Rafe Nivens
Rafe Nivens
Portrayed By Mark Sheppard
Gender Male
Date of Birth Fall of 1850
Age 33
Zodiac Sign Who knows?
Aliases His name is an alias
Place of Birth London, England
Occupation Jobless
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None


Silver Creek was the first anyone has heard of a man named Rafe Nivens, if the particularly curious were to inquire deeply into the matter. There was no Rafe Nivens in any records in England, where the man's accent clearly belongs. For those who hail from the same island, it would place him as one of the lower class dregs of London's East End.

Having first worked as a stable hand under a half-injun named Elijah, he went on to establish himself as an employee of the Gemstone under Meriah Broussard, in a capacity that was as obscure as his history. A resident at the boarding house, his bachelorhood was only odd as he was never a customer at the Cat's Paw or the later Gemstone, except in the confines of the bar.

He was noted to frequent the establishment of the gunsmith, Isolde Balcombe, and rumours suggest either confrontations or dealings with the now dead bandit Black Dog, depending on where the information is coming from. The same rumours also have him as an acquaintance and supporter of the town's old Sheriff, Thomas Yates.

Whatever he was up to in town, he disappeared about a year ago, to return recently without a job or much besides the clothes on his back.


  • Late 1880 - Arrived in Silver Creek
  • Early 1882 - Left Silver Creek
  • January 1883 - Returned to Silver Creek


  • Have you ever heard of a Glasgow smile?


If you're interested in connecting a character to someone on the grid:

  • Nivens has siblings. They just don't know him as Nivens. However, one could've tracked him to Silver Creek.
  • He is a wanted man, if not nescessarily by the American law as a whole. A Pinkerton or any other private investigator/bounty hunter might come looking for him.
  • He has some old friends and enemies from the Isles, if you're interested, do drop me an @mail, e-mail, or page me if I'm online.


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