Taking Care Of Mummy

Players:Brigid, Sarah Leah

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* Tietz baby

Summary: Looking after the mother, too.

Date: January 5, 1884

Taking Care Of Mummy

Tietz's Bedroom


Small and rather stuffy when the narrow window is closed, the bedroom seems crowded with the bed and weatherbeaten armoire. The bed looks comfortable, however, and is covered by neat patchwork quilts, sewn with a fine hand. A small table, with a basin and pitcher of water is crowded by the head of the bed, with a lamp and sundry personal effects.

Players: Sarah Leah Brigid

The small room contains only a bed and a bassinet, the armoire having been moved out into the already crowded parlor. Sarah Leah is standing in a loose day dress, holding her son against her shoulder and thumping his back. A loud burp announces he is satisfied and the new mother removes the now-wet burp cloth from her shoulder to place it in a laundry sack. She has bags under her eyes, which have become dark with lack of sleep. Still, there is a smile upon her lips as she gazes at the newborn.

Brigid knocks gently on the door jam, waiting to be ushered into the room, not wishing to startle the new mother. Her eyes take in the appearance of the baby and his mother, a gentle smile gifting her lips, though her brow furrows with concern at the weariness of the babe's mother. "Missus Tietz. Congratulations on the birth of your child." In her hand is a small wrapped package. A offers a respectful curtsy once acknowledged.

Sarah Leah rocks the babe slowly, lulling him to sleep. "Good day, Miss Llewellyn," she greets softly. "Thank you. Were you able to arrange for the transport of the rest of the meat?" After all, the butcher cut up most of a cow for the betrothed woman while waiting for his wife to give birth.

You say, "I did and it was perfect, Missus Tietz and you've my thanks." Entering the room, she places the small bundle on the end of the bed which contains a soft cotton blanket with tucks and tatting on the edges, "Is there something I may do to help? Or something I may get for your comfort?"

"Oh, it is lovely, dear," Sarah Leah softly exclaims with genuine gratitude. "Thank you, but you have certainly done enough. Please sit down or help yourself to some tea; there is a freshly brewed pot on the small table in the parlor with a few cups on a tray.

You say, "Please, ma'am. Let me serve you and allow you to rest. Would you care for some and I will sit with the babe whist you make yourself comfortable."

Sarah Leah considers the offer for only a heartbeat before nodding. "Yes, thank you." She moves to offer the boy to Brigid, but he begins to cry as soon as he is moved from her familiar shoulder. "It is alright, shhhhh, I am here, my love."

Brigid places a tea cup and saucer on Sarah Leah's bedtable and reaches for the boy, careful to make certain the transfer is not traumatic for the baby, her hands gentle, a soft cooing parting her lips before bringing him on her shoulder, tucking the babe's head against her soft neck.

Realizing he is being moved away from his mother, the newborn starts to bawl. Sarah Leah frowns, appearing guilty even as she reaches for the teacup. Apparently, this is why she looks like death warmed over. "If you could stay long enough for me to draw a bath, Miss Llewellyn, I would greatly appreciate it. It seems to be a luxury these past two days."

Even though she does not have the scent of his mother, once the skin contact is made, the baby realizes he is not being left alone and quiets after a time of soft whimpering. A tender smile comes to Brigid's face, one of beatific delight at the feel of the baby against her. She gently sways and whispers softly to him, "What is his name, Missus Tietz? Have you had his Brit Milah as yet?" A delicate frown, "Or is that not done for a few days yet? And it would be my pleasure to stay if it is not an imposition."

Sarah Leah relaxes once the baby calms down. "His name will be announced at his bris, which is still a few days away. We have family and others coming in from back east for the occasion." Her tone is excited, but her smile is simply tired. The tea is drained in a less than entirely ladylike fashion. "Did I mention the bris milah or is that something you learned elsewhere, Miss Llewellyn?" She sounds a touch impressed.

You say, "I find it respectful to learn of our neighbors' and friends' beliefs, Missus Tietz. For too long our religions have been denigrated by ignorance. I wish to stop that, if only in my own fashion and forgive me if I mispronounced the occasion. I have simply read about it, not heard it spoken." Her voice is soft so as to not startle the baby who has grabbed hold of Brigid bright hair in his tiny fingers, "Would you mind if I came, ma'am? Or is it simply for those of your faith?"

Sarah Leah chuckles. "Actually, you pronounced it as a Sephardi Jew would." She pauses, then explains. "That is one who comes from the Mediterranean Sea area of the world. My people, the Ashkenazi, come primarily from Eastern Europe. Of course, we are all originally from Israel." With a soft chuckle, she smiles warmly at Brigid. "You helped bring a Jewish soul into this world. Certainly you have earned the honor of watching the bris and partaking of the meal thereafter."

Brigid gently brushes her cheek against the now sleeping baby, "I would be most honored, Missus Tietz to attend." She continues to gently sway, "I will stay with the bairn if you wish to bathe and tend to your own needs."

"That would be wonderful. Thank you." Sarah Leah heads out of the room, pausing only to breath in her little boy's scent. She gets a bucket and starts down the stairs, presumably to gather up snow to melt into bathwater.


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