Mister Oliver Charles Robinson
Portrayed By David Tennant
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 9, 1857
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Alias
Place of Birth Wealdstone, Greater London, England
Occupation Distiller
Known Relatives Rachael Breakinridge (Mother), Archer Robinson (Father)
Significant Other Ainsley Trenham
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"You'll never learn if you don't practice." Brilliant words that Rebecca had nearly imprinted on her son's mind by his fourth birthday. Every time the boy stood to leave the family's dusty upright piano, he was scolded.

The mindset followed him easily through his youth, helping him win science fairs, awards, and even straight A's in school. It made Mum exuberant. It made Dad laugh. No the only things that mattered to young Oliver's father were booze, broads, and blacksmithing. It wasn't until the third or forth time the child was tousled by the kids at school that his father began taking an interest. "You make a fist like this, son. Yes. There's a good lad. And when they come at you, ball it up and give a good one right in the nose. Do it for your ol' Dad." And he did. The children never bothered him again.

As the boys education progressed beyond fighting, he seemed to coast easily through anything he tried. Science, English, Math, and Music; it all came as easily to young Oliver as breathing did to his classmates. Piano did become a particular joy, though, and it wasn't unheard of for him to lock himself in his room for hours after class, playing the soft, romantic musings of his own mind. It was the one accomplishment Rebecca couldn't brag enough about whenever the opportunity to discuss her son come to pass.

He graduated valedictorian from his primary education two years early with honors, applying and being immediately accepted into the prestigious Cambridge University. Again, the educational coasting began. Until the other boys at school introduced him to the thing that had vexed his father for thirty years. Whiskey. After his first drink, Oliver realized why exactly Archer had thrown his life away….And what he could do to regain his father's love.

The four years of University went by without flaw. Again, the young Robinson experienced the honor of graduation. This time, however, he earned a rather unusual and sought after degree. That of a chemist. Immediately, he went to work in a small flat in Greater London, mere miles from where he grew up. The first version of his distillery was small…quaint. And largely only meant to prove a point. When that first bottle of Robinson Whiskey was delivered to the man's father, though, his reaction was simple. Archer cleaned out his families savings, put it in his son's hands, and said 'Go to America. This'll go a lot further there, m' boy. And you make a name fur yer self." Oliver's father smiled largely then, raising the bottle and taking a generous drink. "And…you use this to do it. Best I've ever drank, lad. Best I've ever drank."

So, on his journey out west, Oliver was laid over due to a train switch. The town was Silver Crossings, Colorado. "No' bad." He said softly to himself. "I think I'll give this a try…"


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*Soft, romantic piano pieces.
*Strong liquor.


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