Tietz's Stepmother Angers the Marlowes


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* Mrs. Tietz (Aharon Tietz's stepmother)

Summary: An evil stepmother storms the boarding house, hurling damning accusations about her future daughter-in-law and angering all present.

Date: February 1, 1883

Log Title Tietz's Stepmother Angers the Marlowes

Boarding House

The high, shrill voice can be heard, just before a rapid, insistent knocking on the front door. Impatiently, the knock is repeated just a second later.

Marlowe looks at his wife, shrugs and says, "Mebbe ya bettah git thet?"

Chiane steps out and into the parlor, seemingly in the midst of a conversation with her husband. She blinks at the sound and looks to the door, then back to him. "What in the…" She turns for the door, pulling it open.

CJ looks up, he was kneeling on the floor checking his tool box for his chisel, that he couldn't find and looks to Marlowe and Chiane for a moment.

Without waiting for an invitation, a stylishly dressed woman pushes into the room, talking non-stop in the high, nasally voice, "Where is she? I know she is about." She turns to Chiane and peers down her nose, "I suppose /you/ are the new housekeeper? I certainly hope you are more suited to it than that..woman who has bewitched my son!"

Chiane blinks a time or two. "Who? What?" She glances about then back to her. "What are ya talkin' 'bout? This here is mah home. I own it. What do ya need?"

CJ rolls his eyes at the woman, he'd had the opportunity to meet her once, and that was too much. He rises to his feet and gathers his things. "Ah's be en th' kitchen." He starts to go.

Something about the woman's voice, her attitude, raises the hackles on the 'breed's back and he growls, "Thet's mah wahf, lady, an' Ah ain't gonna lissen to ya talkin' to her lahk thet."

"That Cozen woman, of course! I have it on good authority that she is with child. She was /seen/ buying infant supplies, and I must know if it is my son's child, has she gone to such lengths to trap him?" Elegantly, she slips gloves from her arms, "I have heard as well that she is a frequent visitor to that Brothel! Perhaps it is from some frolick there she is pregnant."

Chiane stiffens up. "Miss Cozen is in my employee and I know that she is a good person of high upstanding nature." She motions to her own gently rounded belly. "I assure ya.. she weren't buyin' no clothes fer her own baby.. She is mah friend. And I have not known her to EVER visit that brothel. Do ya believe everthin' folks tell ya?"

CJ snorts at accusing this poor dear "Mizz Cozen, ain't nuthin' but rightous, Mizz, en yew ain'ts guts nawh jest caws t' accuse heh of such, nonsense."

The 'breed's eye pops just a bit and he blurts, "Thet ain't so, Ah tooked her thar .." then he clamps his mouth shut after mumbling, "Reckon Ah'd know iffen she wuz thar or not..an' she ain't"

The woman gains an evil smirk on her face as she turns to the misshapen man who spoke, "So it IS true! She does visit that den of iniquity! Perhaps /you/ are the man that impregnated her!" Her finger jabs at the Indian, "She is much too fat to not be with child, and I must /insist/ you help me expose her infidelity!"

Chiane stiffens up and moves to stand between her husband and the obnoxious woman. "Do not touch mah husband!" She blurts out. She stalks forward, a dark look in her eye. "And git outta mah home ya crazy witch! I aint gonna help piss on ya iffen ya were on fire!"

The finger did it. The 'breed raises his head and glares at the woman, growling, "Now you jest look heah, ya dayamed ole bitch..Ah dun keer fer Miss Cozen none atall, but Ah'll be dayamed iffen yore gonna lie 'bout her in front uv mah face..AH taken her to the Gemstone once..an' it wuz so she could he'p calve a gal thar, thet's all."

CJ had hope the woman wasn't addressing him bout impregnating Mizz Cozen, he was about to get all into her face but her attention went to Marlowe, thus saving him the trouble.

Obviously unused to such rough language, and the sudden threatening gestures, Missus Tietz never the less holds her ground, although she pales a bit, "Still, I must insist that you help me stop this wedding to my son! He deserves so much better than she, and I am positive she used her feminine wiles to entice him into an unclean union."

Chiane shouts, "GIT OUT!" She stalks forward, getting up in the woman's face. "Ya are a lyin' conivin' woman. A gossipmonger who dun know what the heyll she is talkin' 'bout. I aint gonna do no such thing. Noone in this here town is gonna help ya." She motions with her hands as if shooing a pest. "Now git.. go on.. go.."

"She ain't carryin' no baby, ya dayamed bitch!" Marlowe barks again, "She air jest fat an' ugly..comes frum eatin' spiced worms in tha middle uv the naht!"He snorts in disgust, "Lahk mah wahf sed, git outta heah or AH'll by gawd throw ya out!" He takes a step forward and wraps a hand in the woman's coat, lifting her feet off the floor with a surprising show of strength and duckwalking her backwards.

CJ goes and opens the front door so Marlowe can toss the old bat out the door.

With a shocked gasp, the woman graps the thick wrist with both hands, choking as she is pushed towards the door. One of the gossamer gloves drops to the floor to be trod upon. "nooo" coems the strangled gasp, tears springing to her eyes, "please you must……", but unable to speak further, stares horrified at the Indian who is slowly killing her.

Chiane blinks at Marlowe's words. "I wouldn't go so far as to say she is ugly.. I think she is a cute lady.. though plump.." She pauses and steps up to the woman. It seems the simple motion of Marlowe lifting her balled up her coat around her neck. "Chris.. please.. put her down.. She WILL leave.."

CJ turns to Mizz Tietz "Leave them fokes alone, ifa they's wished t' be maird they's will, wheatha yew lahk's it air nawt, Mizz Cozen be a gud whoaman, ain't dun nuthin' wrong. Ah's nawt let that thar woman back, she jest cawses thangs t' gits awl bent outta shape."

With a growl and a final squeeze of the jacket, the 'breed shoves the woman back, viciously, and watches the result with a mask of anger on his face. "Ah'll let 'er go..straight ta heyll." he growls, and reaches for the heavy Dance revolver at his hip, forgetting that it was stored safely upstairs.

Missus Tietz, (the Elder), stumbled backwards as she is released, and tumbles of the porch into a churned up mix of slush, horse droppings and mud, landing on her backside. The stylish hoops of her bustle snap with the impact, obviously jabbing into tender flesh as she screams in outrage and pain, "I will see you punished for this!", came the sobbing voice, "All of you!"

Chiane watches as the woman tumbles over ungracefully. Chiane steps up and looks down to her. "It is not wise to invoke the wrath of people." She turns her gaze to Marlowe, then back to the woman. "'Specially wild injuns.." A wicked smirk crosses her features. "Now.. go take yer lyin self somewhere else 'fore I leave ya 'lone with the angry Injun.."

CJ couldn't help but laugh at the old bat. "Sevahs yew righ' " He stood near the door after she fell on her backside.

Chiane watches as the woman departs and shakes her head. "Absolutely ridiculous.." She turns back inside. She pauses as if temporarily forgetting what it was she was doing. "Oh yes!" She turns to the stairs dissapearing up the flight for a moment.

Chiane was not gone long and had returned with much haste. In her hand there was a box of ammunition. She looks to Marlowe, nodding once to him. "Ready.."

CJ shudders "That whoaman give meh th' woolies. Ah's cain't stand heh." The 'breed steps out on to the porch, saying over his shoulder, "Reckon she could give a pantha the willies..C'mon, Dahlin' it air a long walk to the 'springs."

Chiane tucks the box underneath her arm and reaches for her heavy winter coat. She pulls it over her form and secures it tightly. Looking back to him. "Ready.."


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