Meeting with Llewellyn


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Summary: Chiane asks for help.

Date: February 3, 1884

Meeting with Llewellyn


Adrian Llewellyn, Lord o' the Manse as it were, was holding informal court over tea with several of the town's civic leaders, "Aye, the plant is running..Me own house is lit by it, and once spring breaks, we might run lines to town for those that wish to pay for electricity." He sips his tea, listening to one man's question, "Nay, Mulroney, I do not think it should be gi'en over for naught. Tis expenses to recover and maintain the equipment."

Chiane pushes into the Cafe, glancing around the area a bit. George is given a glance and a nod. "Hello George, what have you got on special today?" George and Chiane engage in a brief conversation before she turns to look about the area. "Thanks George." She flashes the man a smile as if the two of them had known each other for a long time. Turning towards a table in the corner, she sinks down and makes herself comfortable. Slowly her dark chocolate eyes turn to look at Adrian as he adresses the men. The idea of electricity does intrigue the business owner and she leans forward as if to listen. Not that she would be able to vote or anything, but it's nice to know what is going on!

Llewellyn laughs, a rich, hearty sound, and claps a man on the shoulder, "Nay, I hardly think twill hurt my chances, o' winning lad. And I'd no' wish it said I bought the votes with free power. Tis a change we seek, aye?"

Noticing Chiane watching, he gives her a wide smile, "Missus Marlowe, a pleasure. How is your new child. me Tess just bore a healthy, strapping girl."

Chiane is a bit surprised that he had addressed her. Her dark gaze locks with his and a single nod is given in his direction. "I am well enough.." She says quietly. There is a thoughtful gaze that comes over her. "I do not know if you heard yet.. but I am no longer Mrs. Marlowe." She frowns. "Just call me Chiane. It's what most folks call me anyhoo.." A tired grin is given in his direction. "Would it be alright with you to speak with me? I have some questions.."

His smile falters a bit, "I had not heard. I am sorry if I offended you, it was unintentional, I ass.." One of the businessmen leans over to whisper something in his ear, causing him to pale, then flush.

Chiane glances to the businessman and then to Llelwyn. She falls quiet and allows the men to speak. Just then, George arrives with a cup of tea and a platter of food. Even though she cooks and runs a business, it is nice to have someone cook for you for a change. As the men discuss things amongst themselves, she just digs into her plate.

"No! I will not, Michael. This country was founded on the principles that all men are created equal, and damme if I will nae speak to whom I wish, nae matter the bloody color o' their skin. The lady may no' have the right to vote, yet, but she is a citizen still o' this town, and I WILL do as i might to ease all o' the citizens woes." tearing himself free of the men, Llewellyn comes to Chiane's table, "Might I join ye, lasss?" he asks, kindly.

Chiane motions across the table to the empty chair in front of her. "Very kind of ya to speak with me. Have a seat. Have ya eaten? I could order ya a meal.. my treat." She says with a tired smile. "Do not get yerself into trouble on my count." She lifts her tea to her lips, sipping gingerly from the steaming brew. "I.. I have some problems and need to speak with someone who may know what I should do."

"Nay, I have eaten already. And I must insist, allow me to add your meal to my tab. It would be an honor to do so." Steepling his fingers and resting his chin on them, he allows his amber eyes to meet her brown ones, "I offer nae promises, lass, but an ear to listen, if ye'd care to unburden yourself."

Chiane reaches into her pocket and retireves the check that had been written for a vacation for Marlowe and herself a lil while back. The check is handed to the man. "I won't be needing this." She retracts the hand. "Chris left me.. and from what I know, left town. But.." She rubs at the back of her neck. "There is a new marshall in town. He thinks I might know where he is. Now.. Chris dun ever talk to me 'bout his plans when we were married.. he aint gonna start now. But this Marshall.. he insists that I know where he is.. or something. I really don't." There is a sigh. "He threatened to strin up my baby right next to Chris.."

He takes the check, with a look of confusion, then lays it back down beside her plate, "Keep it, lass. for your bairn if naught else." he draws a deep breath, "I must confess to ye..twas I who telegrammed the Governor for a man to be law. I suppose tis plain, one must be careful o' what ye seek, for ye may recieve it." He shakes his head sadly, "Twas no' at all what I wished, and I do no' approve o' this man nor his methods."

Chiane looks to him. "Why did ya invite him out here? Fer the presence of law? Did ya know he threw Mister Tietz in jail? Jus' cause he is a Jew? Well.. that was my understandin'. Mister Llelwyn, Iffen this man continues his reign of terror, the town will rise up. We have seen too much to be under his tyranical rule." She rubs at the bridge of her nose. "He is lookin' fer Chris. I have no idea what he is up to.. but I fear this man will hurt me or mine over this.."

His lips thin, 'Honestly, Missu..Chiane..There, much less pleasant than he, who were trying to seize control for more nefarious purposes. I rather suspect that Masked Bandit may hae been behind them, but..and dinna take this wrong, I like your..Mister marlowe on many levels, but have found out he has a long past with the law."

Chiane nods. "I understand.. but.. what I am askin' you is this.. Can ya help protect me and my son? That's what I truly need. My son is jus' a wee babe. Barely learnin' to crawl even. I told the man what I knew but I feel as if the man will still come after us.."

Do ye feel as though ye are in danger then?" he asks, suddenly all business. "I shall certainly have a word with the man meself. And see if Mister Tietz might be released." he shakes his head, "Medicine is ne'er easy to swallow, but this is a bitter pill indeed." He looks up at Chiane, "If ye need a place to come, ye would be welcome in our home. We will make room for ye."

Chiane shakes her head. "I run a business. I have tenants that live in mah home. They rely on me. Iffen I go hide, it will look as if I am in the wrong and got somethin' to hide. I need to stay and do what I would always do." She frowns. "I do feel in danger of this man. I am sorry I can't help him, but what does he want me to do?" She shrugs. "If ya would talk to him.. that would be a great help!"

"I certainly shall..But, I will advise this as well," he holds up a slender finger, well manicured. "Should Marshall Durham return, tell him anything you know, nae matter how old or out o'date ye may think it. Any clue that he garners will, p'raps, allow him to proceed on his quest, as a dog will leave if a bone is gi'en, ye ken?"

Chiane purses her lips together a bit. There is obviously a conflicted look in her eyes. "I hear ya." She says in quiet tones. Despite the fact the food in front of her goes unfinished, she rises from her chair. "Thank ya kindly fer hearing me. I appreciate yer help." A tight smile is offered in the man's direction. "Though I do say.. I dun care iffen a man has a badge or not. Iffen he tries to hurt me or mine, I will defend mahself. I dun care what the reasons."

He stands as well, "In your place, lass, I should do the same. if ye hae need o' anything I might supply, dinna fear to ask, aye?" he holds out his hand, not caring if she was a woman, or black, "And I will be tending to the other as well. me word upon it."


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