1882-11-29: New Butcher in Town


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Summary: Chiane returns from her long trip to live with the local Natives. Tyson, the new butcher, finds his way to the boarding house.

Date: November 29, 1882

Log Title: New Butcher in Town

Boarding House - Parlor

Heavy footsteps fall on the porch outside followed by two thuds against the ground. There is a slight pause before the knob of the door turns. A brown face surrounded by a mane of lovely curls that are tamed with a long slender braid that holds a rather beautiful feather on the end. The attire is also different, that of a traditional indian woman. The long buckskin robes cling to her form. Though, on her hip shines a nice well-oiled .45.

The scent of baking bread - with some honey, it seems - wafts through the boarding house. Sarah Leah is in the foyer, watering a small red plant she has acquired. When the door is opened without a warning knock, the stout woman looks up sharply. Her expression melts into one of joy when she sees her employer, although confusion certainly is evident. "Good evening… Mrs. Marlowe. I trust you had a… pleasant journey."

Chiane turns to Sarah and offers a warm, yet tired smile. "Hello Miss Cozen." She turns out to the porch a moment and can be heard grunting slightly before re-apearing with two heavy burdens. During her absence, it would appear that the woman had lost some fat and gained a bit of muscle to her physique. She sets the two sacks down onto the ground before closing the door. "The journey was pleasant. It was nice to be somewhere where i was accepted…"

Sarah Leah almost jumps to put down the watering can and help Chiane. However, it seems all is handled before she can do anything of the sort. "There are those who accept you in town, Mrs. Marlowe. Would you care for some tea or juice? Perhaps some supper? It is a bit late, so nearly all the patrons have left." Her eyes do take notice of the differences in the oddly-dressed woman. "And perhaps some warmer clothing for the cold Colorado air?"

Chiane chuckles lightly. "These were warmer than what I had taken with me." She stands more erect and stretches her back, a few pops sounding in the room. "We came back before it got to cold." Turning fully to the woman, the robes moved as if part of her. The tassles hanging low wiggled and swayed with the movements. "Supper? i am starved…" She gives a grin.

"Before? But, Mrs. Marlowe, it has been cold for weeks. Where have you been hiding?" Sarah Leah asks the last question teasingly even as she turns to start toward the dining room, then kitchen. "I will be right back." True to her word, she enters the dining room only moments later with hot tea and a plate of thick brisket slices with various vegetables and mashed potatoes on the side. Another disappearing act, then she returns with a plate containing several slices of rather hot bread that must have just come from the oven. "I… have news to share."

Chiane chuckles again as she follows her. "Hiding? My dear, I was with the Indians.. I stayed warm.. always working, always tendign the fire. Then at night, of course i was with my husband." She pauses as the stout woman dissapears into the kitchen. She removes a pair of fur-lined mittens and treaded over to the couch where she flopped tiredly onto the couch. Her eyes open at the bounty of food that is brought before her, spread out before her. "Wow.. that looks delicious.." She doesn't hesitate and begins to simply devour the food. Her gaze turns to Sarah leah with her comment, "Oh?" she asks between bites.

Sarah Leah watches the other woman with delight. It is hard to please a traditional Jewish woman more than by appreciating her food in such an obvious manner. She sits opposite Chiane and bites her lower lip, smiling. "I… have been very blessed, Mrs. Marlowe. Hashem has seen fit to grant me with a very special present."

Chiane sips from her beverage and glances up. "Oh? who is this Hashem?" She asks inquisitively. Turning her gaze back to the food, she digs back in.

Sarah Leah looks confused for a moment as her train of thought is derailed. "Who is… oh! Hashem is one of the Hebrew names for G-d." She chuckles a bit, then continues. "He has provided me with a shidduch!" It takes a moment before she remembers to translate. "A marriage match."

Chiane pauses mid-bite. She lowers the fork and looks to Sarah, then offers a grin. "Well that is indeed good news fer ya!" She puts her fork down on the table and turns her complete attention to the woman before her. "So, go on.. dun be shy.." She urges for more information.

Sarah Leah blinks. "I do not know what else to say." Yet her shining brown eyes declare that she has plenty to share. "He is a wonderful man from a very good family. Our life and religious views, as well as our goals are similar." She exhales as though just finishing a long speech on her future husband, despite having said hardly anything at all.

Chiane chuckles. "Well, jus' as along as he treats ya right. I would hate to have to stick my foot up his back end." She reaches for her beverage and sips from it once more. "So.. iffen the two of ya git hitched, ya gonna still work here or be a wife and mother type?"

Sarah Leah blushes fiercely, her eyes dropping to her lap, where her wringing hands lie. "Oh, he treats me very well. Much better than I deserve, in truth." There is a pause as she considers the question. "We discussed that and agree that it would be best for me to continue working here. If we are blessed with a child… well, that is something to discuss if it occurs. That is, if you still need me now that you have returned."

Chiane smiles softly. "I have been considering building a home.." She looks down to her beverage. "Truth be told.. " she pauses as if holding some great secret. Then she shakes her head. "I want you here.. as long as you wish."

An eyebrow quirks up at the unfinished sentence. "A home to house you and Mr. Marlowe… and perhaps some others?" As much as she tries not to pry, a small smile curves Sarah Leah's lips at the implication. "I would love to remain. I do hope you do not mind the rules I set down. I simply wanted to ensure this remains a respectable establishment, even in these tumultuous times."

Even with the brown of her skin, the blush can be seen vibrantly. She clears her throat. "That obvious huh?" She mutters. Glancing up. "I beg of you not to tell a soul… noone but myself.. and now you.. knows." She cants her head slightly. "Rules?"

Sarah Leah nods slowly. "I assure you, I will not tell anyone. There are very, very strict rules about such things in my religion." With a smile, she adds, "Yes, I have created a rule that men and women are not allowed to be alone in any of the rooms here. In addition, any unmarried women who wish to board here must agre to have a proper escort any time she wishes to leave the premises. Obviously, a man to whom she is not related would not qualify for this. I do hope this is suitable?" They are sitting in the dining room, across from one another. Chiane is eating while Sarah Leah is speaking.

Tyson steps up from the street onto the hardwood plank as he takes a few moments to look over his shoulder. Finding that he is alone on the street he finally dusts himself off and slowly turns the knob. He enters quietly letting his eyes investigate before moving forward. Finally his body wills himself forward letting him in. He spends a few moments looking around and even running his finger over the fireplace. It looks as though he has been riding for quite some time. He slowly deposits his saddle over one of the sofas and slumps down into it.

Chiane cants her head slightly and arches a brow with the rules. "I'm not sure I like those rules. I mean.. what is a woman to do if a man is sitting in the living room alone? Is she to retreat to the confines of her room until he leaves? Also.. this is a home for people. I want them to feel at home and not that they are in trouble if they talk to the others. Now.. I am sure compromises can be made on these rules.." She pauses and glances up as the door opens and peers through the open doors of the dinign room.

Sarah Leah looks down again and nods. "A woman need not retreat simply because a man is about. Just that she should not spend time alone in a room with a man. A private room. Whether or not anything… untoward is occurring, it certainly looks very bad." Still, she nods slowly and looks over toward the foyer from the dining hall. "Yes, compromises. Of course, Mrs. Marlowe." Unable to see properly, the chunky woman rises and heads into the other room, opening the doors more fully. "Good evening, sir. How may I help you?"

Tyson finally spots the two women through the doorway of the dining room. "Evening ladies." He tips his head and lifts his oversized hat gently before setting it in his lap. "I was coming to inquire about a room I have been riding very hard the last few days. I needed somewhere to rest for awhile. But I did not mean to interrupt your social time. I could always come back." He slowly starts lifting himself up off the couch. His hands gathering his belongings.

Chiane smiles at Sarah. She turns to her meals and takes three more quick bites before rising from her seat. She reaches to a bucksin belt and unties it, allowing the traditional Indian robes to grow slack around her shoulders. She begins to peel it off like an extra skin, revealing her more traditional garments underneath. Well.. if one could call it traditional. She was wearing men's clothing. There was a red button up shirt tucked into a pair of black trousers. Grabbing the heavy robes, she drapes it over her arms and moves towards the door as well, peering into the main area.

Sarah Leah smiles politely, shaking her head. "You have not interrupted anything that could not be discussed later. We have room available. Would you first like some late supper? The smell of freshly baked bread wafts through to the open room, already surrounding the short woman.

Tyson turns and watches Sarah closely for a few minutes then nods his head. "Yes ma'am dinner would be lovely. I would like to pay for a week in advance in case I have to leave on short notice." He slowly slumps his belongings back onto the couch pulling his billfold free. "How much for a week of room and board Miss?" He stops realizing he has no name to actually refer to her by.

Chiane remains behind Sarah, peering at the newcomer with a rather intense gaze. The lithe black woman remains silent as the transaction is made.

"Miss Cozen. It is a pleasure to meet you, Mister…?" Sarah Leah rattles off the price quickly, as though it were instinct. "The rate is two dollars and fifty cents for room and board for the week. If you would like a hot bath, that will be another dollar." The implication in her voice indicating that might not be a bad idea at all. "Why might you have to leave suddenly?"

Tyson flashes a quick smile to Miss Cozen before pulling free six dollars. He makes his way towards the woman handing her small stack of bills. "If you wouldn't mind including three baths as well Miss Cozen. The name is Tyson McKenna and I am a butcher by trade and I am never quite sure of where the road will take me."

Chiane chuckles from behind Sarah. "I know that feeling." The negress moves out from the dining room with the indian robes draped over her arm. She looks to the man and back to Sarah. "Do you have this? I was about to take my things and put them away."

Sarah Leah counts the money quickly, offering a nod to the new customer. At Chiane's question, her smile deepens a bit and she nods once. "I do. Sleep well, Mrs. Marlowe." Instantly, her expression returns to the polite, pleasant, but ultimately business demeanor. "A butcher? I see. We have one in town. Perhaps he could use some help with chopping the meat. I will have that supper ready for you immediately, Mister McKenna." True to her word, she turns and starts toward the kitchen, unless she is stopped.

Chiane moves over to two large sacks that sit by the door. She hefts one up, tossing it over her shoulder before grabbing the second with the free hand. She nods to the man once and offers a smile. "Welcome." Turning towards the stairs she disapears for a short time.

Tyson squeaks up a bit. "Uh Miss Cozen..Which room may I retire my things to?" He starts making his way back to the couch and gathering up his collection. "I really would like to put all this behind lock and key." He nods to Chiane as she starts to prepare to leave. Then quickly makes his way back to the doorway holding all of his things this time.

Sarah Leah pauses and chuckles, her soft voice just barely reaching back toward the man. "Upstairs, third door on the left." She hurries into the kitchen, then returns to the dining room to set out hot tea and a plate of fresh sliced bread with a hint of honey in it as well as a thick slice of brisket, some local sauteed vegetables and mashed potatoes.

Boarding House - Dining Room

Tyson makes his way upstairs for several minutes as he puts his things in the corner. He doesn't spend too much time fooling with them instead only straightening himself up. After a few moments primping himself in the mirror he heads back to the dining room standing quietly off to the side as he tilts his head watching the room thoughfully.

Sarah Leah arranges all of the food, leaving the remains of Chiane's dinner alone, as she may well return. "I hope all is to your satisfaction, Mister McKenna." She seems truly eager to please, despite her lack of much emotion and soft-spoken voice.

Tyson smiles letting his eyes watch over Sarah for several moments before answering. "You are as beautiful as you are kind. Thank you mam." He slides his chair out slowly taking his place he begins to eat but very slowly and makes sure to savor as much as he can from the food. Though he is famished and its killing him not to devour the food rudely.

The compliment has Sarah Leah blinking, frowning a bit and averting her eyes. She does not verbally acknowledge it at all, only replying to his other comment. "You are welcome, Mister McKenna." Not once has she forgone formality thus far. "I have something to tend to in the kitchen. Please enjoy your meal." One might call her quick gait across the large room toward the doors to the kitchen hurried.

Tyson shrugs a bit then nods his head as he leans down to continue working on his food. Finally using her leaving the room as an opportunity to devour what is left on the plate. He lets out a deep long sigh of satisfaction as he leans back relaxing after having devoured the remaining few bites.

Right on cue, Sarah Leah returns with another, smaller plate. This one holds a hefty slice of hot apple pie. Vey hot, in fact, as though it has only just left the oven. The scent of the dessert follows the stout cook/manager into the dining room. "Do you have room for dessert, Mister McKenna?"

Tyson lights up nodding his head a bit more. "Why yes Ma'am a treat from you is always well recieved." He lights up as the plate is set down in front of him. However he does take the time to nod and greet the cook.

Sarah Leah gently sets the plate down before the hungry man. Just as quickly, she takes the other one away. Deeming it past time for Chiane to return, if in fact she had planned on it, the maiden also gathers up the mug and plate from further down the table where the negress had been sitting. She returns to the kitchen for a few moments. Once she is again in the dining room, she softly says, "The water for your bath should be ready in about half an hour. Is this acceptable?"

Tyson watches the girl softly letting out a deep long sigh. "So I take it you do not like me much Miss Cozen. Though I thank you for your hospitality. Do you know of anyone in town I might converse with about politics and such. Perhaps I should make a list of whom I should meet in case I decide to stay."

Sarah Leah's brow lifts in surprise, her expression turning suddenly apologetic. "Oh no, that is not it at all, Mister McKenna. I simply… do not converse much with men aside from my family and my fiance." A small grin creeps up her face unbidden. "It would be unseemly. I do not know much about local politics, to be honest, but Mrs. Marlowe - the woman you met earlier - is likely to know much about this town. She has been here for some time."

Tyson leans back resting against the chair as he watches you closely. "Well I meant no impropriety Miss Cozen only the most cordial of talks. Though if your fiance is truly insecure on your whereabouts I understand. It would be hard not to keep tabs on such a beautiful woman. I apologize for making you uncomfortable. It was truly not my intention."

Sarah Leah cants her head to the right, seeming a bit confused. "Insecure on my whereabouts? No, that is not the situation at all. It is hala-… um, law. It is Jewish law that a man should not speak overly much to a woman who is not in his immediate family or his wife. And your compliments, although well-intentioned, should not be said to me." She is as calm as can be, although the word beautiful does make her shift her feet. "He knows he can trust me." As carefully as she attempts to guard her inner person, the short woman is unable to completely hide the love in that single statement.

Tyson flashes a quick smile to you then stretching his arms out wide. "I see well then…But yes Ma'am I know what halakha is. I am a butcher by trade so I know a thing or two about our Jude counterparts." He slowly slides himself up out of his chair before sliding it back in. "So ma'am may I ask which way to the bath house?"

"Oh?" Sarah Leah seems quite intrigued all of a sudden, brow lifting greatly. However, she does not push the matter at the moment. "The room for it is up the stairs, last door on the right - at the end of the hall. Please allow me a few moments to fill the bathtub. I apologize for the wait." She again starts back into the kitchen. Some sloshing can be heard at first, then only heavy footsteps as she goes out another exit to come around and head toward the private area of the boarding house.


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