Shots and Ladders


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* Segenam.

Summary: Arden and Colton explore the root cellar.

Date: 9 February, 1884.

Shots and Ladders

Root Cellar, Blacksmith's House

Quite a bit of work has been done, in the last few days, to clear out the smithy, to clean up the yard, as best one can in this weather, and the house beyond. It's hard work, in any season, trying to clear away months of neglect from an abandoned home. But life is what it is, and Arden has been working from sunrise to past sunset to make the place she's purchased her home.
Segenam is settled into his stall, the sounds of his movements loud in the stillness of the yard, so there's some hope that Arden is nearby. After all, where the horse is the woman usually follows. And her own voice can be heard, soft and lilting french, as it's accompanied by general rustling coming from somewhere in the yard. The light shining up from the ground might be a clue to her whereabouts.

Colton walks onto the edge of the yard, and calls out, "Hello to the house!" He glances around, and walks over idly to Seg, and lifts his hand to smooth over his back, "Hey there.. Where'd ye momma go boy?" He leans over to look at the light coming up from the ground, "Did ye bury her?"

Seg whinnies, a soft, and as much as a horse's voice can be happy, happy sound, as he recognizes the man's form, and his head turns to nudge shoulder, as he's greeted. A quick step of his feet, and a toss of his head at the question. No clear answer from the stallion, but the clank of jar on jar can be heard, in answer to the call, and it takes only a few moments, for Arden's head to appear above the open doors of the root cellar, "He tried, don't let him tell you otherwise." A flash of a smile, and she continues, "Sheriff Reynolds. Welcome to my home…such as it is. Come down if you like…perhaps you might have better luck than I."

Colton arches an eyebrow, and move over to look down the steps to the cellar, "What are ye doin down there?" He moves slowly down the steps, and glances around.

Arden climbs back down the ladder, moving back into the cellar, which is neatly lit with a trio of lamps. "Trying to decide if some sort of crazed scientist must have lived here before I moved in. Also, checking to see if there is anything left that is still edible and can be salvaged, or if not, at least the jars can be cleaned and reused. Coming down? I can't guarantee your safety."

Colton sits on his heels, and looks down into the cellar, "Well it don't make sense.. Why didn't they jest dig it back a bit.. Nobody uses a ladder to get to thier root cellar?" He starts down the ladder, "Ain't no tellin how long its been there.. Find any whiskey?"

"I plan to make a newer one as soon as I have the space and the wood. But it's sturdy for the time being, I meant more the things in these jars." Arden looks around at the comment, and points to the back, Some bottles over there seem promising, and there's a cask I haven't tapped yet. You can give it a gander, if you like."

Colton moves past her, and reaches out to knock on the cask, "Sounds hollow.." He pickes up a couple of the bottles, and carries them back over. He shakes his head as he holds one up to the light, "Looks empty to me Maam."

"That's a shame. I was hoping there would be something in at least one of them. Still," Ardfen continues on, moving through the makeshift shelves. "Does this even look like it used to be something sensible?" She holds up something murky and milky (think gefilte fish-esque)…"I think it might have once wanted to be some sort of fish." She pauses, looking up at some jars of clear liquid, pulling one down and popping the braces on either side that keep the jar air-tight. "Good lord." That's all she can say after a single sniff.

Colton reaches over to take one of the jar, and opens it as well. He sniffs, and slwoly smiles, "You know what this is Maam?"

"Do I even want to know?" A shake of her head as she exhales sharply, to get the smell out of her nose. "You'll have to enlighten me." Arden sets down the liquid jar, and moves to place the murky one in what seems to be the 'discard pile'. "There do seem to be some variety of preserves down here, fruits and onions."

Colton takes a sip from the jar, and lets out a low whistles, and stomps the ground once, "Its…. What we called white lightning back home.. It don't strike twice in the same place.. Corn liquor.. Yer blacksmith may have had a still."

"You're not actually going to—" Oh yes he is. Arden just stares, for a long moment, before she steps forward. Just in case she might be needed. "Wouldn't that be a story for the papers…blacksmith kills Sheriff." A shake of her head, once she's close enough, and she holds out a hand, "Perhaps when the snow melts in the yard," where it's piled up quite high in some places, "Well, we will see. Brave man, Sheriff."

Colton puts the lid back on the jar, and hands it over, "Its not bad.. I had better, but it was from back east.." He smiles slightly, "It won't kill ye.. You might go blind though."

Arden shakes her head, as she reopens the jar, and takes a tentative sip. barely that, before she swiftly turns and spits it out. Not the most ladylike of reactions, but, well, who says you have to be proper in your own home. The jar she quickly sets aside, "I think…no. You're welcome to whatever of these they are in here. And the still, if we find it come spring."

Colton chuckles, and moves toward the ladder, jar in tow, "It takes some gettin used to Maam. After a couple of swallows.. You'd be coverted I feel sure."

Arden pantomimes gagging as the Sheriff heads back to the ladder, her mouth burning from the remnants of the moonshine, "Or I'll be dead. I need a drink. Good thing I refilled Seg's trough before I came down here." Yes, that's how bad it was. She'd drink out of the horse's water before she took another sip. "Come, let me show you the house. Maybe there's some rancid jerky in the cupboards to go with your liquor."


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