Mia Campbell
Portrayed By Frazer Harrison
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 14, 1862
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Mia
Place of Birth New York, NY, USA
Occupation Reporter
Known Relatives Maria Genovese (Mother), Patrick Campbell (Father)
Significant Other None


Patrick Campbell and Maria Genovese met on a boardwalk as they each were coming off a ship in New York. Patrick from Ireland and Maria from Italy, two completely different backgrounds, however, all it took was for that once meeting for them to fall in love. With both sides of parents disapproving, "He's not Italian!" "She's not Irish!" they would meet as much as they could, until they eloped. The families of course were furious! But the couple was in love, the fury soon faded with Maria expecting a child. Then born Mia Campbell, Mia was the one thing that kept all the differences at bay.

Mia was raised in a loving home, the love that Patrick and Maria had for one another spilled over onto Mia, never having a doubt in her mind that her parents loved her. Though there was little money, she was spoiled with sweets whenever she wanted them and educated fairly well for a poor family and her being a girl.

At the age of 18, Mia was noticed by friend of her fathers, John O'Brian. John wanted desperately to have Mia as a daughter-in-law, she was everything he wanted for his son, Colin. There that very week, Mia was promised to Colin without even meeting him. She was to leave within the month to be wed to him. After a tearful goodbye was given, Mia left New York for Colorado to meet her new husband.

Upon her arrival to Colorado, she was tired and excited. Colorado was nothing like New York and she couldn't wait to be a wife, and feel the love that her parents had been sharing for so many years. When she arrived at the Ranch, her trunk dragging behind her, she was expecting everything, except what happen next. When reaching the door of the main house, Colin, a strapping young man that made her heart stop in her chest for a full 30 seconds, stood looking down at her. With hands on his hips he looked her over and laughed. "To think my father would think I'd be interested in someone like you." Mia's face fell at the rudeness and her check flushed from the embarrassment. He then informed her that he was perfectly capable of picking out his own women and they he had one he intended to wed already. Without even a kind word he told her she was not wanted there and shut the door in her face.

Now completely shamed, broken, completely lost and her dream of love vanished, she ran to the coach station. But she had no idea where to go. She couldn't go home! What would her parents say? What would they do? How would they look at her? No. Going home was not an option. She asked the stage coach driver to take her as far as they could without leaving the state. She ended up in a town called in Silver Creek. Her new home, as she saw it. The first order of business as she arrived was to inform her parents that she had arrived safely and that she was indeed married.


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