Log Icons

These are the icons for the characters and NPCs for the RP Logs. If you are unhappy with the your character icon, send an @mail to Faith in game with a link to the picture that you want used and he'll fix it as soon as possible.

Table of Contents


aiyana_icon.jpg ainsley_icon.jpg andy_icon.jpg bennet_icon.jpg caitriona_icon.jpg cay_icon.jpg chiane_icon.jpg cj_icon.jpg colton_icon.jpg delilah_icon.jpg emma_icon.jpgevalyn_icon(1).jpg grace_icon.jpg


keira_icon.jpg llewellyn_icon.jpg llewellynfamily_icon.jpg marlowe_icon.jpg mattie_icon.jpg meriah_icon.jpg mia_icon.jpg mirabella_icon.jpg moses_icon.jpg ohls_icon.jpg oliver_icon.jpg


remy_icon.jpg rose_icon.jpg royal_icon.jpg sarahleah_icon.jpg suzanna_icon.jpg sweet_icon.jpg teagan_icon.jpg tess_icon.jpg tietz_icon.jpg wade_icon.jpg william_icon.jpg
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