Portrayed By Reese Witherspoon
Gender Female
Date of Birth February 14, 1857
Age 24
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases Sweet, Virginia
Place of Birth Virginia, USA
Occupation Gemstone Girl
Known Relatives Hope - Infant Daughter
Significant Other None


Born Virgina Leigh Madison, the youngest daughter of a Virginian merchant and his ex-actress wife, Sweet knew from an early age she had a special ay of making people feel. She could make them laugh or cry at the crop of a hat. There wasn't much money to go around in their large family and so, as soon as she was able, Sweet left home to ease the financial burden on her family..and to find her own fame in the world. She soon hooked up with a traveling musician show and performed at a few places along the Mississippi. One night, however, she was accused wrongfully of stealing a man's wallet and watch and was ousted from the showboat the group had been working on. Managing to avoid the police, she hid in a bawdy house in a nearby town. It was there that she met a small French woman named Meriah. The two became good friends and traveled together after that. And so it is that Sweet has followed Meriah to Silver Creek. The rest is yet to be written….


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