Stringing Cupid's Bow


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* Segenam.

Summary: Evalyn, Emma, Arden and Abigail start preparing for the Valentine's Day Party.

Date: 12 February, 1884

Stringing Cupid's Bow

Main Street and The Silver Creek Hotel

Arden steps out of the blacksmith's leading Seg, who's loaded down with boxes and such. Still, the stallion isn't giving her too many problems, so likely they're not that heavy. A blanket thrown over them to keep them dry hides any view of the possible contents, "It was very nice of the manager to allow us to use the hotel for the get together." She seems to be speaking to someone still in the shop.

Abigail takes a few steps out of the blacksmith's shop a handful of moments after Arden and Segenam, dusting off her hands before turning about in order to close things up and secure them down. "It is," she replies readily before speeding up her gait in order to walk alongside the opposite flank of the stallion. "I'm looking forward to all of this, to be honest."

Arden begins to lead the loaded down stallion along the center of the road, where the snow has been tracked down the best, to save both on her feet and his. He's still wearing his hoof boots, having been unshoed only a few days ago, "So am I. It's been such a dreary winter, and the town could use something to bring some good cheer back into their lives, or at least an evening where they can enjoy thmeselves. With the marshall in town and all…" She shakes her head, reaching up to pat Seg's neck.

Arden and Abigail are making their way along the roadway, staying towards the middle. Segenam has been turned into a packmule, it seems, but he doesn't look that dejected about it. (set pose)

Emma slowly walks down the street, being mindfull of the snowdrifts that could easily swollow her. Her gaze falls over the small group of people that seem to be working, an eyebrow raised in question, though for the time being, she watches.

Evalyn emerges from the bank having concluding whatever business she had to conclude. Evalyn humms softly to herself, an old gospel hymn. As the poor horse walks by with so much on his back, Evalyn arches a brow. There is a moment of curiosity that crosses her face. Lifting her hand, she waves to the woman.

Abigail continues along with Segenam and Arden, giving idle looks about town as they move through it. She steps in something, pauses to glance downwards, and then picks her pacing back up; "I… just don't want to end up sticking my hands into people anymore, I've never tried to make it a living at fixing people. This ought to be cheer enough for a while." She clasps her hands together emphatically, smiling ruefully in spite of the gesture.

Arden's gaze shifts, off towards the movement, and she raises a hand in greeting to Evalyn, "We're on our way to the hotel to do some decorating, would you like to come with us?" and then to Emma, as she sees another person out and about. She hasn't met her yet, but still, she offers a wave as well. "Evening, ma'am." And finally, to Abigail, "I know that isn't how you wanted to have your first few weeks in town, Abigail. But you did a good thing. And that is never amiss. But for now, we can try to think of happy things."

Emma still seems a bit unsure, but a small wave is offered in return and she finally moves from her spot by the hotel, her hands coming up to rub at her arms a little, "You're decoratin?" she asks, finally speaking.

Evalyn offers a grin to Arden. "Decorating? For what?" She is rather curious now, stepping off the boardwalk and over in their direction. She is careful to step over muddy puddles and bits of snow.

"Oh, of course, I know, in the end." Abigail trails off though at the sight of others and she settles into her spot in order to have at with an incoming conversation. She even smiles, naturally inclined to though, with it brightening upon a low inclining of her chin out of respect. She lifts her voice in answering, "Valentine's, ma'am."

"Well, I was thinking…that it's been such a terrible winter, and there's been little enough cheerful, for people to keep their spirits up, from what I've seen and heard. So I thought…and George and Nora were kind enough to offer the Hotel's great hall to host the party. Abigail's agreed to help, and you're welcome to come along, if you like. I think there might be some hot cocoa as payment." A flash of a smile towards Emma, "For Valentine's. It's coming up in a few days."

Emma raises an eyebrow, her fingers coming up to push some strands of hair away, "I reckin I can help if you're needing it." she looks from the woman to the hotel and then back to the small group, finally closing the distance, "where do you need me."

Evalyn ponders this a moment. Slowly a smile spreads across her features. "Why, I would be delighted to help!" She chirps up. "What kind of party is it? Will there be dancing and have others promised to already be there?"

Abigail lifts her chin when she's reference and she smiles reflexively before taking a half-step forward and sweeping a hand up in order to pat Segenam. The more intricate questions has her quieting down, but, "Well, I hear the Llewellyn's might show up, I think… it's what rumors say. I don't know about any others, don't particularly know of them either, for the most part."

"You're both welcome to join us, if you please. I brought such supplies as I could find around town, so it's not much, but with a little creativity, I'm sure we can get the room looking." A flash of a smile, as Arden turns Seg towards the hotel, moving slowly enough that evalyn can catch up with them, "Well, I've never run one myself before you know, but I've been to a few in my travels and back home. I thought we might have singing and poetry, and a wooing contest for the gents, and a kissing booth. Crafts and perhaps the women in town might sell some of their wares. I have a few small things I plan to make for it as well. Decorative candle holders and such.

Emma follows the two women, but on foot, taking a few more steps towards the hotel, "I'll start bringing some things inside." she offers, with a slight smile, though shakes her head a little at the festivities ideas, "should prove to be an interestin time to be sure."

Evalyn just blushes immensely at the thought of a kissing booth! "Ooohh. Sounds like a lot of fun! This sounds like something that the town could really use! Something to uplift it's spirits!" A smile crosses her features. "I would love to help!" She seems eager to do something a bit upb eat for a change!

Abigail shifts her weight forward and begins to step alongside the burdened stallion, watching after the others and taking to a moment of silence. When they're near enough to the hotel to make things far less of a hassle than any time before, the blonde's glancing back to Segenam and the supplies the horse carries with him; Boxes and bags, many of them, but with the four of them it shouldn't take too long at all, or so she believes.

Arden works with Abigail, unloading the stallion, setting the boxes and saddlebags down on the porch and steps of the hotel, off to the side so as not to get in the way of foot traffic. Once everything's unloaded, she leads the now much lighter appaloosa away, and over towards the small covered stable of sorts, to keep him out of the cold. Once he's all set up with some food and water, she starts to make her way back. "I'm Arden, by the by. Town's blacksmith, I don't think we've met," that to Emma.

Emma brings the box she was carrying as far as the enterence to the hotel and then looks back to Arden, nodding, "doesn't surprise me, just arrived yesterday." she offers her hand to the woman, "name's Emma..Emma Douglas." she smiles, "nice to meet you."

Evalyn steps forward taking a couple of bags and hooking them into her arms. A box is hoisted, loading down the nurse. Peering over her box towards Emma, Evalyn introduces herself in a kind way, "And I am Evalyn ! Pleased to meet you!" A b right sm ile is flashed Emma's way.

Abigail eases on into taking a moment of rest near to the others and the supplies, rubbing her hands together and shifting her weight from one work boot to the next. "Abigail Hayes," she adds to the greetings, lifting her right hand into a small wave before returning to work. She's nabbing a handful of bags and a box beneath them.

Arden picks up the last of the boxes, the final set of bags tossed over her shoulder, "I think that's everything, she offers as she starts up the steps, "Nora said we could work in a corner of the great room, and she'd be willing to store what we needed until the party. I'm hoping we'll get a good turn out, and it'll be good business for the hotel. I decided to ask for donations, that we can distribute to the people who lost their businesses, or livelihoods during the fires that happened just before we came…we lost the stage coach station, didn't we? And the clothiers. And a few other businesses were damaged."

Evalyn follows inside, glancing about to find a place to set her stuff. She follows Arden, nestling the items next to hers. "So, what possessed you two ladies to do up this function?" She grins to Arden.

Evalyn follows inside, glancing about to find a place to set her stuff. She follows Arden, nestling the items next to hers. "So, what possessed you two ladies to do up this function?" She grins to Arden.

"Well, I just tend to enjoy helping folk, even when I complain about it. It's the best I can offer a very scarred world. I think that possessed me." Abigail pauses from droning on and on in order to huff and lower her things down quickly, lest they fall out of her hands in the first place. She pauses once more, double-checks herself, and then lifts in order to finish carrying the things and park them with the others.

Arden begins to sort the boxes and bags, setting them open so that they can be easily gotten into. The boxes have paper sheets in a variety of colours, mostly red and white and pink, but other colours as well. Apparently she bought what she could. There's also string and glue and other things for making decorations. nails and hooks for hanging, wire and some pieces of cloth and baubles and such as well. It's all rather slapdash, but creativity can do wonders.

Evalyn steps forward, muddling through the papers and pulling them out. She eyes the sheets in her hand with a scrutinizing gaze. "I could make a chain of color with these." She volunteers. "And have some baubles hanging from them intermittently." She grins.

Once everything is set down and opened, Arden hunkers down beside Evalyn, "That would be wonderful. And I was thinking of making hearts and such to decorate the tables. Some of this paper is thin enough, it could be curled like ribbon. I don't want to waste wood on building actual booths and such, since the town will need every bit of it come the thaw, so I thought we could use just some of the hotels spare tables, and then make paper signs to say what each area might be."

Evalyn grins. "Excellent idea." She fishes out a pair of sciccors and finds a seat on the floor, sitting indian-style. A lil pink tongue sticks out from the corner of her mouth as papers are cut into even strips. Glancing to Arden, "So.. tell me where you are from?" Maybe that information had already been shared, but Evalyn is trying to strike up conversation.

"I was born in Quebec, in the central plains. My father and I started traveling after my mother died. My mother was Cree, she was a horse trader, so I learned to raise and care for them from her. My father was a blacksmith." Since, you know, most everyone gives her a funny look when she says what she does. After he passed, I just kept in traveling, until I ended up here. So I suppose, I'm from Quebec, but I'm also from all of the other places I've been.

You say, "What about you, Evalyn?""

Evalyn continues snipping away at the papers. Her sea-bue eyes focus on her work as she speaks, "I am from the Carolinas. My pa owned a photoshop there." The papers are finished being sliced before she moves to another stack of another color. "The war tore my family apart. Father died after his slaves beat him and killed him." She falls silent a moment as if memories flood her. "So ma was left with the kids. We opened up our home and tended to the sick. That is where I met Doctor Schermer. He noticed my love for nursing and took me in under his wing. We traveled alll over the place. But.. even doctors get sick. After he died, I heard of a job here with Dr. Bennet. And well.. here i am."

Abigail looks up from her box of supplies and over to the two women, switching her gaze from one to the other and then back down into her box. She need not interrupt, not in the least; though, potentially, she could. She doesn't though and seems satisfied with continuing to unpack and sort through, setting some things aside for later and contending with decorations.

"I give thanks every day, for the childhood I had," comes Arden's soft reply, her voice filled with sympathy. "I was happy, and there was peace there. My mother died of the tuberculosis, we think, but that was a natural death. And father…I think he just faded. he wanted to be with her so much." Arden starts to pick up the pieces of paper Evalyn's cutting, setting them into sets with an assortment of colours, "This country is very different from the one I grew up in. So much…" She shakes her head, not wanting to spoil the mood, "So what do you do when you are not nursing?" And she looks to Abigail, to draw her into the conversation, "And not tending horses?"

Evalyn shrugs. "I have my home I tend to and.. I read… and.." She ponders a bit. "Not much else. The world seems to pass me by…" She admits to the women. "I am quiet and stay to myself. Noone really bothers me.. usually." She finishes the new strips and sets them to the side.

Announcement: [Cernunnos]: From one of the side streets, faint female screams echo throughout the town, "HELP! THIEF! BURGLAR!" Windows fly open, and more excited shouts fill the streets.

Arden shakes her head, "A home and a career are enough to keep any woman busy. That is all that I do, truth to tell. I work in the shop and take care of the new house. Of course, that root cellar is a mad scientist's haven, I have no doubt. A quiet life is not such a—" Arden's head turns, towards the sound of screaming, and she immediately begins to rise.

Evalyn turns her head to the door as she too hears screaming. A soft sigh comes from Evalyn. "Seems there is always something going on in this town of late." There are images of folks running by the window that rush to investigate. "I can guard the stuff here if you wish to go take a look. If I am needed, just call." Evalyn says with a soft smile.

Arden nods, rising, "I will go to see if there is anything that can be done to help her." Arden moves quickly, once she's set her mind to it, trusting Evalyn and Abigail to be safe within the hotel. "Nora, I'll be back in a moment."

Abigail had placed her things aside and gone towards the front entrance after Arden but this time around she doesn't step out of the building and instead merely lingers there, watching. A couple of moments pass and she's soon taking a few steps back, arms folded over her abdomen and gaze lightly narrowed, questioningly curious. She moves to the side, adding, "What happened?"

Arden shakes her head, as she comes back into the hotel, "I don't know. I went outside, and there were a few people milling around, but they said that the sheriff was handling things. I imagine he can take care of a burglary. And I doubt people, in this situation, would take kindly to seeing me there." She moves to return to the area where they've been working.

"If you say so," Abigail's still relaxed from moments prior, however. The dubious air lifts from her upon another cursory glancing outside and then she's turning in order to follow after Arden and return to her own spot. There's a brief look given to Arden before she settles in and returns to work. "Well," she finally adds, "In situations like those, I know I could trust you, without a single doubt, no matter what."

"I know so, Abigail. To most of the people in this town, I am nothing more than an Indian. And not to be trusted." She settles back down to work on the decorations, picking up where Evalyn left off, having been called away by someone she knew in the hotel. "Do you know how hard it was for me to even purchase a few weapons from the gunsmith, because there are prohibitions against selling guns to indians?" A smile, in answer to the last, "I will always try by best, in any situation, and help those in need, but I have lived through more than a time or two when I have had to deal with people's reactions to me. And it has not been positive. I've even found that some people are even more offended that I'm metis, as if that is somehow more offensive to them than being a full blood."

Abigail sits back in her borrowed chair and places both scissors and paperwork down, pausing so much so with her work that she can just listen to Arden rather than multi-task. "You'll break my heart if you change your current outlooks on life," she smiles at the small tease, her small attempt at humor, but for the most part she means it. Abigail can easily find a friend in the other woman and she lifts up a hand to rub her brow tenderly. "People in general are ignorant and depraved, but we should be thankful for the fools… in the end." Her hand begins to lower, "Though they're disrespectful and the like, if it weren't for them, others wouldn't be able to see our strengths of character, or our successes."

"Although I know you're right, I can't help but wish that, sometimes, the end would come a bit sooner than it seems inclined to." Arden finished putting together the sets of paper, leaving them neatly stacked for Evalyn's use, and begins to cut a few of her own, long and thin, for curling. One is picked up, and scraped with the scissors and the curl seems to hold up well. A second, and then a nod, "I think this paper will do nicely." And so, she returns to work, "I am a child of two very different worlds, I cannot find it in myself to hate either one, though I can see the faults of both, and the parts each side has played in the way life is now."

"I've come to realize that wishes are what keep me going every day and night, more so than responsibility, or anything else." Abigail lifts her hand to gesture towards her temples with forefinger and middle and she tapes once upon her brow before returning to her work and listening. She smiles while cutting makeshift placards to signify which future table and booth is which. "Mm," the blonde replies with. She continues with a nod, a decisive and knowing one, understanding at least.

"Perhaps we will be able to make a few new wishes after the party. If things turn out well, we will have a chance to meet many of the people of the town, and perhaps you could find work with some of the children, to keep you occupied when work is slow. You shouldn't allow your skills as an artist to be eclipsed by your work as a farrier." And then, she tilts her head, considering, before she continues, "Did you hear the schoolteacher went back to San Francisco? I wonder who will be helping the children now…unless they're not in school until spring, but it seems as if that can't be the case, the winters last too long here." The two women carry on in this way, working and talking, the decorations pilling up around them like coloured bits of hope and good cheer.


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