Sebastian Winters
Portrayed By Leonardo DiCaprio
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 14th, 1857
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Mr. Winters
Place of Birth Boston, MA, USA
Occupation Postmaster
Known Relatives Ellen Winters (Mother), John Winters (Father) Elizabeth Winters (Sister)
Significant Other Married to Keira Winters


A family with a proud history isn't always a good thing as Sebastian learned. In his youth life was good and everything provided for him inclding social refinement and higher education. But it was stifling. A family line traced back to the colonial days with history of political and military service was an honorable thing, but the tradition was too stifling. His father a boston judge was bound and deteremined Sebastian would follow in his footsteps, Sebastian on the otherhand railed against this notion heavily.

At the age of 18 he enlisted in the army, hoping to join the cavalry. His father's connections however soon placed him in a safe boring duty as a clerk. His father manipulating the system so far as to even allow further education. Sebastian fought tooth and nail, finally obtaining a position as messenger for a frontier division.

This did not last long as scant months into his new position he was wounded. An ambush by a handfull of drunken indians to full of whiskey to fear the odds. The attack while mostly harmless did leave Sebastian with a bullet in his shoulder and a scar on his forehead from a failed scalp attempt.

His father's connections plus the situation soon found Sebastian discharged honorably due to his wounds. It happened so fast His medal was mailed to him post discharge.

In rebellion and pure wish to achieve something outside his father's range of aid and manipulation Sebastian headed west. A few contacts of Sebastian's helping in finding a job as Post Master in Silver creek. His clerical and messenger skills made him a decent fit and the town's outlying position and potentials risks offered the adventure he crave. Here he is now, trying to establish a foothold for himself in a new town, still haunted partially by his father's influence.


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