Keme Negahnquet
Keme Negahnquet
Portrayed By Michael Greyeyes
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 7th, 1857
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Piesces
Aliases None
Place of Birth Cook County, IL, USA
Occupation Rancher
Known Relatives Most of his family is known to him, though with time he lost contact, exchanging eventual letters
Significant Other Maylin Xian


The outskirts of the Cook County were by far less populated than it is nowadays. The Potawatomi were by far absorbed since the evergrowing city of Chicago was founded, but still, going the Chicago river up, until close to the borders of Winsconsin, some members of this tribe could still be found living their own ways.

Between these women and men Keme was born, March 7th 1857. Most of his childhood days were spent in seeing the white men come closer and closer, spreading the urban web Chicago was creating south and Milwaukee north. Like most of his tribe, the Potawatomis, he was receptive to the newcomers and soon, at age of 9, joined one of the so called Christian schools, learning the English language and much of the customs of such different people. But he was never trully absorbed by them.

His grades were never the best, even though he didn't lack the inteligence for it. The thing is that he was more likely found hunting or harvesting the land as he was thought earlier, and such behavior wouldn't change until his teens.

Once he finished the basics of his education, he quit school and got a job at a factory that was built nearby, because by now, 14 years old, the old ways of his tribe could no longer be held without the influence of the white men. And such would have been his life if he didn't hate the bias held against his people.

It didn't take long until he got fired for not accepting the lower treatment given to him ans his peers, and he bordered becomming an outlaw, in a growing hatred for white people. But Quincy McCarthy, new owner of the given factory, changed this.

Quincy, who inherited the factory from his father, knew better than stepping over indians heads, and since the factory was in former indian lands, he made great advances in his employees opinion (and work performance) by raising their payment and respecting their own holydays. What was an strategy to increase production ended up giving young Keme his job back, and a new found ability for management.

Realizing this, Quincy promoted 17 year old Keme to sector boss, and seeing how good he could perform, started listening to Keme's completely intuitive talent for business. When both of them realized, three years have passed and they were close friends, even if this friendship was saved from other members of Illinois high society.

In these three years, Keme's talking over bias and social differences brought Quincy to go against his own prejudice and make their friendship known. After some bad repercussions, an angry Quincy wanted to show his enemies what an indian could accomplish, and so he sent Keme to finish his studies. And not only that. By the age of 24, much to Quincy's pride and against all odds, Keme was the first native american to graduate in Chicago, his major being Business Management.

Moving to Silver Creek was brought up during the graduation ball. Keme needed to do something for his people in the 'Wild West', because he could not live knowing his brothers and sisters were in even worst conditions than when Quincy's father owned the factory. With the money Keme made during his time in college, it was not hard to buy a good amount of land to be harvested, and so the friends parted ways promissing to pay each other visits and write frequently.

So, Keme arrived at Silver Creek, Colorado, full of ideas and the will of making a permanent change.

New town, new life

Keme took a little while to adjust and get to know the ways of the small town of Silver Creek. Recently arrived from the Windy City, he still amazes in using 'the' instead of 'a' when refering to doctor, butcher, carpenter and so on.

Most of his time is spent gathering contacts and making business with potential buyers from the farm he is about to create. Making a change was his goal when he first begun such tasks, but soon a much unexpected one would come.

Keme met Maylin Xian by a whim of the fate. He happened to be passing by where Division Street crosses Apple Avenue, in front of the Dragon's Kiss, and was invited in by it's owner. What came after that was strong and fast, because as the both of them were getting acquainted, Maylin suffered an accident and only Keme was there to take care of her while everybody else turned their back on the woman.

As he got to know her better, he felt drawn to Maylin in a strong and powerful way, and not only because of her astonishing looks. Meetings each time more often soo turned in Keme's main goal in Silver Creek: making his farm flourish and be successful, so he can provide a comfortable life for his fiancée.


*1857 - Keme is born
*1867 - Keme joins a christian school
*1872 - Keme gets a job at Quincy's father factory
*1874 - Keme is fired
*1875 - Quincy McCarthy becomes the new owner of the factory
*1875 - Keme has his job back
*1878 - Keme starts college
*1883 - Keme arrives in Silver Creek


"I told you I'd follow you to hell if I need to. Well, here I am!" to Maylin, when urging her to sell the Dragon's Kiss.


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