Theresa Colleen McKenzie Llewellyn
Portrayed By Marcia Cross
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 15, 1845
Age 38
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases tess
Place of Birth Dublin, Ireland
Occupation Farmer's Wife
Known Relatives Mora McKenzie (Mother), Conner McKenzie (Father)
Significant Other Adrian Llewellyn


Born to an Irish farming family near Dublin, Tess was the 3rd of seven children and the 1st girl. While her family was not prosperous, they were not starving either. Tess grew up working hard, working on the land and loving the land and it's people. At the young age of 14, she fell in love with Matthew McKenzie of the next farm over. They married at sixteen and started a lovely life together. But times got hard in that area and they were forced to move. Taking a chance, the couple set across the ocean. During the voyage, Tess discovered she was with child. Their first son, Liam Robert, was born in New York City when Tess was 17. From there, the couple worked and saved so that they could continue to move west.

Liam was quickly followed by Ian and then Brigid. With three small children, Matthew and Tess set off for the West, their heads full of dreams. Finding available, if rocky, land in Colorado, they put down roots. Long years of hard work finally gave them a home and farm they could be proud of. The mortgage was always a problem but one they could handle. It was an unfortunate day when Matthew's life was cut short. Some say his anger finally made his heart explode. It could have been that. It could have been a number of things. But Matthew and two infant children are buried up on the hill above the farm now. And Tess's family now includes Liam, Ian, Brigid, Nessa, Finnegan and Colleen.

Recently, Tess met and fell in love with a surprisingly well educated Welsh miner, Adrian Llewellyn. The two married and remained on the farm Tess and Matthew had built. Where life will take them now..only God knows.


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