1882-11-24: The Masked Bandit Strikes Again




Masked Bandit

Summary: The Masked Bandit hits the Hotel.

Date: November 24, 1882

The Masked Bandit Strikes Again

This actual RP log was lost, but the player has recounted the story, so it is fairly accurate.

Streets of Silver Creek

The streets are dark now, three in the morning, no one about this part of the town, since the Golden Nugget had been demolished several days earlier.

The crowds of men who frequented that establishment had either moved on to the Gemstone, further north, or lay huddled in misery with their own dowdy wives.

The big black horse, with it's hooded and masked rider walks slowly up the street, and pauses in front of the boarding house, the rider glaring balefully north.

Without a sound, he digs his spurs into the horse's flanks, and it surges forward in a powerful rush.

A bundle flies from his hand, turning over in the air, one end sparking and crashes through the Sheriff's office window, followed by another tossed towards the Hotel!

A woman in the Hotel shrieks, and Nora appears in the door with the bundle in hand, the fuse near it's end. She tosses it hurriedly into the street, and ducks behind the door as the double explosion smashes the new glass in the business windows.

Another bundle smashes through the window of the closed Johnson Clothiers, the fuse cut off by shards of broken glass, and the rider veers down a side street as shouts, curses and wild shots follow him.

Two more explosions rack the housing district, then hoof beats fade into the darkness of the plains.


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