Laying Down The Law


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* Hired Jailer

Summary: New Town regulations ruffle the Sheriff

Date: 18 February 1884

Laying Down The Law

Silver Creek Colorado


The Marshall is busy arranging a freshly printed stack of posters, barely bothering to glance up as his door opens. Packed saddlebags are sitting near the door, with a thick bedroll.

Colton reins in, and slows his horse to a walk. He touches the brim of this hat, nodding to the man. "Marshall."

Durham looks up, dark clouds on his face, "Sheriff." he straightens, and holds out one of the posters, "You might be interested in this. And tell your…cohorts.." he drags out the word, 'To mind themselves close."

Colton stops his horse, and leans over to take the poster, "Whats a…cohort?" He looks down at the poster reading it carefully.

Durham laughs, deep and wry, "Well, them would be all those characters, like Marlowe, and Franklin and that damnable Preacher that you can't seem to get behind bars for some reason. Mebbe it's the gold slowing you down, eh?"

Colton shrugs, "Well I couldn't find Marlowe if'n you gave me a set of hounds.. He took me out there, and I couldn't get back to those places if'n I had too.. If I could in site of the preacher.. I'd take him in …one way or another.. Franklin.. I ain't been doin this long. We had a talk.. He crosses the line.. I'll come for 'im.. No matter who he works for.." He nods, "You headed out?"

Putting his hands on his hips, Durham stares at Colton, like a rattlesnake stares at a bird, "He was walking up an' down your streets like a white man. Took you out into them mountains. And never once did you bother to check paper on him. Now I ask you, Sheriff," the title dripping venom, "Whyn't you lock his murderin' ass up then? How much did he give you to look the other way?"

Colton shakes his head, "You got it wrong.. I wasn't sheriff when he took me up there.. We was lookin for the Preacher.. I didn't know a damn thing about his bein wanted till you got here throwin yer weight around. I ain't took a cent I didn't earn honest, and I ain't about to start.."

The big Marshall stares for a minute longer, his piggish eyes unreadable, then grunts, "Ahuh. Next thing you're gonna tell me is you never rustled a single head of stock, branded a maverick or spit on the fucking sidewalk. Just a poster boy for law an' order."

Colton rubs his chin, and thinks, "We run some mavericks over the border a time or two.. I don't chaw.. I could find some good cigars though…" He shrugs, "Look.. The hired me to protect the town. I ain't been doin it long..But I aim to do it right. You don't 'ave to believe me.. But it'd sure make out jobs easier if we didn't have to lock horns over it."

Colton looks the poster over and hands it back, "Good luck with that one Marshall."

"Anyone that refuses will be seeing the inside of my cell, if I got to stack them up four and five high." The thick lips twist into a sneer, "YOU get to carry yours, cause some damnfool seen fit to put a badge on you. Just in case you got any ideas hoss, YOU get to enforce it too."

Colton shakes his head, "Nosir.. I won't do it. They got a right to defend theirselves.. You outlaw the guns, and only the outlaws will 'ave em.. They'll come straight in here, and tear it up.. "

"You can always join your friends," Bull says with a note of darkness in his voice, "Wouldn't be the first local yokel I done locked up." His fingers twitch in his hips, "As fer bringing the outlaws down, now wouldn't that just make it real easy to get them? This here little regulation don't say they can't keep their guns at home, just that they can't carry them in the street, 'ecept for leaving town."

Colton shrugs, and turns his horse up the street touching his heels to it's flank to set it walking, "Good luck with that Marshall. You'll have a tough row to hoe there."

Durham just calls after Colton, "That damned mex Ortegas figured out how I hoe rows, Sheriff. Ain't gonna give me no pause to have a few more in the bone garden." he laughs raucously, and turns back to saddling his own half morgan stallion.

Colton answers back over his shouder, "My job is to protect the town Marshall.. I aim to. Against all those that wish 'er harm." He rides one down the street towards Main St. and the stables.

Mounting his horse, Bull rode slowly to the southern edge of town, placing the first poster at the city limits sign. Back into town, more were placed..both saloons, the Hotel, up and down Division, until, at last, the last poster is placed and the brutal Marshal returns to his office.



Strictly Prohibited within Silver Creek Town Limits
All weapons must be deposited with Marshall or his Designee

By Order of: Enoch Durham US Marshall


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