Sarah Leah Tietz
Sarah Leah Tietz
Portrayed By Nikki Blonsky
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 7, 1859 / 10 Tishrei, 5620
Age 23
Place of Birth Detroit, MI, USA
Occupation Homemaker
Known Relatives Isaac Cozen (Father), Sophia Cozen (Mother), Dina Cozen (Sister), Marvin Cozen (Brother), Sadie Burgstein (Great Aunt)
Significant Other Aharon Tietz


Sarah Leah Cozen was born just after Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year, began. Being the daughter of the two people who were responsible for the first synagogue in Michigan was no easy task. Sarah was the youngest of three children, with nearly 6 years between her and her sister, and 8 years between her and her brother. This difference meant that while her elder siblings were rather close, she often had to amuse herself. Partially due to this and partially to her religions culture, she learned to read English and Hebrew at an early age and could speak a basic amount of Yiddish. Drawn to books of ancient times, she soon found herself holed up in her room or sitting off to the side of the playground reading both religious and secular historical accounts of events that occurred thousands of years ago. Because her parents were unsure of what to do with their strange child who aced all of her classes yet showed little desire in socializing, they spent most of their efforts on the two normal offspring.

As she grew older, she became much more observant, baffling and angering her parents. Wasn't the way they had raised her good enough? Did she think she was better than them? Of course, neither of those things had anything to do with her own spiritual awakening, but she was unable to convince them of this. At the age of twenty-one, she decided she had to leave. All her life, people had been moving out West toward the frontier and she wanted to do the same. Out there, a person could practice their religion however they wished. So it is that she set out with enough money to start a life elsewhere and two suitcases with her most important belongings: clothing, a copy of the Torah and several books of Talmud, a beautiful gold chai on a chain that her Great Aunt Sadie had given her during the last visit, and faith that Hashem would guide and provide.


  • October 7, 1859 - Sarah Leah Cozen was born.
  • November, 1880 - Took a train from Detroit, Michigan to Silver Creek, Colorado.
  • March, 1882 - Hired as the manager of a boarding house owned by Chiane Marlowe.
  • November, 1882 - Became betrothed to Aharon Tietz, the shochet (kosher butcher).
  • March 1, 1883 - Married Aharon Tietz.


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  • Sarah Leah does not touch members of the opposite sex age 13 or older (7 when she can help it) unless the person is her spouse or immediate family (father, brother or son). This is for religious reasons.
  • Her hair is always covered by a snood, bonnet or hat. Every strand is tucked away.


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