Marcus Berry
Marcus Berry
Portrayed By Liev Schreiber
Gender Male
Date of Birth February 7, 1856
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases No Known Aliases
Place of Birth Dodge City
Occupation Professional Criminal
Known Relatives Llewelyn Berry (father)
Significant Other Married to Grace Berry


A lawman's son…isn't always predestined to be a lawman, as Marcus Berry so blatantly proves. As a kid, Marcus wasn't pampered like most of the other children in town, although this was more out of his father's will than a loss for funds. His father was a very strict man with very strong ideals, and he tried his hardest to pass them on to Marcus. Without a mother in the picture, this plan failed…all scolding and no praise led Marcus to become an emotionally repressed and violent child.

Later in his life, Marcus' emotional repression kept him from adapting well during puberty and he became an incredibly showy and hateful person, what some would call a bully. He was scolded by his father several times for getting in fights with the other teenagers in town, one such incident leaving a boy missing an ear. Marcus' bad-boy nature was very appealing to the young, pampered girls in the town and they were drawn to him when he reached his sexual prime at the age of 20. He had a night of passion with an 18 year old girl and subsequently impregnated her. His father threatened to kick him out of the house if he didn't help her with the child and Marcus saw this is the last straw.

He killed his father and left the town to find refuge with a gang of ruffians who were posted outside of the town. The leader, Billy Grey, took Marcus in and started him on his life of crime, Marcus adapted to the danger and violence almost instantly. He killed, raped, and pillaged with an aire of ease. Billy Grey and Marcus both had eyes for a woman named Roxy and this led to a schism in their friendship. Marcus choked Billy to death by wrapping his neck in the reigns of a horse and starting it to a gallop.

After years of inactivity, Marcus met an outlaw named William Franklin and they got along instantly. What happened next…is still to be seen.


  • Character's time line.


Evalyn (being questioned about Marcus): "I do not know. I do know he belongs to the Franklin gang. He is Mr. Franklin's right hand man. He is like the wind. You have to catch him at just the right moment."



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