1882-11-04: The Masked Bandit Appears


Masked Bandit and Masked Bandit 2

Summary: A pair of masked bandits cause some trouble.

Date: November 24, 1882

The Masked Bandit Appears

Streets of Silver Creek

The band moves silently down the street, the leader giving signals to each small group of three to advance or hold.

Masked Bandit 2 remains in the shadows as if a part of them. The footsteps are light, virtually unheard from this bandit as the group moves down the street. Pausing by an alleyway, the bandit crouches low as a small group is heard laughing and approaching their direction. However, fortunate for the small group of men, they were paying little attention and turned to find a bar, disappearing further down the street.

The leader motions a group of men forward, and shows them, by hand signals, how he wishes them to spread out when they enter the Mercantile. One is given the job to lock the front door, two to grab the proprietor and disable him.

A quick slash of his hand sets the men into action!

Masked Bandit 2 moves within the interior quickly. Motioning to a free man, the two of them begin to gather up food and supplies quickly and silently. A wary glance is turned in the direction of the proprietor, pausing a moment as the fear is noted all over the owner's face. Snapping out of it, the bandit continues to gather supplies and food, stuffing them into packs efficiently.

Masked Bandit stands to one side, the Colt revolving shotgun held at the ready as the masked men stream out the back door. The first things to go were several cases of dynamite, fuse and detonators. Medicinal supplies, guns, ammo and food in that order went next.

Trussed up on the floor, the storekeeper kept very silent, as one of the bandits held a rifle trained on the bridge of his nose.

Masked Bandit 2 kept the events running smoothly, collecting supplies, and making sure they got out and to the bandits out back. When the supplies began to dwindle within the store, the bandit moves in and towards the proprietor. In the gloved hands is a scarf and rope. Intentions are clear that this bandit wished to tie the owner up to give them time to escape.

Masked Bandit nods approvingly, and takes a final glance out of the store window. The final haul was four boxes of dynamite, with fifty sticks each, fuse and detonators. Two dozen Winchester rifles, the 1873 model, and enough ammo to fight a small war with.

The whole operation has taken less than ten minutes, done in perfect silence and quite well coordianted.

As the final box of dynamite passes the leader, he removes two sticks, and, measuring out a two second length of fuse for each, bundles them together.

Masked Bandit 2 moves to the proprieter, kneeling down by his side. Reaching forward, a scarf goes around the man's mouth before moving to tie the hands behind his back. The ropes are firm and well tied, but not cruelly so to cause harm to the man. Next came the feet. A small length of rope is tied from the hands down to the feet to keep the man immobile. Once done, the bandit rises and looks to the leader as if waiting for the order to move out.

Perhaps as a final insult, or gesture, the leader pulls down the store keeper's gag long enough to stuff a silver dollar in his mouth.

Straightening, he glances at the counter, and takes a cigar from the display, lighting it with an available match, puffing until the tip glowed cherry red. Silently, he hands the bundled sticks of dynamite to his companion, and points to the front door, his eyes gleaming behind the mask with an unholy light.

Masked Bandit looks up and down the street, and puffs the cigar again, until the tip glows in the shadows under the awning. Pointing with the glowing tip at the Saloon, he holds it out for his companion to light the fuse, holding up two fingers, as if to remind the thrower how long the fuse was for..

Masked Bandit 2 looks to the busy saloon. Music poured out from the establishment and sounds of laughter came from inside. A gloved hand reaches out for the dynamite, looking to the short fuse then to the establishment. There is a moment of indecision on the bandit's part. The head shakes and the dynamite is handed back to the leader.

The leader shrugs, and ambles towards the Saloon with a confident step. As he arrives at the door, he lights the fuse from the cigar, and throws it through the doors.

Shouts erupt from the Saloon as men dive behind the bar, or upend tables, "Dynamite!", several scream, as the Leader runs lightly back across the street, ""Get down!" Moments later, there is an explosion.

A terrific ROAR! of an explosion rattles windows as far away as Pine Street, and shattering glass on Division all the way from the Butcher Shop to the Bank.

The entire front of the Golden Nugget bulges outward, then slowly collapses. The newly renovated front porch, still unpainted, flies upwards, to return in a crash of splinters as men scream and begin to pull themselves from the fiery wreckage.


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