Plans in the Night




* Ortega, Lucia, group of hispanic men and women.

Summary: Chiane takes matters into her own hands.

Date: February 3, 1884

Plans in the Night

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It is known that a person tends to take on some of the traits as those who were the most involved in a person's life. This is the same for Chiane. When feeling threatened, she gets riled up and is forced to take actions. Little did this Bull Durham know, but Chiane was in contact with quite a few folks in the old Masked Bandit gang.

In the middle of the night, Chiane stole away from the house wearing dark clothes and sticking to the shadows. This is a well-practiced stealth the woman had done many times before. Her destination was a bungalow of a house down south by the river. It was the home of a rather poor hispanic family. Goats and a cow were out in the yard, tied up to posts. Their bleating can be heard, announcing Chiane's arrival. From within the house a group of men emerged wielding different weapons ranging from pitchforks to rusty pistols. But their fears were put at ease as they took note of who it was.

"Senora, it is good you made it!" The heavy hispanic voice of a familiar friend greets Chiane's ears. Chaine could not help but to smile. "Ah.. Senor Ortega, it has been too long since we last met." The two embraced into a hug that was purely platonic in nature. "We should go inside and talk."

The group around her were the downcast and trodden. They were the minorities that made up for the grunt labor force in the area. They were the oppressed and the forgotten. These were friends to Chiane.

Inside the tiny home there is a table sat up. There is a pair of old oil lanterns lighting up the shack of a home in a warm glow. It was cold, breezy, and damp inside the house. Dirty children sat to the side with wide brown eyes and speaking to one another. Even the children sensed that something was going on. Lucia is there, she moves up to Chiane and takes the infant from her hands. "Thank you Lucia." Chiane speaks quietly to the girl. A soft smile is given to her. Chiane had grown quite fond of the child.

The group all sat down at the table and in all seriousnous, Chiane looks to them all. "Senors there is danger in this town." Some of the men and women there did not understand English. That is where Ortega stepped in, interpreting Chiane's words for the spanish speaking community and then interpreting their words to her. Discussions began and it quickly became heated. There is much pacing and much planning. And the subject of the night… Bull Durham.


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