Moses St. Cloud
Portrayed By Bob Sapp
Gender Male
Date of Birth February 13, 1852
Age 32
Zodiac Sign Astrological Sign
Aliases Alias
Place of Birth Texas, USA
Occupation Your Job
Known Relatives Jane Doe (Mother), John Doe (Father)
Significant Other None


I was born in an Apache Camp out near to the Texas line. Ma was a black slave taken in a raid when her owners was on they's way to California. Pa was a Apache warrior. Makes me a half breed, or 2 skin as some of them likes to calls me time to time. I lived with the apache long enough to learn my tribes dialect. But raiders come. They killed Pa. scattered the camp. caught ma and me on account of me being 4 years old and not very fast at the runnin' They took us back east. Blacks still bein' legal for sale in the united states country. We was sold to a Rancher and his wife. They had Ho'sus and cattle. Mastuh Kincaid, he weren't a bad man. Didn't beat Ma on no reg'lar basis. bought me too. despite me bein' heathen bo'n and all. When I was old 'nuff he taught me to work wit' them ho'sus.

Saw I was pretty good wit' em. Come time I was 15 or abouts, he had me workin' as his lead Bronc Stompuh. Could train me a Ho'suh to saddle and neck in 3 days. learned me some about Shoein' 'em too. Come a time' bout 15 years back. So'diers showed up at the Ranch. They was lookin' for other So'diers. Mastuh Kincaid, he up and gives me to 'em. They gived me a ho'suh of my own. Big And'lushun one on 'count of me being so big. I was a Ho'suh so'dier now. Army said "Mosus, you be a Ho'suh So'dier now. You live 3 years and fight for the Union Army, you be a Free man." I didn't care nothing 'bout bein' free. But I likes the Ho'sus, and the food was good, So I decided I could be a So'dier.

The war weren't so bad. was lots o' killin, which I didn't much like. but they give me a job, so I done it. I still got to train them ho'sus to when I was in camp. Near the end of the war. They put me with a bunch of other freed slaves. Called us the Ne-gro Regiment. Made me a scout and give me the rank of First Sa'gent. Put me in charge of a bunch of other scouts on account of me havin' a knack for readin' sign like othuhs reads a book. Aftuh the Warrin' was done wit' they sent us West again. We was to hunt down the Hos-Tile indians causin' problems fo' the white folk out there. Never did run into that Hos-Tile tribe. But we was busy enough wit' Shoshone, Kiowa, Commanche, Arapahoe, and Sioux. 'tween them, we didn't look for the Hos-tiles. they was supposed to be the worst of the lot, and the others was pretty bad. When we was back in camp between missions, the off'suhs of the diff'rent regiments. They liked sport. They would pick bare-knuckle fighters from diff'rent companies and tell us to have us a go in a ring.

My captain. he allus picked me. I never lost a knuckle fight. they said that made me a standin' Champeen. I done left the Ne-gro regiment 'bout 5 years back. They said I was free and could leave if I wanted, so I thought "Mosus. you be free. try it." and I left. I spent some time seein' Chicago and New York. Seems to me. a Free colored man, and a Slave colored man, ain't a lot of dff'rence, ceptin the food ain't as good sometimes for a free man. I made some money with bare knuckle fightin. But had to stop on account of I was startin' to get sick from it. Doctuh says I can't get hit no more in the haid or I might start dyin' or go blind. So I'g goin' west again. Need me some clean air. maybe find me a job workin' with Ho'suhs again.


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