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Summary: Chiane seeks lessons.

Date: January, 28 1884


School House

Keira is sitting behind her desk, looking a little bit more pale then usual, but thankfully the class room is devoid of any children that could get sick. She is currently grading some papers, a cup of tea within arms reach.

Chiane pushes open the door to the school house, peering inside timidly. The negro woman steps in and offers a shy smile in Keira's direction. "Um. Hello." She says in quiet tones.
You paged Avery with 'we need to make some trouble sooner or later.. do some rp or something'

Keira looks up at the voice, an eyebrow raising, something registering in her eyes and she dips her head, slowly standing, "aye? Ken I 'elp ye?" She leaves one hand on the desk to help steady herself.
Keira looked at you.

Chiane cants her head slightly as Keira rises, slightly unsteady. "We met a while back." Chiane says with a motion of her hand. "You said you would consider giving lessons on reading and writing. Is now a bad time?"

Keira ohhs softly and smiles, "nae nae, come in, please." she motions to one of the chairs and then slowly walks to her book shelf, pulling out a few simple books, "ave ye e'vr 'ad lessons before" she looks back to Chiane, curiously, "need ta know yer…lvl."

Chiane nods softly. "I know a lil bit. My umm.." She pauses. "Uh.. Mister Marlowe taught me the basics a few years back. But.. I am afraid we fell down on continuing lessons. I can read simple things. And write simple things."

Keira raises an eyebrow to that, but whatever she is thinking is thankfully well hidden and she nods, "al'ight." she walks back over to her, placing a book on the desk in front of her. It's something a child six to ten should be able to read, "why don we start wit this." she smiles easily to the woman, "why don ye show me wha ye ken read out of this book."

Chiane slowly moves to find a seat, removing her hat and allowing her long tendrils of hair to fall down over her shoulders. Chiane quickly looks to the book and soon reads the title out loud. Her reading is a bit slow, but it is clear she at least understands the basics of phonics. This book seems to be right on her level, perhaps even giving a slight hint of challenge.

Keira smiles to that and nods, "good good.." Keira pulls up a seat close to her so she can help her with the more difficult words, leading her with a gentle, patient hand, showing years of doing this for a job. Finally, once some time passes, and they reach the end of the book, she grins, "ach, tha was very impressive."

Chiane sighs. "I want to get better." She says softly. "I want to get well enough I can read and understand shakespear." The book is slowly closed. "I will pay ya fer the lessons iffen ya desire. Not many take to teachin' a negro woman." The book slides over close to her. "I should work on mah writin' too. And mah numbers."

Keira smiles, "ye like shakespere?" she accepts the book and then stands up, walking back over to the book case, and she pulls out another book, this one just lined paper, which she places in front of her, with a pencil, "tis one of me favorite authors." she confesses and then motions to the paper, "we ken worry bout payment later."

Chiane smiles. "It has a certain.. poetry." She lifts her chin. "Jus' let me know iffen ya need anythin'." She responds to the payment option. Reaching out for the pencil, her gaze looks down to the lined paper. She awaits instruction. "How long have ya been a teacher?" She asks to keep up civil conversation.

Keira walks over to the book shelf again to pull out a simple book Chiance can copy for now to help tone her writing skills, "ach, least two years now, came here right outta University." she places the book down in front of her, "try tha fer now."

Chiane opens the book, turning to the front page of it. "Ah! That is good to hear." She smiles to the teacher. A look of concentration crosses Chiane's features as she lifts the pencil and begins to write. Her writing is just barel legible as if written by a child. But she is giving it an effort. It will take practice. "How has the town been tratin' ya?"

Keira walks back over to the desk, reclaiming her cup of tea, and brings it to her lips for a slow sip, "good, fer tha most part. I tend ta just..blend in to tha background." she looks back over to Chiane, smiling at her progress, "ach, ye are bettah then ye thought."

Chiane sticks her tongue out the corner of her mouth as she works hard at what she is doing. "I havn't practiced in some time." She admits honestly. "Sometimes stayin' in the background is best. Ya dun get into no trouble that way." She sits back and frowns at her work. But.. in she goes, writing a bit more!

Keira smiles and gently pats her her arm, "don be so 'ard on yerself, ye ken do more then some people, an ye will git bettah, I promise." she nods to that, "would ye like some tea or anythin ta drink?"

Chiane nods. "That would be lovely." She flexes her fingers a b it before writing away. "So, what brought ya way out here?"

Keira nods and adds some tea leaves to a mug and adds some hot water to it, placing it on the desk with some cream and sugar, "eard ther was a job, an it got me out of Ireland." she smilse, "beautiful land, boot I wanted ta see tha Americas."

Chiane nods. "I aint seen nothin' outside the America." She finishes off a paragraph and studies it a bit. Good thing about this, not only was she practicing writing, but reading too! And spelling! Yay multiple birds with one stone! "Never really thought 'bout it really. Kinda wanna go see the grand canyon one day."

Keira nods, "aye, well..ye should" she nods to that, fully believing it, "why not." she retakes her seat, one leg crossing over the other, another sip of tea taken and she leans back, picking up the paragraph and grins, "iontach!" meaning wondering in Gaelic, and then puts down the paper again.

Chiane blinks. "Iontach?" She unfortunately did not understand or know Gaelic. It was not a judgemental question, just one of curiosity. "I will one day. But .. I decided to stay here for a lil while longer. Gonna hire me some poor families to build some rooms to the b oardin' house." She jerks her thumb behind her. "Seems I keep runnin' outta room."

Keira blinks and laughs, "fergive me, I said wonderful, boot Gaelic sometimes replaces the english word, "aye? well tha's good, keep ye busy, and good income I'm sure."

Chiane nods. "Indeed. But I feel aweful turning people out into the cold. Besides, I wanted to separate the male tenants from the women. Some women do not feel proper mixing their rooms with men. I figured a new wing to stuff all the men would be best."

Keira leans back a little in her chair, finishing off the remainder of her tea and nods, "aye aye, good idea, specially fer women." she smiles to that, "somethin tha will keep ye busy fer sure." she looks at the paper, "wha else did ye want ta learn?"

Chiane rubs at the back of her head a bit. "Numbers.. I need to work on mah numbers. But I am not so bad at that really. Bein' a business owner, I had to learn. So no rush there. I jus' need to get better at the readin' and writin'. I never thought to copy out of a book before.."

Keira nods with a smile, "aye, well ye are welcome ta borrow tha books I 'ave here so ye can practice at home, and then come in, let's say once a week so I ken check on yer progress." she nods to that the decision being mad, a slight cough escaping her throat, "scuse me."

Chiane nods. "I can do that. Copy from the book a lil at a time. Once a week is good. I can evenbring food!" She grins. "And ya can come on over iffen ya ever get hungry. No cost to eat." She closes the book and runs her hand over the cover. "You look as if ya have been ill, ya seen the doc?"

Keira shakes her head, "nae, not yet, boot it's gittin bettah." she smiles to Chiance, "jus a cold, nothin ta worry bout." she stands back up, taking her empty tea cup with her, "were there anythin else ye were needin?"

Chiane shakes her head. "Oh.. I did see Chris come out of here the other day. Iffen ya see him again.." She pauses. "Nevermind." She rises back up and gather the book under her arm. "Thank ya. I owe ya." She just turns to move towards the door.

Keira raises an eyebrow, "Chris?" she asks, curiously, but then dismisses it just as quickly, nodding, "aye, yer more then welcome, Chiance, take care of yerself an we'll see ye again."

Chiane pauses at the door. "Mister Marlowe. Chris." She glances back to her and offers a tired smile. "Take care." With that, she steps out of the door and into the street.
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