The Old West was a wild and robust place, though the shoot-em-ups had dissipated by this time. The town of Silver Creek is the same, with growth and industry knocking on its door and both man-made and natural disasters changing the face and emotions of the small community at every turn. Getting into the mindset is every bit as important as deciding a character for the game. Here are a few suggestions:

Preacher Ranch hands Green Grocer Farmers Ranchers (Cattle/Sheep)
Prospectors Women of the Night Seamstresses Tailor Photographer
Journalist Undertaker Indians (see resources) Blacksmith Farrier
Carpenter Chinese Opium Den Owner Baker Gristmill Owner
Bounty Hunters Other Business Owners Gamblers Jewelers Mason
Negros English Scandinavian Mexican German

Mexican: Those settlers migrating from the Mexico, either seeking jobs or by marriage. Spanish is their native language. Many are not wealthy. Usually ranch workers, outlaws, some shop keepers.

For names:

American Indian A male-dominated people, they live in well-organized and highly adaptable societies. The American Indians, by nature, are no more war-like or violent than anyone else, but continual violations of treaties and violentactions taken against them have forced them into a violent standoff with the encroaching American culture.

Negros/Black/Mulatto The vast majority of Blacks would be freed slaves, as the war ended more than a decade ago.

Irish Many left their homeland to immigrate to Canada and the U.S., dramatically raising the number of Irish in foreign lands. Second most amount of settlers during this time, behind the Germans.

German A strict and industrious people, many are stoic and reserved in their everyday lives. Some have been technically trained. So many Germans moved to the western states during the late 1860s through 1880s that one tribe of Kansas Indians spoke German, not English as a second language. Between 1820 and the 1900s about five million Germans came to America. During that period out of 100 immigrants 15 were English, 35 German, 33 Irish and 17 other nationalities.

Scandinavian Many Scandinavians migrated from Minnesota, Nebraska and Kansas after the prime lands had been been filled, converting the expanse into some of the most productive farmlands the world has ever known. They were the third most prolific settlers during this time, coming in only second to the Germans and Irish.

English he English-born that were here are the families of Cotton and Fur traders, mostly from the South (ex-Confederate states) or Canada. Some English born came over for the California Gold Rush of '49 and stayed. Most of the English-born are from low to middle class.

Chinese Many of the Chinese came over to Mexico in the 1600s aboard the Manila galleon. In 1835, the US and China signed an immigration treaty, welcoming the Chinese to America. Then, in 1848, gold is discovered in California and even more Chinese begin to arrive. Then came the passages of many "laws' to bar the Chinese from immigrating. Because of their quiet industriousness and working cheaply, many "whites" believe the Chinese to be taking jobs from them.

These are just a few of our needs.

Some questions to ask while building your character:

Where were they born?

Who were their parents?

Did/Do they have siblings? What are their names?

What events brought them to Colorado?

What in their past created the way they are now? The loss of a parent/mate/sibling?, Arrested and incarcerated without cause, hatred of a group?

Then pick an actor/actress who may reflect your character and develop that - Hair/eyes/skin

Mannerisms (Do they have a lisp? Deaf? Blind? Nervous twitch?)

Are they bitter, optimistic, have a sunny personality, sullen, needy, self-reliant?

All of the above can be used to develop a colorful and vivid character. Use your imagination!

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