Lazy Boy


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* Segenam.

Summary: Ohls and the Sheriff meet at the post office. Segenam preens.

Date: 4 February, 1884.

Lazy Boy

Post Office (Interior and Exterior)

It's late in the afternoon, and the post office is nearly ready to close. But Arden manages to slip inside just before the doors. Well, perhaps five minutes ahead. Thankfully, she doesn't seem to have much in the way of things to do. Just a single letter, tucked into her hand. She steps out of the doorway and moves to approach the mailbags. Specifically, the one marked 'Outbound'.

Colton doesn't seem to mind what time it is. He walks in, and over to the counter. He nods over to the clerk, and speaks quietly to him. It sounds like he's asking about a telegram that didn't arrive yet. He nods once to the clerk, before looking over to the blacksmith. He touches the brim of his hat, "Afternoon Maam."

Arden pauses, midstride, looking over towards one of the few friendly faces she's seen in town, or rather, one of the few that have spoken to her, and a pleasant smile comes just before she returns the greeting, "Afternoon, Sheriff Reynolds." If she might have overheard any part of the conversation, she gives no indication of it. Privacy is, after all, an important commodity.

Colton smiles slightly, "Well yer still in town.. I ain't sure if'n its the town you like or the snow keepin ye here.. You had any luck with the shop down there?"

"I grew up in a few very hard winters. I don't imagine snow would stop me, if I felt the need to move on," comes the lightly accented reply, "But I like the town well enough. And Seg seems happy here, so I figured I might stay a while." Arden slips her letter into the bag, before she steps back, out of the way of the clerk who might be picking it up before closing.

Colton nods slowly, "I reckon so.. Who's Seg Maam?"

A hand rises, as Arden indicates the view through the window, and the slightly shaggy Appaloosa tethered to the hitching post outside. Rather than black with white leopard spots, he's white with black spots, and seems content, at the moment, with licking snow from the post he's affixed to. He's bridled, but saddleless. "My lazy boy."

Colton smiles slightly, "Nice lookin hoss… I'm ramroddin for Lady Fitzgerald.. She owns the Epona.. Ranch, and stables.. If you get set up for blacksmithin.. Maybe we can deal on you doin all the shoes for 'em?"

"You're welcome to come have a look at him, if you like. I'm quite certain he'd enjoy the attention." Arden steps off to the center of the room, making way for anyone who might needs be moving around, "Well, I've put in a request to meet with the gentleman you recommended in the land office, but so far, he doesn't seem to be available. But I would certainly be willing to work out a good deal on shoeing. You have a good horse doctor around these parts?"

Colton smile slightly, and nods, "Lets go say hello then.' He shakes his head, "We dont' that I know of… Could use one.. You do that too?"

"How can you really know a horse, if you don't know how to birth and raise him? How to treat his hurts and aches? Anyone can learn to ride him, but he won't give you his heart without you giving him something in return." Arden steps back to the door, opening it and allowing you to walk through, her words switching to one of her native languages, not English, as she calls out to the horse, who looks over, stepping in place to shake off some gathered snow. "My mother's people were horse breeders, traders, handlers. Riding is the last thing you learn for them. You do everything else first."

Colton shrugs, "Well lots of folks don't learn the other first, and do jest fine by 'em. But.. I aim to raise them.. Got some comin from back east.. So you blacksmith, break, vet, and raise? When you got time to sleep?"

"I'm certain that they do, but that's not the way I was raised." Arden steps out after you, moving down along the steps, and over to the horse, who lowers his head for her hand, "His fullname's Segenam, which means lazy. He's a good boy, but he hates to work up a lather. He likes fresh grass and fresh mares." A hand unties his reins. "I don't have many other things to do besides. And I usually don't have to do them all at the same time."

Colton smiles slgihtly, "Well.. If you can't get the blacksmith.. Could be I could try ye at the stables? Steady work, and come spring.. Trainin and breedin maybe."

"Well, I'm willing to do a bit of both, but I'd be interested in something more fulltime, if the blacksmith doesn't work out." Arden holds the reins, but she doesn't really seem to use them, as she guides him in the Sheriff's direction, woman and horse stopping once they get close enough, and she offers you his reins, "He understands English, so feel free."

Colton takes the reins, and moves beside the horse, his hand slipping over the animal's neck, "Easy there… Jest admirin.. Yer momma there sure is proud.." He runs a practiced hand over the horses flank, "You had any problem with 'is hooves?"

Colton says, "If you signed on the stables.. I'd keep ye busy full time.. Spring.. more so."

Seg stands still, just as if he knew he was being admired. A step now and then, almost as if he were preening, but he's biddable under the hand, his head turned to study you, probably just as curious as you are. "Never. He takes the shoe well, and he's never had any trouble with infections or splitting. He usually goes the winter shoeless, so he's probably wondering when I'll be taking them off." Arden stands still, attentive, but allowing you to spend time with the stallion. "Town could use a good blacksmith, as you said. Or come spring or sooner, you'll have more lame horses than good ones."

Colton nods, "Either way… Like I said.. you get set up for smithy.. Then we'll talk about gettin you to the ranch…Regular."

"I'm certain we'll manage a suitable arrangement." A hand reaches out, sweeping some of the dampness of snow from Seg's rump, more a, well, a sort of comforting gesture than anything else, "So you're the sheriff and the foreman at a ranch? Seems to me you don't have much time to sleep either."

Colton chuckles, "You ain't far from the truth there Maam.. Sometimes I get lucky, and remember my own name." He pats the horses nose before he hands the reins back over, "Fine horse Maam.."

Arden accepts the reins, reaching into a pocket to pull out a few sugar cubes, which she offers to Seg, though her attention is still on you. She's always unfailingly polite, "Perhaps when the weather's better, you'd like to take him out for a stroll. He takes the saddle, though he prefers not. So if you can't ride him bare, it's not a problem."

Colton smiles slightly, "Thats mighty kind of ye.. I appreciate that. You need anything? I know it can be hard to get started in a new town."

"He's a good boy, and he likes to show off. So you'd be doing him a favour, I think." A tilt of her head, as she considers, "I can't think of anything I might need at the moment. Have a room at the hotel, while I wait to find out about the shop, the general store's got a good supply of what I can't find myself. And I brought some supplies with me when I came. But it's very kind of you to offer."

Colton nods once, "Well you can find me at the office, or the stables.. If you do need somethen.. Give me a hollar."

"Wouldn't mind a bit of something warm to drink just at the moment. Maybe a place in shelter too, to wipe him down. If those are available together, you'd be welcome to join me. Unless you've other business to attend to." Arden reaches up, brushing off the blanket that's Seg's only other adornment, freeing it from the snow and settling it back comfortably.

Colton nods once, "I got rounds… But if'n you like.. Take 'im on in the stables… Couple of blocks east of here. Theres coffee, and a dry place to work. If'n anyone asks.. I sent ye.. Board him there if you want.. We'll worry about the bill when you get your business goin."

Colton says, "I always stop back by there before I turn in.. If'n yer still there I'll make sure to stop by."

Arden nods, "Then I'm sure i'll see you after a while." A smile though, follows, "I've some small amount of savings. I'm sure that paying won't be a problem. I don't like the idea of asking someone to give me something for nothing." She lifts her head, looking up at the sky, "Be careful, Sheriff. The weather looks to be getting worse out here." Arden moves around Seg, the mounting easy, as she uses one of the hitching posts to stand in, settling easily onto his back, reins slack, "Thank you again, Sheriff Reynolds. I'll make sure they keep a cup warm for you."

Colton touches the brim of his hat, "I'd be in debt to ye then Maam." He nods once, and moves down the street, "I'll see ye later on Maam."


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