News: Rules
  1. We're all here to have fun. Staff and players alike. Remember this.
  2. This place is rated NC-17/R. This means you need to be an adult to play here. ACT LIKE IT.
  3. Do not be a jerk OOCly. If your a Jerk OOCly, you'll be spoken with, if you refuse to cooperate with the staff, you may be booted. Don't be surprised if this happens. Just like IC characters have consequences, OOC people have consequences for their actions too.
  4. Your in-character actions have in-character consequences. Be prepared for them. EX: You rob the bank, expected to be hunted and probably hung. You mess with someone's wife/husband/children/business. Expect retribution. On the flip side, if you donate to the Church, the school, there will probably be good IC social consequences such as the upping of your reputation in town.
  5. Not everyone in this time period had guns. They weren't carried around constantly and many used them only at their homes/farms/ranches to kill coyote. In the 1880s Western America there were few gun fights, and few robberies occurring in small towns, in fact many towns of this era had gun regulations within town limits. We're not going down that path at this time, but be aware when first coming to a game, you would not have a gun unless you've procured one from Jed, the gun shop owner. Don't come on, RPing that you've got an armory strapped to your hips. You don't. This is not a MUD, or a shoot/kill zone.
  6. Lawmen: TPs are in place for hiring a Sheriff. Please don't expect to be a day on game and ask to be a lawman. You can RP and in your BG that you were a former Texas Ranger, Sheriff from another town, but that holds no credence in game. You have to prove yourself though RP first and not just for a week or two. And please. If we tell you we've got the law covered, we do. You just may not be privy to the behind the scenes activities or the RP currently happening.

See Rules 1 and 2.

  1. We have a +life channel for you to whine on about OOC life. Use it.
  2. This is a player driven MU*. This means you are in charge of providing, finding, creating (etc) your own RP. While the staff may run some +events from time to time, players are encouraged and expected to create their own fun.
  3. If you choose to ignore these basic rules, expect to get booted.


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