Martial Law


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* Cavalry Squad.

Summary: The Army arrives to place Silver Creek under Martial Law.

March 12, 1884: Date the log took place.

Martial Law

Silver Creek, CO

His spare form cast a shadow as he came through the door, removing

immaculate Cavalry gauntlets. Turning in the door, he calls out, "Sergeant,

deply the squad in a defensive formation while I interrogate the prisoner."
Turning to the cell, he begins, "By your presence here, I may assume you

are the former Sheriff Reynolds?" His pale blue eyes burn with a cold fire.

"I am Lieutenant R.A. Carnes, this area has been declared a Special Military

District, and from this moment is under martial law."
From Holding Cell, Colton looks out from his cell, and nods, "Evenin

Lieutenant. My names Reynolds.. I was Sheriff here till yesterday."

With exagerrated care Carnes tucks his gauntlets behind his belt, and

adjusts the gleaming saber, and forward facing holster of his pistol. "So I

have been given to understand. It may prove beneficial to you to answer my

questions completely." Positioning himself in front of the cell door, in a tight

parade rest, hands locked behind his back, Carnes continues, "I will tell you

what my orders are concerning this town, and you will be advised that any

deception or failure to answer completely will weigh heavily in a Military

Tribunal. Do you understand?"
From Holding Cell, Colton shrugs, "Sounds simpla enough Lieutenant.. I'm bein

tried by the army?"
From Holding Cell, Colton pushes himself off the cot with a groan, and walks

over to the cell door, and leans one shoulder against his crossing his arms

across his chest.
From Holding Cell, Colton pushes himself off the cot with a groan, and walks

over to the cell door, and leans one shoulder against it as he crosses his

arms across his chest.

"As I have informed you," Carnes replies coldly, "This entire area is under

Martial Law. All civil proceedings are suspended until such time as security

can be reestablished. My orders here are simple. To ascertain the

whereabouts of one William Franklin, a deserter and traitor. I am not to

apprehend said person, only to report his movements. Secondly, I am to

arrest the persons of yourself, and one Marcus Berry, for violations ranging

from carrying weapons in defiance of a town ordinance, and for the assault

of one United States marshall in the performance of his duties." he takes a

breath, pausing,
"I am also ordered to apprehend one known Indian renegade known as

Marlowe, and to capture the criminal popularly called the Masked Bandit."
From Holding Cell, Colton nods once, "Well Sir.. I reckon you got me alright..

There ain't no reason to arrest Marcus.. He didnt' know about the

ordinance.. The posters were down. He only knew a man was shootin at 'im.

Weren't his fault at all."
From Holding Cell, Colton says, "Now Franklin.. Last time I saw him was out

to the Epona Ranch.. But that must have been… Almost a month ago.."

"Those details will be considered by the Tribunal. My orders are direct, and

I shall not question them Sir."
The cold eyes narrow, "The only thing I require from you is your

cooperation. You have made a good start, now where might Berry and

Marlowe be found? Has anyone been spending an inordinate amount of Army

gold in town?"
From Holding Cell, Colton rubs his chin, "Marlowe went to ground months

ago.. I ain't seen 'im for that long. I heard a rumor he was a few days ride

from here.. Helped some folks in a bad spot with some injuns….But I

couldn't tell ye for sure where.."
From Holding Cell, Colton looks out at the officer, "I couldn't tell ye about

any gold… I don't deal with alot of cash.. If'n I was after that.. I'd check

the general store.. Far amount of cash there.. and double check the

saloons, and the Gem.. Whiskey and women.. Take more gold than most

other things around here…. "
From Holding Cell, Colton lets out a long breath, "Now…. I ain't seen or

heard of the masked fella.. but theres another thats been takin women, and

hurtin 'em around here.. They call 'im the Preacher… He's cut off the

head of one gal. and kidnapped a couple of others…He's got some


Carnes turns and calls out the door, "SERGEANT! Detail two men to shut

down that Gambling Hell for the duration. Close the Saloon as well. No one in

either place without being searched," he turns back to the cell, "No such

orders concerning that have been forwarded to me. However, should any

more activity occur, it will fall under my purview."
From Holding Cell, Colton says, "Lieutenant? I sent a wire to the Federal

Judge for this district.. I got a copy if you want it."

"That is inconsequential. Judge Chavelle is, for the moment, not the deciding

judicial authority. The whereabouts, Mister Reynolds, of Marcus Berry, if

you please?"
From Holding Cell, Colton says, "Sorry Lieutenant. I been in here since last

night. Yer the first soul I've seen since. Say Lieutenant.. How many men you

bring with ye?""

"I have a squad of ten seasoned troopers and myself, if it concerns you. I

also have the authority to wire Fort Sidney for an additional company if

required, however, I can foresee no need for more. The whereabouts, Sir,

of Marcus Berry?"
From Holding Cell, Colton says, "Sorry Lietenant.. I been in here since last

night.. Its almost a full twenty four hours.. Yer the first one I've seen.. I

coudln't tell ye where a soul was.. I'd check the tack and feed, but I can't

say for sure nowheres.""

"Very well, then we shall conduct a house to house search for him." Carnes

turns to depart with a final word of caution, "I shall return should I require

more answers." he stops in the door and turns back, "Have you not had food

brought? if not, I will ensure that rations are supplied. As a Federal

prisoner, you will not be mistreated any more than is necessary."
From Holding Cell, Colton says, "I ain't gone hungry. I reckon you'll want to

talk to the Mayor.. yer about to shut down his place… Plus the wire from

the judge said he was the proper judical authority."

"The PROPER judicial authority, from the moment my troops and I entered

town, resides with the Department of the Army, Sir. Good Day." Turning,

Carnes strides otu in a very military, very erect manner, pulling his gauntlets

on with care.
From Holding Cell, Colton says, "Good luck Lieutenant."
Followed by eight troopers, all armed with Spencer Fifty Six caliber Carbines

held at port arms, Carnes marches up the street. The troopers eyes are all

moving, examining each person as they proceed through the town, when one

priivate calls out, "Lieutenant? There's one violating the ban!"
"Squad, HALT!"
Carnes turns to Marcus and says, "Sir! You are hereby advised that this

area is under martial law, and that the carrying and display of firearms is

prohibited. You will relieve yourself of said weapons immediately."

Marcus is leaning quietly against a post as he's approached by the Army. He

glances over at them as the leader addresses him. He looks down at his guns

and says, "Okay." He undoes his gunbelt and holds it out for the soldier to


The trooepr collects the two pistols, and Carnes removes an Army Issue

reciept book and pencil from his tunic, "You will be given a reciept for these

weapons, and they will be returned when you either depart the District, or it

is disestablished." pencil poised, he asks, "Your name Sir? And spell it,


Marcus slips the toothpick out of his mouth and flicks it onto the ground and

responds, dryly, "Marcus Berry. "M-A-R-C-U-S B-E-R-R-Y. I can only

assume that you're in town for me."

Indeed, the name caused Carnes' pencil to hover over the reciept book,

which he closes with a snap, tucking it away back in his tunic.
"Indeed, Mister Berry. You ARE one of the primary reasons we are here.

Now, I must inform you that you are under arrest, and will be incarcerated

until such time as you may be brought to trial."

Marcus nods to the man, "All right. Don't worry with those guns of yours."

He points at the fifty sixes, "I'm coming without a fight." He scratches his

beard ad continues, "Is there any way we can do this without handcuffs?"

The simple question almost causes Carnes to smile, "I believe my men can

stop any attempt to escape." he raises his gauntleted hand, and snaps his

fingers. Four of the eight troopers box Marcus, the others following in

behind the prisoner and escort.

"Forward..HARCH!" Carnes snaps out, and leads the way.

Marcus makes his way into the cell, nodding to the Lieutenant as he enters.

He has a seat down on the cot and crosses his arms. "Hrmm, is there a

poster out for me?" He asks of the man.

The escorts stand to either side of the door as the Lieutenant unlocks it,

then steps back. "Welcome to your new home, Mister Berry." Slowly

removing his gauntlets, he says, "I am required to inform you of the charges

against you. You are charged with violation of a posted gun ban, assault on a

Federal Officer while in the performance of his duties, attempted murder

and disturbing the peace."

Marcus nods to Lieutenant, "It wasn't really attempted murder, though. I

don't often fail at that sort of thing. I just wanted the good Marshal to

leave us be." He shrugs and waits for an answer to his earlier question.

Carnes replies, unconcerned, "I do not care if there is a civil wanted poster

on you. You are being charged under United States Code, and are subject to

military law, and trial by a properly constituted Tribunal. Please enter the


Marcus nods to the man and steps inside the cell, "Hrmm, first time in jail.

Surprising, no?" He grins at the Lieutenant and says, "You have a name,

soldier?" He peers at the man through the bars.

"Lieutenant R.A. Carnes, Fifth Cavalry, detached from Fort Sidney

Nebraska." was the short reply, as Carnes slipped the key into the lock,

turning it. "Rations will be provided for you three times a day, you will be

allowed such visitors as necessary for your defense. Do you have any further

questions at this time?"

Marcus leans against the bars and nods to him, "Could you get a message to

my wife, Mister Carnes?"

Carnes straightens, putting the key into his tunic, "I shall be happy to

convey such a message to your wife. What is the message, Sir?" he steps

away from the cell, motioning one trooper to remain in the office. "Private,

you are to admit no visitor until such person has been thoroughly and

completely searched. The prisoner is not to allowed out of the cell, and

there is to be no physical contact with any person. Do you understand your

From Cell, Marcus scratches at his beard, "Tell her, that, no matter what

happens from here on out…I love her." He shrugs and continues, "Y'know, no

matter if I get shot by this young private while I'm trying to escape, or if

I'm executed for shooting a U.S. Marshal."

The private replies, "Yes Sir. One question Sir. Is the use of deadly force

authorized Sir?" Carnes hesitates, then says, "Yes. The use of deadly force

is authorized in any event that may result in the release of this prisoner

against any person involved."

Turning back to the Cell, Carnes replies, "Your message will be delivered. I

would advise against any escape attempts, and will advise your wife that any

such attempt that she abets will result in both of your deaths. Are we


From Cell, Marcus peers at Carnes through the bars, "So, you're just saying

that if I escape, bring her with me and get the hell outta Dodge. I gotcha."

He just grins and has a seat on the cot, peering at the private.

Carnes just stares at him, then details another pair of troopers to stand

outside the Marshall's Office, with the same orders. Turning, he departs,

after all, he has further orders to carry out.


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