Adrian Conner Llewellyn
Portrayed By Young Patrick Stewart
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 14, 1856
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases lew
Place of Birth Wales
Occupation Engineer
Known Relatives Jane Doe (Mother), John Doe (Father)
Significant Other Tess Llewellyn


Born of a Welsh Father and Irish Mother, Llewellyn was fortunate to have had the silver spoon firmly in his mouth on both sides of the family. An only child, he was reared by a series of nannies and keepers until the untimely death of his parents at an early age. His maternal Grandfather brought him to the Estate in Cork to raise, and the young boy spend many hours prowling the highways and byways of rural Ireland. The Manor House in Cornwall was held in trust by his Grandfather for when he reached majority. After completing his primary education, young Adrian settled on mining for a profession and expressed a desire to attend Oxford for Engineering. He graduated Summa cum Laude and eagerly entered the work force as junior engineer in Cornwall.

Making many sound decisions in both business, his needs adequetely met by his salary, Llewellyn invested the income from his Welsh property wisely. Equally wisely, he tended to the workings of the mine, and one day found a major safety concern. He argued for closer of the shaft, until stabilization could be achieved, but his blunt manner set the owners against him. Despite his warnings, they operated the mine as before, and tragedy ensued, many of the Cousin Jacks losing their lives in the collapse. The subsequent investigation cleared Llewellyn entirely, but the young man was blackballed in his native lands. Leaving for America, he hoped to secure a position in the mines of the American West.

Slowly making his way across the country, dithering here and there, Adrian finally landed here, in hopes of taking over the engineering duties here. But, absent owners and slow communications hindered that, and while waiting met and fell in love with Tess McKenzie, a widow of a farmer. After a long courtship, they married and he settled into farm life. Upon receiving news that his Grandfather had died and he was now the sole possessor of both the Welsh Manor House and Irish estate, Llewellyn's two oldest stepson's left to take over the affairs there, while he stayed on in Colorado.


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