forrest, Sulphur Trestle, Pulaski where he lost many of his men. Trench warfare at Selma took its toll on the men. In May 1865 Major Jesse Young watched as his senior officers laid down their arms to Union troops. With the dissolution of the Confederate army Jesse continued his service in the Alabama militia guard, serving there until 1867 when he accepted a commission as a lieutenant colonel in the regular Army. He served in the Indian wars, seeing battle in the Dakotas, in Texas, on the great plains. In 1871 he retired with ten years service. But Jesse was wrought with confusion - his years of battle had changed his outlook on service, on justice, on dedication. He began religious studies and in 1873 was ordained as a Protestant minister, having found solace both in God and in carpentry as a way to keep his hands busy. His musings and writings on his service and his reconciliation with God and war - titled 'Thoughts on War: A God-fearing Man's Fears In A War Torn World' is a bit well known among religious and some military types. He finds himself moving to Colorado in 1884, to Silver Creek to start a small ministry, perhaps to work with his hands and try to ease some of the years of blood he feels he has on his hands. Jesse is 43 years old and while still familiar with weapons and fighting from his years of service tries to focus himself on peaceful resolutions. His past has not escaped him, more than one would-be bandit has tried to push the pastor into giving up the weekly tithes, only to find themselves on the service end of an alter-candle or a good right hook. He enjoys cooking and reading and soaking up as much knowledge as he can. He loves working with his hands, although his ministry work keeps him from using his carpentry skills as much as he'd like.


  • 13 Aug 1841 Born in rural Alabama
  • 1859 Accepted into West Point Military Academy
  • May 1861 Resigned from West Point as 3rd Yr Cadet
  • May 1861 Joined Alabama Militia, Holloway's Light Dragoons as 2nd Lieutenant
  • 1863 Promoted to Captain, Confederate Army
  • 1865 Promoted to Major in Confederate Army, Assigned battalion command
  • 1867 Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
  • 1871 Retired, United States Army (LTCOL, Cavalry, Ret)
  • 1873 Ordained as Minister, Methodist
  • 1874 Published book, 'Thoughts on War: A God-fearing Man's Fears In A War Torn World'. (Fairly well known among religious and military scholars)


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