Players:CJ , Sarah Leah and Miss Taylor

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* Miss Taylor

Summary: Miss Sarah serving Coffee and Cake to the residents of the Boarding House.

**Date: January 20th,1883

** Southern Charm

Boarding House

It is the middle of the afternoon on this slow Tuesday and many folks have wisely opted to stay indoors as much as possible. Those who stay in the boarding house and are not out working are enjoying fresh coffee in the dining room, visible through the open doors from the foyer. Sarah Leah bustles about, her short and stout form refilling cups as needed. There is a small, secretive smile upon her lips as she bounds to and fro with surprising speed for a woman her size.

CJ stepping in after opening the door, closing it behind him. He adjusts his tool box and nods to the residents and Mizz Sarah. "Gud aftahnoon." He sets his tool box down. He'd been out and a bout having had a few jobs to do that were small and didn't take alot of time.

Sarah_Leah looks up toward the door when she hears it open. A moment later, a hint of the chill Colorado air enters the dining room, although it ends quickly. With a promise to a pretty young lady that she would bring out a slice of cake promptly, the chunky manager moves toward CJ, keeping more than a respectful distance. "Good afternoon, sir. Would you like some coffee and cake or would you prefer a more substantial meal?"

CJ setting the tool box down by the stairs, he gives this a little thought "Ahs' jest ate ovah cafe, so cake en coffee sound righ' gud , Mizz Sarah, thunk yew, Hawhs yew Mizz Sarah, en migh' nice of yew t' do this heah fo' us."

With a quick nod, Sarah Leah starts off. After a couple of steps, she realizes that the Southerner is still speaking. She politely turns back to face him with a small smile and nods. "It is my pleasure and my duty. Please, make yourself comfortable in the dining room. I will return shortly." Again she starts off toward the kitchen. After only a few moments, the woman returns with two small plates, one sporting an average-sized slice of vanilla cake with thick chocolate frosting, the other containing a piece nearly twice the size. The smaller one is given to the pretty young customer while the other is reserved for CJ.

CJ walking to the dinning room, he pulls a chair out for both the lady, and then himself. He sits down and when she brings out the cake with the ice cream, his eyes must've went wide. "Aw sho' look gud mizz Sarah, migh' gud, thunk yew much, Mizz Sarah." He gets his napkin and he tucks it in his shirt.

While the young lady sneaks glances at CJ beneath long blonde lashes, Sarah Leah nods gracefully. "Thank you, Mister Jackson." She leans over to grab ahold of the coffee carafe along with one of the stack of clean mugs near the end of the table, her chest and middle pushing against the young patron a bit. When the woman makes an annoyed sound, Sarah Leah immediately pulls back and blushes. "My apologies, Miss Taylor." Embarrassed, she goes about pouring the hot beverage for CJ.

CJ doesn't take notice of the coyish glances, he leans back as Sarah pours coffee for him and he glances only when the woman makes that sound, and simply shakes his head. "Sho' look gud, coffee wahms th' inside, y'suh sho' does at that." He takes his cup and takes a sip of the black liquid, not being one for sugar and cream in it. " Mizz Sarah, Ah's tahk it Mizz Chiane guts th' thar rocka Ah's made fo' heah" It had been in the living room last night and was gone by the time he came down the stairs.

While the short woman rambles on about something insignificant, Miss Taylor takes a small bite of the cake. "So, Mister Jackson, you are a carpenter? A man should always be skilled with his hands." Her voice has a soft Southern lilt, likely from somewhere near the northern border as the accent is nowhere near as thick as CJ's.

CJ wipes his mouth on his napkin before speaking after taking a bite of cake. "Y's mizz, Ah's a carapentah, muh grampa taugh' meh. Ah's hopin' fo' a stoh, ain't found a vacant buildin' jest yet,so Ah's jest doin' odd jobs fo' now." He looks down at his hands, calloused as they were. "Ah's righ' gud wit muh hands." He gives a quirky smile, as he reaches and gives his mustache a tug .

The boarding house manager is called away by another new customer. This time the order is for an actual meal, so it is back to the kitchen for Sarah Leah. The young blonde gently twirls her hair with her left finger, turning slight to face CJ more fully. "Is that so? Well, my hotel room could prob'ly use some fixin'. Maybe I should tell the owner." Her ruby lips curve a bit on one side in a slow smirk.

CJ wasn't blind to her attempts though he just played along for a moment. "Mizz ifa th' thar hotel ownah wunts wohk dun, he'd knawhs haws t' find meh, but mahbe yew cain tells meh wut awls wrong wit yore room,eh?" He finishes off the cake and puts his fork in the plate and leans back to take enjoyment of the conversation. His mannerisms were true to the roots. Right down to how he held a cup in his hand.

Miss Taylor pouts a touch, but quickly rebounds into a warm smile. "It is the bed, Mister Jackson. It looks well enough and even feels fine at first. But it's when ya lay down and move around - tossing and turning, that is - the silly thing wobbles like a pig on a fence."

CJ had to chuckle, woman was righ' up front bout it. "Awls well then Mizz Taylor, maybe yew shouldn't be wigglin' so. Jest hava th' thar owner bring it t' meh, heah et boardin' house en Ah's git it fixed up fo' him." He wasn't dumb but he wasn't gonna let himself get baited into that one.

"Your ice cream is melting, Miss Taylor," Sarah Leah says gently as she passes by in her duties. The slim young woman offers a sharp, "Yes, I know. Thank you." Then it is all smiles and charm for the carpenter. "I certainly will talk to him about it. But, you know, the moving around can't be helped. It's such a big bed and I am only one person. Besides, I'm not used to these cold nights. It was warm back home."

CJ chuckles lightly as she is reminded bout the ice cream and he folds his napkin and puts it beside his plate and a slight smirk appears on his face. "Welps, Ah's reckon, yore righ' bout that, but perhaps yew outta gits yew a smallah bed, instead? " He leans back and watches,her.

Without missing a beat, Miss Taylor shows that she is not entirely dim by retorting, "Ah had thought o' that, but it does not solve my other problem. Surely, I can't be up all night stokin' the fire alone." The smirk deepens even as Sarah Leah wrinkles her nose, as though some foul odor had contaminated the room despite there being only the pleasant smells of food around.

CJ glances to Sarah "Yew mind ifa Ah's have meh a cigah?" He turns to Miss Taylor." Welp Ah's saiz yew needin' yew a gud negra servant." He reaches in his pocket for a cigar but doesn't light it up just yet.

"I would prefer it if you smoked away from where people are eating. Perhaps the entryway, Mister Jackson?" Sarah Leah's tone is polite, but firm. "Your room would be ideal, but I understand if you desire to continue your conversation with the pretty Miss Taylor." Unlike some others, there is not even a hint of jealousy in her tone, although perhaps a touch of disgust shows through with that wrinkled nose of hers. Assuming the other young woman is finished with her barely-touched and melting snack, Sarah Leah moves foward to pick up the plate.

The blonde tilts her head in thought. "Yes, that might be best. Do you know of any? Maybe one like the girl who works here." Her comment is quickly corrected as Sarah Leah briskly replies, "She is no longer employed here, Miss."

CJ puts his cigar back into his pocket, he'd step out in the back yard in a moment, respectfully of the lady of the house. He rises to his feet. "Much obliage Mizz Sarah fo' that dessert, righ' gud." He glances to Mizz Taylor. "Maybe send wohd home, fo' a house servant,jest cause th' wah be long ovah,dun' mean servants air obsolete."

Miss Taylor nods slowly. "I will think on it, Mister Jackson. It was quite the pleasure meetin' you." Sarah Leah ignores the other woman as best she can, only offering a small smile to CJ. "Thank you. Have a lovely day, Mister Jackson."

CJ offers a smile to Sarah and then to Miss Taylor. “Lahkwise Mizz Taylor, most interestin’ , nawhs if yew will excuse meh, Ah’s gunna step outside en hava smoke.” He steps from the table and steps outside out on the front porch.


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