The Blame Game


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* Alfonso and Omar Ramirez.

Summary: Evalyn returns to the doctor's office, and holds herself responsible for the shooting.

Date: 10 February, 1884.

The Blame Game

Doctor's Office

In the aftermath of the moment, the doctor's office is still, almost quiet. Just the soft sounds of the Ramirez boys eating over in the reception area, Arden sitting with them. A simple meal, stew and tea, water, bread, but it's the best she could come up with on short notice. She speaks quietly, mostly to Alfonso, taking her time, and always waiting patiently, while he translates for his little brother. Marie Ramirez, having been pulled from the brink of death by the grace of the Great Spirit and the skills of a frontierswoman has been placed into the recovery room, and likely Abigail is with her.

Colton stands near the door, his front covered in blood, having just walked away from the woman's bedside. His jaw is set, as he stops in his tracks, when the door opens letting the pair into the room.

Abigail rubs her forearms as she steps into the reception area from the operating room, locking them in place over her abdomen and standing briefly at the entrance. She looks over the reception room, smiles to herself, and then begins to approach the others within the room. "I suppose…" she starts, "Those notes I kept really were worth their weight in knowledge."

For just a moment, the thin strips of wood that seem to hold the cold at bay are pushed away. "And keep an eye on the southern end of the street? Anyone who picked up our tracks would be coming from down there." That deftly cold, commanding voice enters the establishment long before it's owner does. Three clicks from a set of spurs later, the tall form of William Franklin appears, clad fittingly in a new pair of jeans, a maroon shirt of the softest silk, and that worn blue overcoat that whispered of the Union. His emerald eyes inspect the scene slowly. "Come on, Teag." That door is held aloft for a mere moment more.

Teagan enters the room, preceding William, for reasons known only to him. She is huddled in her coat, her hat pulled down and when she sees the blood on Colton's clothes, her eyes widen and her face pales. "M-Mister Reynolds? You're not.." And she turns, relieving herself of the evening's dinner in the nearest spittoon.

*jingle jingle tingle*
The sounds of the bell tingling above the door can be heard as Evalyn pushes her way into the room. "Goodness!" She glances around to look at the rather large gathering inside! Her gaze turns back to the handle and jiggles it a bit. She must have left the door unlocked! A flush runs over her face as she turns to look to the others. "Umm.. everything alright here?" Evalyn is a bit embarrassed. "I was out on errands.."

Colton steps out of Evalyns way, and nods towards the hurt woman, "She's been shot… Lady there got the bullet out…" He turns and moves a few steps toward Teagan, "Its ain't mine Lady Fitzgerald…Its hers.. I'm alright."

Arden rises, as Lady Fitzgerald enters. Her she knows, the man behind her not. She moves to stand between him and the boys who are still eating, though their spoons pause, a bit fearful, and a questioning word comes from Alfonso, "Senorita?" Arden looks back, "It's alright, you're safe, I'm here." Her eyes shift to Abigail next, as the blond woman walks out from surgery, "She's still resting?" And then, finally, to the woman coming in behind, "Mrs. Ramirez was brought in suffering from a gunshot wound, she is recovering. You're the doctor?" There's only polite curiosity in her voice.

William simply smiles that mischevious little smile of his, coming to lean fully against the wall. He seems rather bemused when Colton utters the accursed word. 'Fitzgerald'. "Full house you have tonight, Nurse Kingsley. Apparently, no one knows how often this building seems to catch fire." Abigail and Ohls both earn the prospective gaze of the outlaw for several moments before his hand comes to touch the brim of his hat. "Ladies. And Mister…Sheriff…" Will corrects, noting the badge adhered to the man's front. "Always a pleasure."

Abigail looks to those that enter and then glances aside for some form of signaling from Arden. "Yes, ma'am, still resting and well." The words are simple enough with her stepping further away from the operating room entrance and keeping quiet, watchful for the time being. Though, she is referenced to and that leads her to lifting a hand out of brief reflex. To the greeting, she smiles and dips her chin once.

Teagan finds a nearby rag, pressing it to her mouth, turning to rest against a wall. She simply watches the goings on, a nod as Colton responds to her concern for him. She is unaware of the activities which have led these people into the small room, but she does know the closeness is clawing at her and closes her eyes as a wave of nausea attempts to overwhelm her. The scent of blood strong and sickly sweet. "If you'll…excuse me."

Evalyn moves into the area. The smell of the blood is unmistakable and she turns her gaze to the injured woman now bandaged. She studies the hispanic woman for a moment longer, then turns her gaze towards the others. "Goodness. It is a good thing you were all here to tend to her wounds. I apologize for my absence." She moves forward, looking over the sleeping woman. Teagan's immediate departure causes her to glance up and cants her ehad to the side. This sort of environment was not for everyone. Evalyn just turns to fret over the woman. "I am not a doctor, no. I am a nurse."

Colton's eyes follow Teagan as she strives to keep polite. He glances at William for a moment before moving towards the door, "Whats the matter.. You ain't had yer fill of blood this week? He shakes his head, and lowers his voice to Teagan, "Lets get you outside… Get some air Lady Fitzgerald." He opens the door, the cold air rushing in. before he moves outside.

Arden remains standing, still set between the boys and anything that might hurt them. The man receives a nod, in answer to his, and for a moment, Arden's attention is on the Sheriff, perhaps watching him for his reaction. "How long, until she will be able to move around, or at the least be able to go home? We have room at the house, enough, I think, to fit all three, if they have no one closer who can mind them. The boys at least, will need somewhere to sleep that's close." Always, that practical streak in the blacksmith, as long and deep as the heart that had her running out to help a stranger, and dragging Abigail along with her, "The world turns as it has to, and the Great Spirit provided in your absence." Another glance, between William and the Sheriff, but the halfblood keeps her thoughts to herself. "There's food enough for you, Abigail. And I think the boys might enjoy your company." Indeed, Omar has barely let Abigail out of his sight, a small child's adoration in his eyes, for the woman who saved his mother.

"I had two helpings, if that's what you're wondering." William shrugs, arching an eyebrow at his partner's sudden retreat out the door. That smile leaves his face as quickly as it came. At once, his weight is lifted from that small patch of wall that was resiliant enough to bear it. "It really was a pleasure to meet you ladies. As short, and unbecoming a meeting as it was. I do believe I'm…needed…outside." Again, a deerskin gloved hand rises to the brim of that black stetson and in an easy motion, he turns, following the pair who had already chosen the cold over the warm.

Evalyn peels back to the bandage to look to the repaired wound. It would leave a nast scar and reminder to the woman of the danger of the world they live in. Replacing the bandage, "I can't say. One thing I learned in my time here is that one cannot predict anything." Her gaze flickers to William, silently watching him as he moves to retreat away from the group. Then to the women, "Who shot this woman?" She asks of curiosity. "I am sure the boys would be better in your care than here. I can remain here to watch over her."

Abigail directs her gaze from William to Sheriff and then back again, now with her eyes narrowing somewhat. Though she casts herself in a dubious light she then focuses her attention elsewhere and her features relax. "Everyone's okay. There's nothing amiss, too much, I think," replies the blonde unto Evalyn. She looks a thoughtful then eases into a light shrug of her shoulders, innocently so. "I don't mind the company, but when it comes to shooters… something about 'law man'. The Marshall…" She's looking after the exits of everyone.

"Apparently, he came to arrest someone named Ortega, fired into the house, and that poor woman was hit through the wall. Her sons dragged her into town, and we found them in the road. Sheriff Reynolds carried her here." A pause, "The door will need repairing. And Abigail managed to remove the bullet and save her life. " Another pause, as Arden finishes, "She is with child." A sad note, at the end there, and said softly, to hopefully fall on deaf ears and not raise the alarm of the boys who have now returned to eating and talking among themselves. Now that William has departed, Arden moves to the small tea service, "Abigail, you should eat or drink something."

This causes Evalyn to have pause. She glances to the boys and back to the women. Suddenly it is as if she is going to be ill. Her face pales and she takes a step back. Her hand goes to her mouth, covering the lips as if keeping herself from growing ill. The bright blue eyes close and she turns her head from the family. "I fear this is my fault.."

Abigail nods to verify the story though she doesn't know all of the facts herself. She looks to the tea wistfully but hesitating won't lead anywhere, leading her to step quietly over and come to sit down. "I'm not hungry or thirsty." It won't stop her from accepting though. She looks over to Evalyn with a small shake of her head. "I don't believe you pulled the trigger."

Whatever might have happened, or what caused it, it was his choice to fire." She might not know all of that facts, but she knows that, "We all make our own choices, no one makes them for us." Arden presses a cup of tea into Abigail's hands, "You will want it later, and readies a second, which she carries over towards Evalyn. The boys, having finished, set their bowls aside and Alfonso speaks up, "Madre?" Arden's head turns and she nods, "Go and sit and keep her company." They move swiftly enough to comply, settling in to keep watch.

Evalyn closes her eyes. "The Marshall came here wanting information on Mister Marlowe. I told him that him and Mister Ortega have been seen together around town a lot." The eyes open as the tea is offered to her. Accepting it graciously, "I.. I did not think it would turn to this.." She glances to the sleeping form of the woman with the two boys hoovering over her in hopes that their mother would wake.

Abigail huffs lightly under a breath as the cup of tea is gifted into her extended hands. "I know, thank you," she quietly replies before silencing herself further and lifting it closer to her mouth. She allows it to linger near to her lips rather than drink from it, looking between the two of the women before turning to the boys. There's a slow and patient sip that she takes to, pauses to seat herself to the side, and sip once again. Speaking over the rim of the cup, "It could always be worse?"

"You told him the truth?" Arden doesn't wait for the woman to confirm it. There's a ring of truth in her tone as it is, and the guilt of a good deed gone awry, "Think on this..if you had not told him what you did, it might have been you lying on that bed. It might have been anyone. And if you had not told him, he might still have made certain that someone ended up dead, or injured. I have not had the…pleasure…of meeting him, but based on what I have heard, and what I have seen he seems a vicious, cruel man. Against such a person, no hope of sense or kindness will prevail." There's a depth to Arden's words, as though she speaks from experience, and, being what she is, perhaps she has, and not only from philosophy.

Evalyn is still disheartened. She sinks into a chair, resting the cup of tea on her knee. She swallows. "I was trying to save people.. not have people hurt.." She turns her gaze to the hispanic woman. "He is a very very angry man. Filled with hatred and a love of money."

The blonde woman drinks once again from the cup of tea and focuses in on it for the time being, listening to the other two. It's easier for her this way. She's already had to perform hasty surgery when not prepared for it. In her spot, Abigail shrinks back and relaxes. "Where do you think he is now?"

"You did everything that you could to save people's lives. You are not to be blamed for his actions. You dealt with him honestly. He is the one who acted without a shred of honour or compassion. But he did not get the result that I think he wanted. She is still alive. Perhaps he wanted her dead…to cause grief to this Ortega. Alfonso says they were going to be married. But if that was his aim, then we must do everything that we can to keep her alive and to see her well again. You can help with that." Arden returns her attention to Abigail, shifting between the two women, "I have no idea. But I feel certain that Sheriff Reynolds will find him."

Evalyn ponders a moment. "Where is who? Mister Marlowe? I have no clue. The man is as scary as the marshall himself! I have seen the cruel acts first hand that he can do. As far as the Marshall.. if he /just/ arrested Ortega then I am sure he is still in the Marshall's office."

"Well, anyone, really, but yes… I'm still becoming acquainted to the area and the names attached," explains Abigail while sitting up from her spot. She politely drinks away the rest of her tea before setting it aside and placing her hands within her lap, folding them over themselves while listening more attentively. Her brows lift curiously and then her expression settles into a thoughtful one. Though looking distant while thinking, she speaks up clearly, "I hope Sheriff Reynolds does as well, then."

"And comes back in one piece. We still have half a root cellar to go through." An attempt at levity, but a gentle one." And then, as these things must, Arden's thought turn more serious, "I am only newly arrived myself, and I do not know much of what has been going on in this town. I came here only to run a business and to live a simple life. But I will do what I have to, if it comes to that." A shake of her head, "I have not even introduced myself. Arden Ohls, I've newly acquired the 'smithy." A hand rises, towards Abigail, "Abigail Hayes, my apprentice, but a skilled woman in her own right." And between the two of them, "What can be done now, for the woman, and her children? And were there others as well, they might need our help."

Evalyn turns her gaze between the women. "This town is filled with many dangers. Since i have been here, this town has been plagued by villains, murderers, bandits, fires, avalanches, and a slew of other things! Are you two related?" She motions between the two.

"Oh, I suppose I should come to love this town. It's so full of… change," but Abigail's attempt at joking and sarcasm is a touch ill-fated, all things considered. She pauses and then angles herself to better face the other two, lifting her chin when she's introduced. She smiles to Arden as well, appreciatively. "Oh no, no… I don't believe so. No. Are we?" In baiting for a metaphorical phrase from the blacksmith, she looks to the nurse with a slow shrug.

"Only by our professions. But some experiences," and today would certainly qualify, "Create bonds every bit as binding as blood." Arden lifts her hands, spreading them, "I have no choice. The bank holds me hostage." A shake of her head, as she looks back to Evalyn. "I never got yours." Name that is. "But it is good to meet you, never the less."


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