Maylin Xian
Portrayed By Vicki Zhao
Gender Female
Date of Birth January 10, 1862
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases May
Place of Birth Peking, China
Occupation Dragon Kiss Girl
Significant Other Single


Maylin was the first and only child of Yi and Chun Xian, born in a small house in Peking, China. Her childhood was normal, and when she was five, was overjoyed when her father told her that they were moving to America, so he could make more money, provide a better life for his family. Her happiness and joy quickly turned to horror when her mother contracted a plague from the rats that also lived on the ship, and died a week after they left China. Maylin quickly was stowed away so she too wouldn't become ill, her father however was unable to survive without his sweet wife, and a day before docking, he hung himself in the galley. The young, six year old girl was now in a strange world, completly alone. For a few years she lived on the streets, stealing when she was hungry and cowering from any human contact, even if that contact was to help her. Her Uncle Wu, who lived in San Francisco, eventually heard word of his brother's untimely demise and went searching for his young neice. Finding her the following winter, huddled in an alley, he managed to talk her into allowing him to help her, and the two of them left, returning to their home, and he raised her as his own. When her uncle Wu went to Colorado for business, but never returned, Maylin quickly set out to find him. She had already lost so much, and was not willing to lose another.


  • 1881 - Arrived at Silver Springs in search of her uncle
  • 1881 - Having given up the search for her uncle, she took over his business, The Dragon's Kiss
  • 1881 - Met Keme Negahnquet and they start courting
  • 1882 - Maylin and Keme separate and Maylin returns to China to try to get her life back in order
  • 1884 - Maylin returns to the firmiliar town of Silver Springs, this time around more grown up or wiser, or so she thinks


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